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Whenever I'm in Amsterdam, I love to take one of the many free walking tours in the city to get my bearings and find out where all the best landmarks are located.

In this post, I will provide a selection of the best walking tours currently available in Amsterdam.

I'll make sure to cover as many options as possible, including tour schedules and what you will see on each outing in order to help you pick the best outing for your interests.


Free walking tours are technically free - there’s no set upfront fee. (NOTE: The City of Amsterdam now requires a mandatory tour tax of €1.50 per participant)

They end up being pay-what-you-wish tours, as it is recommended that you pay what you felt the tour was worth at the end of the walk with your guide.

According to online reviews, most guests pay anywhere from €5 - €15 per person. 

The type of free walking tours Amsterdam has to offer are varied, including subjects ranging from the city centre, street arttypical Dutch food, as well as the Red Light District.

Keep in mind that these free walking tours are popular due to their reputation and affordability. Therefore, some are geared more toward the younger, backpacking crowd.

Discover one of the most beautiful cities in Europe while hearing some of its best stories from a passionate local guide who will know all the best places to visit.

If you want to avoid a younger-skewing tour, you might want to consider a small-group walking tour. There are also bus tours, or you could take a boat tour through the Amsterdam canals or down the Amstel river.

Alternatively, you might want to take a tour of the Amsterdam coffee shops, complete with everything you need to know about marijuana laws in this city.


These pay-what-you-wish walking tours concentrate on Amsterdam’s city center and begin from either Dam Square or Central Station.

These tours are designed to give visitors an overview of the core of the Dutch capital, and give you a taste of Dutch culture.

Free Walking Tours Amsterdam

Hear how Amsterdam started out as a small fishing village and why it became one of the most liberal cities in the world.

You can expect most tours to cover the Royal Palace, the Old Harbor, De Oude Kerk, New Church, and stroll along historic streets and canals, exploring the centuries-old churches and markets. 

Some will also cover the Red Light district and the "coffeeshop" culture in Amsterdam, as well as visiting the old Jewish Quarter and the Anne Frank House.

Anne Frank House Museum
Anne Frank House Museum

We list 3 companies below plus our own GPS-led audio tour.

All 3 are well-reviewed companies. The first company is our favorite but the 2nd company offers the most times throughout the day.

As we mentioned in the previous section, if you are considering either the Amsterdam Digital Pass or the Dutch Countryside Card, you already have a completely free tour of Amsterdam included in both passes.

GPS-Led Audio Tour

We've recorded one of our tour guides as he gives his Intro to Amsterdam tour and have put it on a GPS-led audio tour app.

Listen to a sample.

  1. Purchase an audio tour – $2.99
  2. Get a confirmation email with .mp3, .pdf, and embeddable Google Map
  3. Enjoy the tour(s).

FreeDam Tours

Another highly rated tour company offers a 2.5 - 3-hour walk with an enthusiastic, local guide.

They offer two tours every day, one at 11:00 am and another at 14:00 (2 pm).

You can book the tours here.

Classic Amsterdam Tour

This walking tour always has local Dutch guides leading 2-hour walks of the city center. Tours operate at 10:30 am, 13:30 (1:30 pm), and 16:00 (4 pm).

Think of this as an intro to Amsterdam Tour. The classic tour covers the Royale Palace, drug policies, the history of trade, and an overview of the Red Light District.

The City of Amsterdam limits tours to 15 participants, so space is limited.

All operate on the pay-what-you-wish model.

Free Tour of Amsterdam by Sandemans New Europe

This free 2-hour walking tour of Amsterdam will take you to all the city's best sights.

You will be guided by local tour guides to important locations, including the iconic canals, the Dutch East India Company, the Anne Frank House, and many others.

The past of Amsterdam is brought to life, and knowledgeable guides give you an authentic introduction to one of Europe's favorite cities while taking you places that buses simply cannot go.

To know more about the tour or to book it, click here.

NOTE: If you are a tour guide or sightseeing company in Amsterdam and you would like to have your tours listed here, let us know.


The Red Light District of Amsterdam is world-famous and the subject of much fascination. 

Amsterdam actually has 3 red-light districts, but it's the one located in the district DeWallen that is most famous.

However, the city of Amsterdam has banned large groups from touring through the prostitution alleys of DeWallen, and as a result, few companies offer walking tours of that area.

However, you can visit on your own and we recommend using our audio tour below.

Audio Tour

We offer an audio tour of the Red Light District, researched, written, and recorded by one of our own tour guides.

Here’s a sample.

  1. Purchase an audio tour – $2.99
  2. Get a confirmation email with .mp3, .pdf, and embeddable Google Map
  3. Enjoy the tour(s).

Side Walks Tours

Learn the when, how, and why of the city’s famous Red-Light District on a professionally guided walk through this neighborhood.

This tour will be offering tours in Spanish at 6 pm from Wednesday - Sunday, at 5 pm on Thursdays, and at 4:30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Reserve your spot here.

If you're looking for a more personalized tour, you can pay for a small-group tour of the Red Light District with a number of companies.

Self-Guided Exploration Game

Although it's not technically a tour, this game will have you exploring the Red Light District and looking for clues to solve a mystery as you discover the area.

This service isn't free, but the price is reasonable and close to what you might tip a guide for a pay-what-you-wish walking tour.

Download or learn more about the game.

NOTE: If you are a tour guide or sightseeing company in Amsterdam and you would like to have your tours listed here, let us know.

WW2 Tours

World War II tours offer insight into the 350 years of Jewish history before the commencement of WWII.

It showcases the life of Jews at that time, how they were deported to death camps and how they went into hiding to save their lives just like Anne Frank and her family did.

Free Tour of the Jewish Quarter, WWII & the Anne Frank Story

The tour uses Anne Frank's account to explain what it was like for Jews and non-Jews to live in a country under the the Nazi occupation.

It also discusses the amazing conduct of the heroes and betrayers who took part in the conflict, both Jewish and Christian.

The trip will take place in Amsterdam's Jewish Quarter, the center of the city's Jewish community.

The tour will also include any basic information that participants might want to know about Amsterdam.

To know more about the tour or to book tickets, click here.


Looking for something a bit more unique and different?

These alternative Amsterdam tours usually have a different theme than the usual history-and-culture tours. 

Free Amsterdam Tours

If you’re interested in learning about more than just the most popular tourist destinations, this Free Alternative Tour of Amsterdam is a good option.

You’ll learn about Dutch traditions, restaurants, street art, and the UNESCO canal belt.

Departs daily at 13:30 (1:30 pm).

NOTE: Not currently available.

Self-Guided Exploration Game

This isn't really a tour, but if you're looking for an interesting way to discover some of the most notable locations in the city, you may want to consider one of these games.

There is currently just one other mystery game in addition to the Red Light District game which offers an alternative look at Amsterdam:

These games aren't free, but at €10-€15, they're definitely in the range of what one might tip a guide for a pay-what-you-wish walking tour.

NOTE: If you are a tour guide or sightseeing company in Amsterdam and you would like to have your tours listed here, let us know.


Even a free food tour of Amsterdam can be pay-what-you-wish to attend! Free samples are handed out throughout the tour.

Keep in mind, however, that you should have cash on hand if you want to purchase more of your favorite treats.

Free Food Tours in Amsterdam

Free Amsterdam Tours

Discover why Amsterdammers eat 17 kilos of cheese a year, what are bitterballen or kroketten, and when do we eat it, what is a typical Dutch dinner, and where can you get the best chocolate from Amsterdam.

The tour is pay-what-you-wish (and the samples are included). It runs on Saturdays at 10:30 am.

The City of Amsterdam limits tours to 15 participants, so space is limited.

NOTE: Not currently available.

And much, much more

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