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New Orleans Ghost Tours

Updated: May 12, 2024

This is a comparison post of the best New Orleans ghost tours, including vampire, voodoo, haunted houses, and haunted pub crawl tours in New Orleans. 

Disclosure: We think you should consider our free tours, but we have also provided other options. While our recommendations are always unbiased, we may receive a small share of sales through some of the links below at no cost to you. See the full text.


New Orleans is rumored to have a strong presence of ghosts and spirits.

The city’s reputation for its connection to the supernatural has led authors like Anne Rice (“Interview with the Vampire”) to set their stories here.  

Ghost Tour of New Orleans

Some episodes of the hit series “True Blood” take place in New Orleans and for those old enough to remember, the James Bond classic “Live and Let Die” weaved the Voodoo culture of New Orleans into its plot.

When you are in New Orleans, you can do more than read a book or see a movie to experience the macabre. You can take a tour and get up close and personal!

New Orleans offers a variety of tours focusing on Louisiana's haunted past.

These tours take you to some pretty spooky places where your guide will tell you chilling tales about the city's dark history.

In the calendar below, we have listed our tours plus a few other paid tours that have reasonable prices and good reviews. Beneath the calendar, we detail these tours in depth.

Free Tours by Foot's French Quarter Ghost Tour

If you’re looking for a fully guided ghost tour, our pay-what-you-like ghost tour is a great choice.

This walking tour visits many legendary locations such as Pirates Alley and The Hotel Monteleone. You’ll hear tales of the chilling history of this haunted city.

We also offer a Voodoo Tour, a Garden District Tour including Lafayette Cemetery and a Saint Louis Cemetery tour, in addition to less spooky tours such as our French Quarter Walking Tour and Frenchmen Street and the Marigny Tour.

We’re proud to say that Free Tours by Foot has a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor. Reviewers consistently state that our tour guides are quite entertaining as well as very knowledgeable.

USA Today included us in their "10 Best Ghost Tours" in New Orleans writing that "high marks afforded the eerie ghost ramble along French Quarter alleyways and the equally captivating voodoo tour." 

Being that this tour is so affordable, it is definitely an option for you to consider.

NOTE: Make sure to book these tours ahead of time as they do fill up and are sometimes sold-out.

Some examples of the sites and stories covered on the tour:

  • Pirates Alley/Torture
  • The Octoroon Mistress
  • Yellow Fever
  • The Hotel Monteleone
  • Modern True Crime Stories
  • Locations for American Horror Story Coven
  • and much more.
Tour information

Reservations: REQUIRED. Click here to reserve.

Where: Meet on the steps at St. Louis Cathedral. Look for your guide with the Free Tours by Foot logo.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours. Approximately 1 mile in length.

When:  Check out our tour calendar

Cost: Though our tours work on a pay-what-you-like basis, we must charge a $2.50 ticket for parties of 5 or less for our ghost tours. 

Unfortunately, high demand coupled with high no-show rates has made staffing these tours problematic and has led to increased administrative costs.  Refunds will be processed for cancellations of 24 hours or more.

Gray Line's Cemetery & Voodoo Tour

Gray Line may be known more for their bus tours, but their walking tours are excellent as well. This tour takes you to some of the most haunted spots in the city.

On your trip, you will discover the creepy history behind the Quadroon Ballroom and visit the famous Bourbon Orleans Hotel.

You’ll also get the chance to see incredible items such as a vampire-slaying kit and relics of voodoo ceremonies!

Gray Line New Orleans has a 4 ½ out of 5 stars rating on TripAdvisor. Reviewers state that the tour is both fun and educational. Some say it was the highlight of their trip! 

Note: Reservations are recommended 24 hours in advance.

Tour Schedule

Daily at 9:00 am, 10:30 am, and 1:30 pm.

Ticket Prices

NOTE: As of January 2024, this tour is not currently available, but they will be bringing the tour back soon.

New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours

This company offers several tours.

One of their most popular options is their Ghost Tour which takes you around the French Quarter to several historically important locations.

They also offer a French Quarter & Cemetery Tour that includes a visit to St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, referred to as "City of the Dead".

New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours have a 4 ½ out of 5 stars rating on TripAdvisor.

Most reviews are extremely positive. Guests state that the tour guides are very informative and entertaining.

Tour Schedules and Ticket Prices 

Ghost Tour - Daily at 5:30 pm and 8 pm

French Quarter & Cemetery Tour - Daily at 10 am and 1 pm

Take Walks

This company currently offers two tours which include admission to a building that is reportedly haunted.

While the focus of these tours isn't about the supernatural, they are excellent opportunities to visit some of the creepiest places in New Orleans.

These are general information tours that include a trip to a haunted house, so they're best for people who are interested in learning more about the city while also exploring some of the spookier sites.

Secrets of the French Quarter

  • $39/Adults, Students | $29/Children (ages 2-14)
  • Availability: Tuesday and Friday at 2 pm
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Includes:
    • a trip to a haunted house
    • admission to the Presbytere
    • a free beignet from Cafe du Monde
    • Not currently available

New Orleans in a Day

  • $99/Adults, Students | $89/Children
  • Availability: Tue, Thur - Sat at 9 am
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Includes:
    • a trip to a haunted house
    • admission to the Presbytere
    • admission to the Elms Mansion
    • a complimentary Praline
    • a free beignet from Cafe du Monde
    • Not currently available as of March 2024

Haunted History Tours

This company's French Quarter Ghosts & Legends Tour has been covered by television stations like the History Channel, Discovery Channel and A&E.

The Travel Channel listed this tour as the number one thing to do while in NOLA!  

This tour takes you through the French Quarter to sites of documented hauntings and a haunted pub. 

The company also offers a Garden District and Cemetery Tour and you can expect the same kinds of spooky tales in this neighborhood as well.

The company's ghost tours have an overall 4 ½ out of 5 stars rating on TripAdvisor.  

In hundreds of reviews, you will see similar comments:  that the guides are "excellent", "amazing", "entertaining", "knowledgeable" and so on. Read reviews here.

Ticket prices are comparable to other tour companies and they offer lower prices for children under 11, seniors, veterans and members of the military.

Tour Schedules and Ticket Prices

French Quarter Ghosts & Legends Tour

  • September to May - Daily at  3 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm
  • June to September - Daily at 6 pm, 8 pm
  • $30 for Adults  
  • $25 for Senior/Student/Military
  • $20 for Children (6-12 years old)
  • Children under 6 are free
  • More info or to book.

Garden District and Cemetery Tour

  • Daily at 10 am and 1 pm
  • $30 for Adults  
  • $25 for Senior/Student/Military
  • $20 for Children (6-12 years old)
  • Children under 6 are free
  • More info or to book.

NOTE: The French Quarter Ghosts & Legends Tour is included for free with the purchase of the New Orleans Power Pass

If you have been considering buying a tourist concession pass to save money, our post comparing New Orleans tourist concession can help you decide which one, if any, is right for you.

Ghost City Tours

This tour company prides itself on providing guided excursions that go beyond the others in terms of locations visited.

Their Ghosts of New Orleans Tour takes you to the more obvious sites but then goes a step further by taking you to off-the-beaten-path sites such as LaLaurie Mansion, the Sultan’s Palace, and the Beauregard-Keyes House.

This unique experience has earned the tour a 5 out of 5 stars rating on TripAdvisor. 

Though there are a few negative reviews, they are outweighed by the number of positive reviews stating that the tour guides are not only knowledgeable but fun. Read reviews here.

Tour Schedule and Ticket Prices  (tour lasts for approximately 90 minutes)

Monday - Saturday at 6 pm and 8 pm

  • $24.99 for Adults (12 years old and up)
  • $9.95 for Children (6-11 years old)
  • Free for Children 5 and under
  • Purchase tickets here.

Click here for Ghost Hunt and Haunted House Tours.


New Orleans has a rich cultural history that includes the practice of voodoo.

Below are several voodoo tours that explore the history of voodoo by visiting sites related to voodoo practice and where you can see voodoo artifacts.

In the calendar below, we have listed our pay-what-you-like tour plus a few other paid tour options that are well-reviewed and a good price.  

Free Tours by Foot Voodoo Tour

We offer a name-your-own-price Voodoo Tour. This tour lasts 1 ½- 2 hours during which our entertaining and expert guides take to you to key sites in voodoo culture.

You will hear about topics such as Congo Square, New Orleans cemeteries, voodoo dolls, Madame John and Marie Laveau.

Our tour guides tell you the true history behind the myths and superstitions, separating fact from fiction as you discover what voodoo is really about.

This tour has a 5 out of 5 stars rating on TripAdvisor.

With over 800 reviews, only 20 guests rated this tour average or under. Phrases like "thought-provoking", "superb value" and "absolutely amazing" pop up in the reviews. 

Many guests stated that our tour is highly informative and tons of fun. 

Guests felt that the guides genuinely wanted to educate the tour-goers, and do so in an entertaining manner.

Tour Schedule 

  • 10 am on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • 11 am on Thursday Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Book now.

Our tours are name-your-own-price, meaning pay as much or as little as you want!

New Orleans Ghost Adventures Tours


This company's two-hour Voodoo & St. Louis Cemetery Tour is one of the finest in NOLA. 

A Voodoo historian takes you to Voodoo temples and historic Catholic churches with past ties to voodoo.

You'll visit the French Quarter and the St. Louis Cemetery, where you will learn the history of a real Voodoo Queen who buried there. 

If you want to learn about the history of this folk religion while walking around some of the oldest and most haunted locations in the city, this walking tour won’t disappoint.

New Orleans Ghost Adventures Tours has a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor. Guests note that the guide is knowledgeable, personable and passionate. Read reviews here.

Tour Schedule and Ticket Prices

Haunted History Tours

In addition to their ghost tours, this highly rated company has a 90-minute Voodoo History Tour where you will visit real-life voodoo altars and learn about the voodoo religion.

Your extremely knowledgeable guides tell you the history and folklore behind the religious practices that have taken place in NOLA.

Haunted History Tours has a 4 ½ out of 5 stars rating on TripAdvisor.

The Voodoo History Tour reviews are very positive, stating that the guide was not just knowledgeable, but also great storytellers. Read reviews here.

Tour Schedule and Ticket Prices

  • Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays at 7:30 pm   * No tours on Mardi Gras
  • $30 for Adults
  • $25 for Students/Seniors/Military
  • Not recommended for children
  • Purchase your tickets here.


If you’re ready to hunt hosts, not just hear about them, you can!

With so many reportedly haunted locations in the city, there’s plenty to keep paranormal investigators busy. Join them and be prepared to possibly see or hear things you never have!

Ghost City Tours

Have you ever wanted to try and capture evidence of the paranormal?

If so, consider taking the New Orleans Ghost Hunt Experience where you will try to make contact with the other side as you search throughout a well-known haunted house. 

Join paranormal investigators in an attempt to discover if ghosts really do exist with the help of specialized equipment.

This company provides full-spectrum cameras, voice recorders, and other items, allowing you to save your experiences forever.

If you manage to uncover something spooky in your recordings, they are yours to keep.

Note: Tour is 4 hours and goes until 2 am so be sure to have a route prepared to return to your hotel.

There are no negative reviews for this tour on TripAdvisor. Instead, comments include words like "amazing" "entertaining", "awesome" and "unique".  

Some guests commented that they managed to capture some odd pictures that couldn’t be explained.

Tour Schedule and Ticket Prices

  • Thursday- Monday at 10 pm
  • $49.95 Adults only (16 years old and up)


Vampires make for great movies and books.

In the HBO hit show, True Blood, New Orleans is the location of the American Vampire League. Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles takes place in New Orleans.

But fictional vampires are quite different from the real thing. The tours below show you the true and mythical sides of vampires in a fun way. 

French Quarter Phantoms

This company's Ghost and Vampire Tour takes you through the French Quarter telling you macabre tales of vampires and phantoms while also debunking some of the myths. 

Unlike some of the other tour companies in the area, this tour is good for children. 

This tour is highly rated and you can read the hundreds of positive reviews here.

Tour Schedule and Ticket Prices

  • Every night at 6 pm and 8 pm.
  • $20 per person (free for children under 7 years old)
  • $16 per senior 65 and older
  • More info and or to book.

Note: French Quarter Phantoms also offers several tours on the New Orleans Power Pass. You can use this card to save money when you purchase tickets for more than one event. Learn more about this deal from our post about the New Orleans Power Pass

Haunted History Tours Vampire Tour 

If you want to learn more about vampires and the historically accurate events that inspired the creation of the myth, this walking tour will definitely do the trick. 

Reviews for this vampire tour are generally favorable, with only a handful of guests a poor rating.

That being said, over 150 reviewers on TripAdvisor have given this particular tour a 5-star rating.

Several reviews state that the guides are very intelligent and entertaining, while others point out that this is an excellent family experience. 

Tour Schedule and Ticket Prices

Nightly at 8:30 pm. *No tours on Mardi Gras


Not many cities can claim to have both great drinking holes and haunted history.

Some of New Orleans' bars and pubs are known to have many spirits lingering about (and not just the alcoholic kind of spirit!)

Take a pub crawl, hear macabre tales and calm your nerves with a cocktail.

Haunted History Pub Crawl

In addition to all their other tours covering ghosts, vampires, voodoo and other subjects, this company also provides a haunted pub crawl.

While learning about some of the spookiest stories from the Crescent City, you'll also visit some of the most haunted bars in New Orleans.

You'll also discover some unique and interesting drinks that were inspired or made famous by notorious killers and nefarious characters throughout the history of this city.

NOLA Ghost Riders

If you're looking for an opportunity to learn about the history of New Orleans while enjoying a few drinks, this is a tour you won't want to miss.

Since libations are part of the experience, you can expect to hear the unfiltered truth about this city while enjoying some of the best bars in the Big Easy.

In addition to the tour, this company also offers one free cocktail to all guests.

NOLA Ghost Riders also offers a haunted bus tour which includes stops at multiple cemeteries in New Orleans.

Dark Crescent Tours 

This creepy tour company offers a variety of haunted excursions, but one of their most popular experiences is the Plunder & Booty Tour.

During this 2 hour tour, you’ll visit three bars where you can buy drinks while hearing all kinds of strange but true tales about the history of New Orleans.

The guides at Dark Crescent dress the part for the spooky stories they will be telling, ensuring an even more engrossing walk through some of the most haunted pubs you will ever see.

Dark Crescent Tours have a 4 ½ star rating on TripAdvisor. There are very few complaints about their service, and the Plunder & Booty tour doesn’t have any negative reviews. 

Reviews mention the excellent tour guides, the small group size, and the big drink size!

Tour Schedule and Ticket Prices

  • Every night (except major holidays) at 5:30 pm and 8 pm (tour lasts 2-3 hours or more)
  • $25 (drinks are not included in the price of the tour)
  • *Must be 21 years old.
  • Purchase tickets here.

Bloody Mary’s Ghost Tours 

In addition to the many traditional haunted tours offered by this company, they also provide a pretty cool haunted Haunted Pub Crawl.

Unlike other pub crawls, this one is designed primarily as a historical tour. You can order drinks at the bars you visit, but that is not the main focus of the tour.

Instead, you will be learning a lot about the haunted history of several notably spooky bars in New Orleans and trying to capture evidence of ghosts for yourself! 

There are only a few negative reviews of this pub crawl on TripAdvisor.

Most guests enjoyed themselves, and state that they appreciated the historical aspect of the tour as well as the drinks.

Tour Schedule and Ticket Prices

  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 4:30 pm (tours last 2-3 hours)
  • $33 per person + booking fee
  • Drinks not included.
  • Includes a free ticket to the Haunted Museum.

Ghost City Tours Pub Crawl 

In addition to their ghost hunt experience listed above, they also offer a haunted pub crawl. 

This pub crawl is history-focused as you visit some of the most haunted bars in the city.

Note that this tour is for adults 21 and older as you will visit bars and pubs and can purchase drinks if you like.

Unlike other haunted bar crawls in the area, Ghost City Tours operates 7 days a week!

There are no negative reviews for this haunted pub crawl on TripAdvisor. Guests report that after learning about the history of each location, you are given time to enjoy the pub and get a drink or two.

Tour Schedule and Ticket Prices

  • Nightly at 8 pm (tour lasts 2 hours)
  • $31.79  - drinks not included  * Must be 21 or older


This section will cover bus tours that discuss the haunted history of New Orleans, often including at least one stop at a cemetery.


If you’re looking for a night tour that will take you to some of the spookiest graveyards in New Orleans, Haunted History Tours' Dead of Night Ghost and Cemetery Bus Tour is a great choice.

Although you won’t go to the more famous cemeteries, you will visit locations such as the Charity Hospital Cemetery after dark and hear tales about reported hauntings in the area.

This tour may be off the beaten path, but it’s a great opportunity for anyone with a deep interest in the paranormal.

  • $50 Adults 
  • $40 Children (ages 2 and under)
  • $40 Students, Seniors
  • Children 5 and under are free
  • Nightly at 7 pm & 9:30 pm
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • More information or to book.

Haunted History Tours also offers a Crescent City Bus Tour which includes a trip to St. Louis Cemetery #3. You could read more about this tour on our bus tour page.


This company specializes in ghost tours, and their tour guides actually carry EMF readers and dowsing rods to try and pick up any supernatural activity along the way.

While on their haunted bus tour, you can expect to visit multiple cemeteries in New Orleans and hear about some of the most creepy ghost activity in the history of the Crescent City.

NOLA Ghost Riders also has a haunted pub crawl you might want to consider for a different perspective on the paranormal history of New Orleans.


If you’re interested in learning as much as possible about the haunted history of New Orleans, combination tours are an excellent opportunity to save money while learning about the entire array of supernatural beings including vampires, ghosts, pirates, voodoo worshipers and more.

Haunted History Tours' 5-in-1 Ghost and Mystery Tour

This combination tour is a great bargain. It covers ghosts, vampires, witches, voodoo and other unexplained mysteries into one fantastic experience.

This trip includes stories that you won’t hear on their other excursions, so you can even combine it with some of the other tours they offer.

This combination tour has a majority of 5-star reviews on Trip Advisor.

Though there are a few negative reviews due to a poor experience with their guide, Haunted History Tours' guides are generally positively reviewed. Read reviews here.

Tour Schedule and Ticket Prices

  • Nightly at 5 pm and 7:30 pm (tour lasts 2 hours)
  • $30 for Adults
  • $25 for Students/Seniors/Military
  • $20 for Children (aged 6-12)
  • Children under 6 are free
  • Purchase tickets here.

Witches Brew Tours 

Witches Brew offers a 4-in-1 Walking Tour that covers witches, ghosts, vampires, and voodoo and a 3-in-1 Walking Tour that combines tales of the French Quarter, the history of voodoo and a visit to St. Louis Cemetery No. 1.

If your time is limited or you just want to experience as much of New Orleans as possible, these spooky trips through the city promise tons of informative fun.  

Price points are based on age or status, so for families, these tours are an excellent value.

They also have a French Quarter and Cemetery Tour, and even a Haunted Carriage Tour where you ride in a classic mule-drawn carriage as you go from location to location. 

Witches Brew Tours has earned a 4 ½ out of 5 stars rating on TripAdvisor.

There are very few complaints and the positive reviews far outweigh the negatives. Read reviews of the 3-in-1 tour here and the 4-in-1 tour here.

Tour Schedule and Ticket Prices 

3-in-1 Walking Tour (Tour lasts for 2 hours)

  • Daily at 9 am, 11 am and 1:30 pm
  • Prices:

4-in-1 Walking Tour (Tour lasts for 2 hours)

  • Daily at 11 am, 1:30 pm, 4 pm, 5 pm, 7 pm, and 8 pm
  • Sale prices:

We hope you found this post helpful and that you find the tour with just the right scare factor level for you. 

If you love ghost tours, we offer some in other cities including Charleston, Chicago, Washington DCNew York, Philadelphia and overseas in London.

We have several other walking tours in New Orleans where we leave the ghosts behind and focus on the wonderful, colorful sights, history and flavors of New Orleans.

Here's our tour calendar. Hope to see you!


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