5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Ghost or Dark Side Tour

Exploring the haunted side of a new city (or even your own) should be a MUST on everyone’s travel bucket list. These tours are available all year round but are especially fun and maybe an extra bit spooky in the fall.

Free Tours by Foot offers ghosts tours or dark side tours in many cities – read about the Best Ghost Tours below!

But if the mere mention of ghost tour isn’t enough to excite you, check out these reasons why you should take a ghost tour with us this fall and a few things you should know before joining.

Why You Should Take a Ghost or Dark Side Tour

Why You Should Take a Ghost Tour

What you NEED to know before taking a Ghost Tour!

We have a few tips from our ghost and scandals guides to make sure you have an enjoyable night out.

  • Make sure you know what kind of tour you booked. There is a difference between a ghost hunt and a ghost tour (and a true crime tour)
  • Come with an open mind. You never what you might see … or hear… or feel. But mostly, what you might learn.
  •  Share your experiences with your guide or the group. We lead these tours because we love the eerie and macabre!
  • Take a LOT of photos. But don’t look at them until daylight.

Best Ghost Tours

There are a lot of things to make a ghost tour good – some things we can take credit for (engaging tour guides, eerie stories, a creepy tshirt with a bloody handprint on the back) and some things we cannot (the ghosts).

Sometimes its not so much the hauntings that are the scariest but the true crimes.

New Orleans

  • New Orleans Ghost Tours
  • Voodoo Tour (which really should not be included on a ghost/scandals section but if you haven’t learned about Voodoo before, you might think it should be. Take the tour and learn the real history behind it)




San Francisco

New York City

Washington DC



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