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31 Day Trips From NYC | Weekend Getaways

Updated: April 6, 2024

This post provides several interesting ideas for day trips you can take from New York City to other notable cities and attractions nearby. 

Whether you’re a local who needs to escape the city streets or you’re visiting from out of town, chances are there will be at least one location you might want to visit.

Our list will start with the closest places to visit outside New York City and spread out from there, including a few locations that you’ll only be able to reach by flight. 

Many day trips from NYC are only going to be accessible for those with a car, but there are plenty of great locations you can visit by train or bus as well.

Roosevelt Island

This is probably the closest location on our list, as it’s literally on the East River between Manhattan and Queens.

Depending on where you’re staying in New York City, there’s a chance you could literally walk to the tram that will take you there.

There are a lot of interesting attractions on this tiny little island, and since it’s such a small space, you can pretty easily see almost all of it in just a few hours.

If you’re looking for a day trip you can actually do in half a day or less, this is a great little place to visit for a change of pace.

We have a list of fun things to do on Roosevelt Island, and it’s also worth noting that this is also one of the filming locations covered on our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tour!

Governors Island

This is another little island not too far from New York City, but most people will only visit during the warmer months, as there are a lot of fun activities during the spring and summer.

You’ll need to take a ferry to get here, but ticket prices are under $5.

Since most people visit when the weather is nice, the most popular activities include cycling, kayaking, and more.

We have a list of things to do on Governors Island that covers some of the best places to visit.

They also hold a lot of public events from May - September, including live jazz performances and music festivals, multiple 5K races, and many other fun things to do.

Staten Island

If you’re looking for another very affordable day trip, you can’t beat the travel cost to Staten Island – it’s free!

The Staten Island Ferry doesn’t require a ticket, and it also passes right by the Statue of Liberty, offering excellent views of the landmark that you won’t experience from the land.

There are also a number of interesting things to see on Staten Island, including the Staten Island Zoo and their own 9/11 Memorial.

They also have their own minor-league team called the Staten Island Yankees!

For even more fun activity ideas, check out our list of things to do on Staten Island.

We also have a post covering how to take the Staten Island ferry which provides information about where they depart, how to get there, and how long the journey will take.

Coney Island

This destination is technically part of New York City, located on the southern end of Brooklyn.

That said, the journey by subway can take an hour or more, and even if you drive it might take 45 minutes or longer to get here.

As such, it’s fair to say this would make a good day trip from Manhattan.

There are a lot of fun things to see and do in the area, including popular family attractions like Luna Park, the New York Aquarium, and even a minor-league baseball stadium for the Brooklyn Cyclones.

For even more information about fun activities in this neighborhood, make sure to check our list of things to do at Coney Island.

Either way, the price is the same – just $2.90 for a subway ride! There's also a ferry that goes there.

Check out our post on how to get to Coney Island.

Newark, NJ

Located right across the border from New York, this is one of the closest cities to NYC and includes a lot of interesting attractions you might want to visit.

There are a few museums in the area, including the Grammy Museum.

If you’re a sports fan, you might also want to consider attending a New Jersey Devils hockey game at Prudential Center.

Ironbound is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the area, and it’s a great place to do some shopping or grab a bite to eat.

The multiethnic community here provides a lot of great Latin American and Portuguese flavors.

Depending on how you choose to get here, it should take between 20-40 minutes. 

How to Get Here

They actually have several trains that travel from Penn Station to Newark in 15-25 minutes. 

While some are owned by Amtrak, others are services provided by New Jersey Transit. 

The NJ Transit trains are the most affordable way to get here, as tickets are only $2.75. For comparison, Amtrak tickets are typically pretty costly at $50-$60

Alternatively, you can also hop on a Greyhound for as little as $35, and the journey will only take 30-40 minutes on average. This is one of the easier day trips from NYC.

Check for train tickets or bus tickets to Newark here.

American Dream Mall

Located less than an hour from NYC in New Jersey, this is one of the biggest malls in the entire country, and it is something of a popular family-friendly attraction.

Even if you don’t feel like going shopping, you might still want to consider a trip to the American Dream Mall, because they also have some theme parks here including Nickelodeon Universe, Dreamworks Waterpark, and more!

One of the best things about this day trip is that you can get here in under an hour without a car.

If you do have a car, it should only take around 30 minutes. You could also ride a bike there, but that would take around 2 hours on average.

How to Get Here

NJ Transit Bus 161 runs from Port Authority Bus Terminal to the American Dream Mall, and travel times range from 35-55 minutes on average.

The fare is only $9 for adults and $4.50 for children, seniors, and the military.

While you can travel here by car, it should be noted that parking is $5 if you plan to stay longer than 30 minutes.

It might make sense to use a rideshare service, and fares for that will range from $30-$50.

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is undoubtedly one of the top tourist destinations in New York State because of the legendary tale about the town and the Headless Horseman that is known around the world.

It is fitting that this town is also the final resting place of the author, Washington Irving.

You’ll find his grave in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, which is adjacent to the burying ground at the Old Dutch Church that Irving described in his story!

Whether you’re a fan of early American literature or you just want a fun and spooky activity to enjoy for Halloween, this is an excellent place for quick day trips from NYC.

How to Get Here

Traveling from Grand Central Terminal, you can use the Metro-North Railroad to reach Sleepy Hollow in just 1 hour.

Tickets are just $14.75, and it’s perhaps one of the simplest day trip opportunities on our entire list.

We actually recommend against driving unless you already own a car.

If you have to rent a car or use a rideshare program, you’re going to pay a lot less than taking the train. Another issue is it might actually take longer to drive there due to traffic!

Beacon, NY

For its size, Dutchess County's charming city has an incredibly strong dining, drinking, and arts culture. The Dia:Beacon modern art museum, located in a former Nabisco box factory, is accessible by foot in five minutes from the train station. 

It houses the permanent collection of artworks by artists from the 1960s onward, including fluorescent-lit pieces by Dan Flavin and Anne Truitt's minimalist sculpture.

Other activities in Beacon include hiking up Mount Beacon, touring the town's numerous breweries and distilleries among the red-brick structures on Main Street, and kayaking down the river to the picturesque ruins of Bannerman Castle.

How to Get There

This is undoubtedly one of the easiest day trips from NYC, as you can take a train from Grand Central Terminal straight to Beacon without a stop. The journey typically takes around 90 minutes, and tickets will cost just $23!

While you could rent a car or use a rideshare service, both will likely cost more and the journey could actually take longer!

Philadelphia, PA

If you’re looking to visit some of the more historic cities in the United States, this is one location that is an absolute must. With attractions such as the Liberty Bell and fantastic local food like the Philly Cheesesteak, there are plenty of reasons to visit.

Best of all, Philadelphia is one of the closer cities on our list, and it usually only takes about an hour to get there. We have a full post covering things to do in Philadelphia, and we also offer several pay-what-you-wish walking tours.

How to Get Here

There are usually at least 45-75 trains departing from NYC to Philadelphia each day, and tickets range from $140-$150 for the 1 hour journey. Alternatively, you can also hop on a greyhound for as little as $25, but you should expect the trip to take closer to 2 hours if going by bus.

Find train tickets or bus tickets to Philadelphia.

While there are flights between New York City and Philadelphia, ticket prices are quite costly at $200-$300 and there’s not really any benefit to this method of travel, because even the nonstop flights take just as long as a train – 1 hour. 

That all said, if you really want to catch a plane, check here for flights to Philadelphia.

Warwick, NY

Whether you’re looking for fun activities during the autumn, or you just want to enjoy a nice day out with the kids in spring, the Masker Orchards make this one of the best small towns to visit in New York.

Visitors can pick their own apples, and they also have a country store selling locally produced goods such as apple cider and apple butter. Best of all, Warwick is just a 90 minute drive from New York City.

How to Get Here

Sadly, you can’t get here by train alone. Although there is an NJ Transit bus that will take you to Warwick, they aren’t going to take you to the Masker Orchards, so this really is an activity you’ll need a vehicle to enjoy.

A rideshare service is going to set you back $150-$200, so we recommend renting a car if you’re planning to enjoy a day trip with the whole family.

Stonecrop Gardens

Located in Cold Spring, NY, this is one of the better kept secrets in New York. In addition to a fantastic rock garden, there is also an enclosed English-style flower garden and a 2,000 sq ft conservatory with various fragile and tropical species.

With so much to see, you can easily spend a few hours just wandering around the Stonecrop Gardens. Unfortunately, this is another destination for day trips from NYC that pretty much requires the use of a car, as there aren’t many other reasonable options.

How to Get Here

Since this location is more than an hour drive from New York City, we recommend renting a car in order to avoid paying hundreds of dollars on a rideshare service. Other transportation options aren’t going to be realistic for most people.

Old Westbury Gardens

Located in the town of Old Westbury, this beautiful estate was built all the way back in 1906, but it wasn’t converted into a botanical garden until the 1950s.

The Old Westbury Gardens are now open to the public and guided tours are available every weekend. If you’re looking for an excellent day trip during the spring, consider making the short 45 minute drive out to this historic attraction.

Of course, if you don’t feel like driving, you might want to consider riding your bike instead, and you can expect that journey to take roughly 2-3 hours. Even if you do take a train, the last 30-40 minutes of your journey to the garden would be walking.

How to Get Here

Train tickets to Westbury cost $14. If you want to catch an uber from there to the gardens, you’ll be paying another $20-$30 at least, at which point it might make more sense to just take an uber from New York City, as the total price would be comparable.

Whether you own or rent a car, this is the easiest way to reach Old Westbury Gardens without worrying about a long walk. Depending on where you call for a rideshare/taxi, you can expect prices to range from $45-$75 for this trip.

Bear Mountain State Park

If you’re looking for an even closer outdoors location than the Poconos, this is another excellent location to visit with attractions like Iona Island Bird Sanctuary, Trailside Museums, the Perkins Memorial Tower, and even a zoo.

This is a fantastic destination for family day trips from New York City. Although we do recommend driving up on your own, there are greyhounds that will take you to the Bear Mountain Inn, which is right next to the entrance to Bear Mountain State Park.

At least if you do plan to stay overnight, you know there’s a hotel close to the park!

How to Get Here

The bus is a perfectly reasonable way to get here, and it usually only takes about 1-2 hours to travel from NYC. Best of all, tickets only cost around $14 for adults and $7 for children/seniors.

If you’re visiting with your family, the best option is probably to rent a car. You can also use a rideshare service, but this will likely cost hundreds of dollars. That said, traveling by car ensures you’ll reach Bear Mountain State Park in around an hour.

NOTE: Although you can take a train from Grand Central to Peekskill, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get a rideshare or taxi to take you the rest of the way, at least not without a long wait.

Long Island

There are a lot of great things to see and do in this area of New York, but one of our favorites is the Long Island Aquarium.

This Atlantis themed aquarium includes a variety of marine and freshwater organisms as well as educational exhibits and displays that emphasize the value of protecting marine life and the environment.

Upon arrival, you’ll find a variety of touch tanks for children, a 120,000-gallon shark tank, year-round sea lion presentations, and the largest all-living coral reef exhibit in the Northern Hemisphere!

The best part about this day trip is that you can come by either car or train, and the journey will likely take between 1-3 hours depending on how you travel.

How to Get Here

The Long Island Railroad offers service from Penn Station to Riverhead, NY, which is where you’ll find the Long Island Aquarium. 

Typically, the journey will only take around 2 hours to complete, but it might take a bit longer every now and then. Tickets range from $20-$30 on average.

With an average travel time of 1-2 hours, this is probably the fastest way to get here. A rideshare service is going to cost far too much, so we suggest renting a car instead if you must.

New Haven, CT

Whether you’re looking into the colleges of New England or you just want to see the historic school of Yale, this is a pretty interesting little city you might want to visit.

In addition to tours of Yale University, there are also several great museums, lighthouses, and plenty of beautiful parks to enjoy. 

Depending on how you choose to get here, you can expect travel times between 1-3 hours.

How to Get Here

One of the nice things about taking a day trip to New Haven is that train tickets are actually pretty reasonable at just $35-$40, and it usually only takes 1-2 hours to get there. 

Greyhound tickets are also available for less than $30, but the travel time typically increases to between 2-3 hours.

While there is an airport, it’s not very big and most flights in or out of New Haven will cost thousands of dollars.

Look for train tickets or bus tickets to New Haven.

Sayen House and Gardens

This is another large, beautiful garden that is only about an hour drive from New York City. Originally built in 1912, the estate didn’t actually open to the public until 1991, but now you can visit this landmark every spring in Hamilton, NJ.

Visitors can expect to find more than 250,000 flowering bulbs during their annual spring display, including over 1,000 azaleas, and 500 rhododendrons. 

Whether you’re looking for a great Mother’s Day activity or you want to visit with the family, this is an excellent spot for a day trip from New York.

How to Get Here

One of the nice things about Sayen House and Gardens is that you can get here (mostly) by train. NJ Transit offers service from Penn Station to Trenton Transit Center. Tickets are $16.75 for adults and $7.65 for children, seniors, military and disabled.

From Trenton Transit Center, you’ll need to take NJ Transit Bus 606 to Nottingham Way, which is just a 10-15 minute walk from Sayen House. This is one of the most affordable ways to get here, and it typically takes about 2-3 hours for the journey.

If you drive here, you can expect the trip to take a little more than an hour. Since it’s a bit further out of the way, chances are that any rideshare service is going to charge hundreds of dollars, so it probably makes more sense to rent a vehicle for the drive.

The Poconos

You’ll find this beautiful mountain region in northeastern Pennsylvania, approximately a 2 hour drive from NYC. Like many day trips from New York to outdoors locations, there aren’t going to be many good options to get here by bus or train.

That said, if you’re looking for a great place to enjoy some hiking, take a photo next to a waterfall, perhaps enjoy some biking or go camping, this is a great option within a few hours of the city.

How to Get Here

Driving is really your best option, and we recommend renting a car, because it would likely cost hundreds of dollars for a rideshare service to the Poconos Mountains.

Baltimore, MD

If you’re interested in visiting Washington DC, you might also want to stop off in Baltimore for a while since it’s along the way. There are a lot of fun things to see and do here, including the National Aquarium, Fort McHenry National Monument, and several great museums.

There are also a lot of great sports teams here, including the Orioles (MLB) and the Ravens (NFL). You’ll also usually find at least a few concerts of theatrical events in the area.

Depending on how you choose to get here from NYC, it should take anywhere from 1-4 hours.

How to Get Here

Catching a flight is the most expensive way to get from New York City to Baltimore, but it’s also the fastest option, with some flights taking only 1 hour to reach this destination. Unfortunately, ticket prices range from $300-$600, so it’s not going to be a great choice for every traveler.

If you’re trying to get here as fast as possible, check here for flights to Baltimore.

While a train to Baltimore will only take around 2-3 hours, ticket prices are around $200 and it’s not the best way to get here. A greyhound will cost as little as $55, but the travel time is closer to 4 hours by bus. 

Even so, if you’re trying to save some money, check here for train tickets or bus tickets to Baltimore.


If you’re looking for a good spot for hiking, the Catskills are one of the most beautiful natural wonders in New York, and it’s pretty easy to get there by car in just 2-3 hours.

This is also a very popular location during the winter, as the Catskill Mountains are home to ski resorts and plenty of great areas for winter sports such as snowboarding or sledding.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any buses that will take you right up to the best spots. If you want to get here from New York City, chances are you’ll either need to rent a car or grab an uber.

How to Get Here

The road trip from NYC to the Catskill Mountains will usually take about 3 hours, but sometimes it can be even quicker than that. If you use a rideshare, you can expect it to cost about $150-$200.

You can also look into renting a car in New York City.

Mohonk Preserve

This is another location that is quite beautiful, but it’s a bit off the beaten path, so it’s not accessible by train or bus. If you’ve got a car, the journey here should only take around 2-3 hours at most.

The nature reserve spans 8,000 acres and it includes a lot of old forest, streams, ponds, and cliffs. Actually, the cliffs are one of the main reasons that people like to visit, because there are a lot of great climbing opportunities in the area!

You’ll find Mohonk Preserve near New Paltz, NY, which we’ll be covering in a bit more detail under our section on Historic Small Towns.

How to Get Here

The trip to the Mohonk Preserve will take around 2-3 hours, and a rideshare would probably cost around $150-$200. Alternatively, you can also rent a vehicle in NYC and drive there on your own.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the Mohonk Preserve Visitor Center is free to visit, but hikers will have to pay $15 for admission. The price is $20 for bikers, climbers, and horseback riders.

West Point

If you’re interested in the military history of the United States, this might be one of the best day trips on our list. Located less than an hour north of Bear Mountain State Park, this is the site of the famed West Point Military Academy.

In addition to the academy itself, there are several college sports teams frequently hosting games at multiple fields and stadiums in the area, and guests are welcome to attend these matches.

Aside from sporting events, there are a lot of other things to see and do in this area, including outdoors activities, theatrical shows at Ike Hall Theater, and more.

How to Get Here

You can take a series of rail and greyhounds to reach West Point from New York City in just 2-3 hours, and you will likely need to make multiple transfers.

If you want to avoid the hassle of other options, we recommend driving here. Rideshares might not be an affordable option, but you can expect any drive to take just under 90 minutes from NYC.

New Paltz, NY

New Paltz is the most historic town on this list, with preserved houses that were around 100 years before we even became the United States, in addition to all the scenic riverbank cliffs and lush woods that make the trip worthwhile.

There are tours of the historic Huguenot Street offered during the warmer months. The descendants of Huguenot families who arrived in the Hudson Valley in 1678 created this location in 1894. 

You can get here either by driving or taking a combination of trains and buses.

How to Get Here

The Metro-North Railroad offers a train from Grand Central Terminal to Poughkeepsie, New York. From there, you can hop on a bus from Ulster County Area Transit to New Paltz. The train tickets will be $25.75, and factoring in bus fare, the total cost should be $30 or less.

Although this is an option, it will take around 3 hours on average, and you might want to drive if you’re planning to do some shopping or outdoors activities in the area. 

This is the kind of day trip that will probably be better for drivers, and the road trip from NYC will also be much shorter, with an average travel time of 1-2 hours. This is far enough that it might not make sense to use a rideshare service, so you might want to consider a vehicle rental instead.

Hunter, NY

This is another excellent spot to visit if you’re looking to spend some time outdoors. Hunter Mountain is one of the more popular locations to visit, and there are a lot of fun activities you can enjoy there including ziplines, hiking, offroading, and more.

Much like other popular outdoors destinations, you’ll need to either drive here yourself or grab a rideshare, because there aren’t any trains or buses that come here. The journey by car takes between 2-3 hours.

How to Get Here

If you’re thinking about using a rideshare, it’ll cost $150-$200. You can also rent a car from NYC and drive there on your own. We recommend this option for people who already have a vehicle of some sort (or perhaps a friend who does)!

Atlantic City, NJ

If you’re looking for somewhere a bit closer to visit, this has long been one of the more popular locations to visit from New York City. Most people come here to gamble, because there are a lot of casinos in this city.

Even if you’re not a gambler, this is also a beachfront community with a great family-friendly boardwalk that everyone can enjoy.

This is the kind of place you can visit for a day, experience the vibe of it, and head back to New York without worrying if you’ve seen everything.

How to Get Here

Since it’s not too far from NYC, the bus is probably the best way to get here. The journey will take 2-3 hours, and tickets only cost about $45 for a greyhound.

There also aren’t many flights to speak of between the two cities, so we recommend either taking the bus or perhaps even making the road trip from NYC yourself.

Get bus tickets to Atlantic City here.


It’s pretty easy to visit Toronto on a day trip from New York City, but not if you’re planning to travel by vehicle. If you want to get here on land, chances are your travel time will be at least 8-12 hours, which kind of ruins the concept of a trip you can do in a day.

However, if you have a passport and you don’t mind taking a flight, you can travel from NYC to Toronto in under 2 hours!

There are of course a lot of interesting things to see and do here, including free walking tours and sporting events. Toronto is home to the Blue Jays (MLB), the Raptors (NBA), and the Maple Leafs (NHL).

In addition to those activities, you can also take a day trip to Niagara Falls, an option we cover in greater detail under our Hiking & Outdoors section.

How to Get Here

Tickets for a flight to Toronto usually cost about $150-$200, and there are often several flights from New York City available each day. This is the easiest way to travel between the two cities. 

Look for all available Toronto flights here.

Niagara Falls

Although the city itself might not be of much interest to most visitors, this is a popular area to visit because of the beautiful natural wonder of the waterfall. Yes, you have seen this landmark in several notable movies and television shows.

There are two ways to get here without crossing the border into Canada: either by bus or by car. That said, you’re going to want to cross into Canada anyway just to see the waterfall, so you might also want to consider taking an organized bus tour from Toronto.

Flights to Toronto are pretty frequent, and you can expect the journey to take 90 minutes for a nonstop flight.

How to Get Here

If you don’t mind the travel time (it will likely take almost an entire day), there are buses from NYC to Niagara Falls for about $100. That said, we really recommend considering the flight to Toronto if you’re interested.

Check here for bus tickets to Niagara Falls.

You’ll need a passport to enter the country of Canada, but if that’s not a problem, flights to Toronto are usually available every day of the week. Ticket prices range from $150-$200, and the flight will typically take just under 2 hours.

Look for flights to Toronto here.

Once you’re in Toronto, you can see the waterfalls on an organized bus tour. These outings run from 4 hours long to 10 hours in length; prices start at around $75 and run up to about $150.

Consider one of these Niagara Falls bus tours.

Woodstock, NY

The 1969 festival wasn't held at Woodstock—that was Bethel, which is about two hours away—although the name does still conjure up images of a mob covered in tie-dye and the slight whiff of marijuana.

Nevertheless, the town is a mix of retired hippies, artists, and city dwellers who feel the urge to escape the big city on the weekends. In addition to the small town atmosphere, you can also expect plenty of hiking trails and a lot of unique local shops selling a variety of interesting wares.

How to Get Here

Although there is a series of trains and buses you can take to reach Woodstock from New York City, it can take upwards of 5 hours to make the journey, so we don’t recommend it.

The drive to Woodstock takes around 2-3 hours to complete, so it probably won’t make much sense to use a rideshare service, because it’ll likely be expensive. Instead, consider renting a car and making the road trip from NYC yourself!

Washington D.C.

This is one of the most famous and historic locations in the United States, and it’s close enough to New York City that you might want to consider a day trip. 

While it’s true that DC is not technically a city (and in fact often argues for statehood), it’s still worth a visit if you’re interested in the history of the country.

We actually have a full post on things to do in Washington DC, including various free walking tours you can take while you’re there and popular attractions you might want to visit.

How to Get Here

There are several trains daily that will take you from NYC to Washington DC, and they usually take about 3 hours to get there. Tickets are typically anywhere from $150-$300 on average.

If you’re looking to avoid the high cost of train tickets, there are also buses you can take for as low as $44 per person. 

Just keep in mind a bus is going to take 5-6 hours to arrive in DC.

Look for train tickets or bus tickets to Washington DC here.

You can also get here by hopping on a plane, and there are usually up to 75 flights between these two cities every day. A flight from NYC to Washington DC takes about 2 hours, and ticket prices start at around $200.

Check for flights to Washington DC.

Boston, MA

This historic city isn’t exactly next door to New York City, but it’s definitely possible to enjoy a day trip. There are a lot of fun things to see and do in the area, and we have a full post covering some of the best things to do in Boston.

If you’re interested in history, consider walking the Freedom Trail or one of the many other pay-what-you-wish walking tours we offer in Boston.

You can also look forward to some of the best seafood in the world, as fresh lobster and crab are quite popular dishes in the area.

How to Get Here

Although it’s the most costly option, catching a flight is also the quickest way to get from New York City to Boston, with most lasting approximately 1 hour. Ticket prices range from $130-$220 on average depending on when you purchase them.

Check for flights to Boston.

Trains are undoubtedly the slowest way to reach Boston from NYC, but it’s also much more affordable. This option will typically take at least 4 hours, and tickets range from $80-$150. A greyhound could cost $70 or less, but you should expect at least a 5-6 hour journey as well.

Look for train tickets or bus tickets here.

Ithaca, NY

This is the home of Cornell University, so if you’re interested in learning about this historic school, you might want to consider a day trip!

Even if you’re not interested in Cornell, you might still want to visit the nearby Cayuga Lake, and it’s a great place to visit in the autumn if you want to see some beautiful fall foliage.

There are two decent and reliable ways to get here: either by bus or car. No matter which you choose, you can expect travel times of 4-5 hours for this road trip from NYC.

How to Get Here

A bus from NYC to Ithaca will take around 4-5 hours, and ticket prices range from $70-$95 per person. It might be a bit costly, but unless you want to rent a car, this is one of the best ways to get here.

Book your bus tickets to Itchaca.

If you’re interested in driving, a rideshare service will cost enough that we don’t recommend it. Instead, you’ll either need to own or rent a vehicle in New York City. That said, if you want to get here as quickly as possible, you can expect the drive to take 3-4 hours.

Martha’s Vineyard

This little area of New England has become well known over the years for attracting a lot of wealthy and famous people, including notable examples such as former president Barack Obama, who has a beautiful mansion in the area.

You can also expect to find a lot of wonderful beaches, old lighthouses, and plenty of hiking/biking opportunities here. For more activity ideas, please read our post covering things to do in Martha’s Vineyard.

Unfortunately, while it’s fairly easy to get here from Boston, there are only really two ways to get here from NYC: either hopping on a plane or driving there.

How to Get Here

Catching a flight is really the best choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a day trip, but ticket prices can reach $700 or more, so it’s really only an option for people who can afford the exorbitant travel costs. The trip will likely take 1-2 hours each way.

Look for flights to Martha’s Vineyard.

Although you can drive to the ferry that will take you to Martha’s Vineyard, it’s important to note that the drive will take 5-6 hours on average. While that’s fine if you’re planning to stay for more than a day, it’s not going to be a great option if you want to enjoy a day trip.

Rideshare services are going to be a bad choice, because it could end up costing as much as the flight. We recommend a vehicle rental instead to avoid any concerns about exorbitant prices.

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