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Old City Hall Philadelphia

Updated: September 27, 2021
 By Jenn H

This Federal red-brick building was built as Philadelphia's original City Hall, but is historically important as the location of the United States Supreme Court from 1791-1800.

Directions to Old City Hall Philadelphia

The Old City Hall is next to Independence Hall at the corner of Chestnut and 5th Street.

If you're looking at Independence Hall, the Old City Hall is the red brick building to its right on the same block.


Daily 9am-5pm


Free! The Old City Hall is run by the National Park Service and has no admission fee.

Built in 1791, it was the City Hall for Philadelphia and housed city administrative and the Mayor's offices. When the Supreme Court needed a place to meet, it shared this building with the Mayor. Back then, the court was smaller and only met a few times a year.

As the Supreme Court Chambers in the 1790s, this was the site of thousands of naturalization procedures for immigrants to our newly formed nation.

Though there are not official tours of the building, there is a park ranger stationed here to answer questions. The building is renovated and set up as the old Supreme Court Chamber.

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Jenn H

Jenn is a born Jersey girl that grew up “across the Ben” but has Philly in her heart and history in her blood. She went to Washington & Jefferson College in the Pittsburgh area. Yes her college mascots were two guys in white wigs! Jenn came back to Philly to get her M.A. in Museum Studies. Happily worked at the city history museum but came outside for some fresh air as a tour guide. Jenn has been part of the FTBF team since March 2011.
Updated: September 27th, 2021
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