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Dream Garden Mosaic Philadelphia

Updated: September 27, 2021
 By Jenn H

One of the most beautiful sites in Philadelphia is hidden. Set aside in the lobby of the Curtis Building, what is now a still in use office building but was once the Saturday Evening Post offices, is a Tiffany mosaic based on a Parrish artwork. The Dream Garden Mosaic is a masterpiece based on a masterpiece.

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It's 24 panels took 6 months to install in 1916 by the Louis Comfort Tiffany Studios, one of only three such pieces ever done by Tiffany Studios. The mosaic, entitled Dream Garden, is a 15 × 49-foot beauty made of more than 100,000 pieces of favrile glass. The scene was painted by a Philadelphian artist, Maxfield Parrish.

Inside the marble lobby and behind a fountain, it's a refreshing break from the historical hustle and bustle across the street on the Independence Mall. There are more than 260 colors represented in the artwork depicting a serene landscape that really is a dream garden.

NOTE: The lobby is not open on Sundays or holidays! It's a regular office building, however the artwork is owned by Philadelphia Academy of Arts - the piece was bought by a casino owner who wanted to move it to Las Vegas and Philadelphia rallied to buy it back!

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Jenn H

Jenn is a born Jersey girl that grew up “across the Ben” but has Philly in her heart and history in her blood. She went to Washington & Jefferson College in the Pittsburgh area. Yes her college mascots were two guys in white wigs! Jenn came back to Philly to get her M.A. in Museum Studies. Happily worked at the city history museum but came outside for some fresh air as a tour guide. Jenn has been part of the FTBF team since March 2011.
Updated: September 27th, 2021
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