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Film Locations in Greenwich Village

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Many TV shows and movies have been filmed in New York City, a lot of those are film locations in Greenwich Village. On our Greenwich Village tour you can see the sites you recognize from the small and big screen.

Movie & TV Film Locations in Greenwich Village

The Jefferson Market Garden is a community garden between Sixth and Greenwich Avenues. and W. 10th and Christopher Streets. Sex and the City fans will recognize the garden here as where Miranda and Steve (finally!) get married.

Another iconic TV show filmed in New York City is Friends. You can find the Friends Apartment Building here Greenwich Village, too. In fact, so many people ask about it - we've written a whole post about visiting the Friends Apartment building.

West of 7th Street, one block has a theatrical history. Walk down St. Luke’s Place and find the numbered homes:

  • #10 Huxtable House from The Cosby Show
  • #9 Autumn in New York with Winona Ryder and Richard Gere
  • #4 was the home of Audrey Hepburn's in Wait Until Dark

Tony Dapolito Recreation Center on Clarkson Street is where Robert DeNiro meets Cathy Moriarty in front of the swimming pool in Raging Bull.

At 116 MacDougal St, Up & Up was one time the Gaslight Café, as seen in Inside Llewyn Davis.

The Minetta Tavern at 113 MacDougal Street might look familiar if you've ever seen:

  • Johnny Dangerously: Michael Keaton has lunch there
  • Mickey Blue Eyes: Hugh Grant and James Caan have lunch there
  • Sleepers : Brad Pitt meets his old buddies there after blowing the court case against them.

As you walk around Washington Square Park, imagine the chess tables from Searching for Bobby Fischer, or August Rush performances in the fountain.

At #11 Washington Square North, you can see Will Smith's laboratory from I Am Legend.

Before you go, take one final look at the Washington Square arch, Meg Ryan pulls up at the arch and lets Billy Crystal out of the car in When Harry Met Sally. 



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Updated: October 3rd, 2021
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