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Budapest Airport Transfers to the City Centre

Updated: October 12, 2021

This post will provide details about the best Budapest airport transfers available, including public buses, trains, shuttles, taxis, ride-shares, and private transfers. 


Bus Transfers

This is arguably the most affordable transfer from Budapest Airport to the city centre. There are currently 2 bus lines providing this service: 100E and 200E.


This is a direct shuttle service between the airport and Deák Ferenc tér, which is located pretty much right in the centre of the city.

There are also stops made at Kálvin tér and Astoria, each with their own metro stations.

The advantage of this shuttle bus is that it will take you straight to the city with as few stops as possible, but you’ll have to pay a bit more for this service than the 200E line.


Tickets for the 100E airport shuttle are €2.55 per person for a single ride.

If you plan to transfer to the metro or another form of public transportation, you’ll need to purchase another ticket.

Check our post on navigating public transportation in Budapest for more information about ticket types and prices.

The 100E provides service from the airport starting at 5 am and running til 1:20 am each night.

If you’re trying to get to the airport, the first bus leaves Deák Ferenc tér at 3:40 am.


               100E by Salsim5774 / CC BY-SA (


This bus line runs every 20 minutes throughout the day, and even more frequently on Sundays. Travel times range from 30-35 minutes.

This is the public line which runs from Budapest airport to several key stops in and around the city centre. The advantage of using this service is that tickets are much more affordable.

200E operates both day and night from Terminal 2 to Nagyvárad tér metro station, as well as several other stops where you can hop off and use either the metro or bus system in the city.

Although you can catch Line 3 of the metro from Nagyvárad tér during the weekdays, there are replacement buses on the weekends which will take you to Lehel tér.

Buses run every 10-12 minutes from 4 am - 11 pm during the day. At night, bus lines 914 and 950 provide service from Nagyvárad tér to the city from the hours of 11 am - 4 pm. 

This bus takes about 20-25 minutes to reach its final destination, but Nagyvárad tér is actually right outside the city centre, so you’ll need to hop on another bus, tram, or metro train to get there.

To reach a more central location such as Deák Ferenc tér, it’ll take at least another 10-15 minutes of travel, and you’ll have to pay for either a second ticket, a transfer ticket, a travel card or a tourist pass to get there.

In addition to a total of 35-40 minutes in travel time, you’ll also have to wait for the next metro train, bus, or tram at Nagyvárad tér, which could take 5-10 minutes more.

200E also services stops like Kőbánya-Kispest, Határ út, and Népliget, each location offering metro trains, trams and buses.



Single ride tickets for this bus line are €1 when purchased ahead of time. Alternatively, you can also buy them on board the bus for €1.25. There are also transfer tickets available for €1.50.

Most travelers will want to purchase a transfer ticket which will allow them to jump on either a metro, tram or bus after they reach Nagyvárad tér or one of the other stations along this route.

Even though each of the major stops provided by this bus are in or near the city centre, chances are you’ll need to use at least one other service to reach your final destination.I

If you want to avoid the guesswork and you plan on using the public transportation system at least once or twice per day, you may want to consider getting either a travel card or a tourist pass.


200E by Kemenymate / CC BY-SA (


You will save a few bucks and avoid any fines you might get for lacking the proper ticket.

For more details on tickets and prices, please read our post about navigating the Budapest public transportation system.

Tickets can be purchased at the post office on the mezzanine level of Terminal 2A. Travel cards and tourist passes can be obtained online before you even leave for Budapest!

Train Transfers

In addition to the bus transfer options, there are also trains which run from just outside Terminal 1 to the city centre.

Sadly, Terminal 1 is no longer in use, so you still need to use the 200E bus to reach the train.

That said, you may find this service is a bit faster than just taking the bus, and it’s definitely more affordable than the 100E bus alone.

Trains leave the airport every 15-20 minutes on average, and they provide service from 4 am - 12 am each day.

It’ll take you about 22-25 minutes to reach the city centre from the train station.

When you combine the amount of time it’ll take to get from the 200E to the train station (5-10 minutes) with the travel time on the train (22-25 minutes), this airport transfer is about as quick as the 100E, and it’s more affordable. 

Tickets are €0.85 each, but when combined with a 200E ticket, you’ll pay a total of about €1.85, which is still much cheaper than the €2.55 from the 100E shuttle bus.

You can purchase tickets at the tourist office in Terminal 1 or directly from the conductor of the train.

Tickets for the train have to be purchased separately, and they are not part of the public transit system in Budapest. As such, you’ll need both a public transportation ticket and a train ticket if you plan to use this airport transfer option.

You may also want to consider either a transfer ticket, a travel card or a tourist pass if you plan to use the metro or tram from Nyugati railway station.


MAV Talent
MAV Talent by Fazekas Attila / CC BY-SA (


The airport train transfer stops at Budapest Nyugati railway station, which is even further into the city centre than Deák Ferenc tér, and close to both metro and tram stops.

Unfortunately, while the 100E provides an uninterrupted ride into the city, you will need to transfer from 200E to this train in order to take advantage of the service, which makes this a bit less convenient.

That said, even if you have to go from a bus to a train, the fact that this service is just about as fast as the 100E line is nice, and it also costs less!

Shuttle Transfers

If you’re looking for an airport transfer that doesn’t involve as much hassle switching between buses, trains, trams and metro, the MiniBUD shuttles are a much easier option.

MiniBUD is the official airport shuttle service for Budapest airport, and they provide reasonable rates for travelers who want an easy and comfortable ride into the city.

Shuttles will take you directly from the airport to your hotel or wherever you’re planning to stay while in Budapest. You can expect the average travel time to range from 35-40 minutes.


In addition to offering quick and uninterrupted travel, this service is also limited to a fairly small group of people as their minibus fleet can only fit so many passengers per ride.

Here are the prices you can expect to pay per ride:

  • 8+ people: €6 per passenger
  • 7 people: €6.60 per passenger
  • 3-6 people: €7 per passenger
  • 2 people: €10.60 per passenger
  • 1 person: €17.50 per passenger

Although this does cost more than the bus or train, the advantages of avoiding crowds and receiving door-to-door service are definitely going to be worth the slightly higher price for most travelers.

It’s also nice that you won’t have to walk from a bus or train stop to your hotel or place of residence, as the MiniBUD shuttle will take you wherever you need to go within city limits.

Purchase MiniBUD tickets or learn more about the shuttle service.


If you don’t feel like waiting for a bus or train and you don’t want to take the time to get a MiniBUD shuttle, a taxi will be the next best option.

Taxis are available pretty much anytime, so you can head right out of the terminal and hail a cab whenever you’re ready to go, saving plenty of time.

In addition, since taxis only serve one customer, you can expect a shorter travel time of between 30-35 minutes and an uninterrupted ride to your hotel or place of residence.

If you’re looking for a taxi driver who can speak your language, make sure to look for a category “A” car. You can always ask your driver if he speaks your language before jumping in as well.


Listed building, 165 Grassalkovich út, 2017 Soroksár
Listed building, 165 Grassalkovich út, 2017 Soroksár by Globetrotter19, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


The average price of a ride to the city centre is around €25-€30. While this is more expensive than other transfers, it’s also very convenient.

Alternatively, you can also use a rideshare service such as Bolt. This company is similar to Uber and Lyft, which don’t currently operate in Budapest.

Much like other rideshare services, all you need to do is download their app and schedule a ride on your smartphone. After that, head to the second lane of the arrivals area where you will be picked up.

Bolt rides from the airport to city centre range from €20-€25 on average, which makes it a bit cheaper than a taxi, but not quite as affordable as a shuttle.

The only real difference between this type of transfer and a taxi is that you may not have the Bolt ride all to yourself, as the whole concept of ridesharing is that you’re sharing a ride with other people.

Regardless of this minor inconvenience, ridesharing is still one of the least stressful options for a transfer from the Budapest airport to the city centre.

Private Transfer

This is the most expensive option for airport transfers in Budapest, but it’s also the most luxurious and convenient way to reach the city centre.

Private transfer services typically wait for you to arrive, some may even hold up a sign with your name to help you find them, and they usually also put your luggage in the car.


Ferihegy 2B
Ferihegy 2B by ChrisW at hu.wikipedia / CC BY-SA (


In addition to offering those personal touches to make your experience at the airport less stressful.

This service is private, so you won’t have to worry about sharing your ride or making multiple stops before reaching your destination in Budapest.

You can expect a private transfer to take about 30-35 minutes from the airport to the city centre, and they provide this service pretty much throughout the day, no matter when you arrive.

Private transfers are usually offered via either luxury sedan or minibus, with prices ranging from €27.50 - €60 on average. Although that’s definitely a higher price tag than the other options on our list, it’s also much more convenient.

Purchase a private transfer or learn more about this option.


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