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34 Things to Do in Sorrento

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Updated: November 23, 2023

Our guides are always being asked about the best things to see and do in every city where they offer free walking tours, and they've got some excellent advice for travelers visiting Sorrento.

This list will include some of our favorite activities and attractions in the area, and we'll also include a few extra tips and tricks from one of our favorite groups on Facebook.

Top Things to Do in Sorrento

One of the many streets and alleys you can expect to find in Sorrento, Italy. Image source: Pixabay user Matteo Bellia.
One of the many streets and alleys you can expect to find in Sorrento, Italy. Image source: Pixabay user Matteo Bellia.

This section will cover the best activities and historic locations to visit during a trip to Sorrento, including various fun attractions for adults and children.

Best of all, some of these locations and tours won’t cost anything!

Sorrento is best known for its lemons and wood with designs carved into it.

Because it's on the Amalfi Coast, it's a famous place to visit in Italy during the summer.

These streets were made for walking, so you should consider wearing comfortable shoes while wandering around town.

You can expect to spend between €100 and €150 per day on average. This includes the cost of food, lodging, and other services.

1. Take a Free Walking Tour

Tight on budget but still want to explore the best of Sorrento?

Take a pay-what-you-wish tour of this town. Such tours are often guided by either audio or a local guide.

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While on a walking tour, you can expect to learn all about the history of this town and see some of its most famous sites.

You might even taste the delicious Sorrento food or wine at some of these free walking tours of Sorrento!

2. Have Some Limoncello or See the Lemon Gardens

What about a guided walk among lemon and orange trees?

In Sorrento, a walking tour providing an insightful traditional lemon garden tour is a panoramic scene that you must not miss out on.

Whether or not you decide to take a tour through Giardini di Cataldo, we still recommend that you savor the zesty taste of limoncello, Sorrento's famous lemon liquor, while visiting the area.

3. Take a Day Trip to Pompeii

Take a day trip to the old ruins of Pompeii to step back in time.

Explore the streets and houses of this once-bustling Roman city, which was covered by volcanic ash in 79 AD.

Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius are easy to access by car, so many companies offer day trips to either or both of these famous sites.

4. Explore the Amalfi Coast

There are various ways to explore Amalfi Coast and the surrounding area.

Different private and public companies offer many bike, bus, and walking tours of this coastal area.

So, take a scenic drive or a tour with a guide to take in the amazing beauty of the Amalfi Coast.

You can see the cliffs, colorful towns, and turquoise water at this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. Experience the Views of Villa Comunale

From the lush grounds of Villa Comunale, you can see stunning views of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

This beautiful park is a great place to take a break and take pictures.

The Villa Comunale is spectacularly hung above the water to give viewers a panoramic view of the Sorrento Sea.

6. Learn to Make Authentic Italian Pizza

Take a pizza-making class and learn how to make the best Neapolitan pizza from local experts.

Enjoy your tasty dish and learn something new about cooking.

Be a part of an Italian family for a few hours to appreciate the delicious taste of pizza made with 100% organic ingredients.

You can set your tour to a local Italian farm to delve into this fun activity.

7. Test Yourself on the Path of the Gods

This amazing trail takes you along the coast and shows you some of the area's past.

This tour will allow you to see the UNESCO-listed coastline below your feet. You must bring a camera to capture the beauty of nature.

You can walk the Path of the Gods for free or choose to go on an organized tour to the Path of Gods to ensure you see everything.

8. Visit Herculaneum

Herculaneum, another old city buried by Mount Vesuvius's eruption, is a lesser well-known but just as interesting archaeological site.

Find paintings, mosaics, and buildings that have been kept in good shape and give you a look into the past.

This tour to visit Herculaneum is a must for you if you love to explore history.

9. Take a Cruise to the Blue Grotto

Take a magical boat ride to the beautiful Blue Grotto, a sea cave with a blue glow that looks like it's glowing from the inside.

Floating through this hypnotic wonder, you can see how light and color play off each other.

There are some places such as Capri in the surrounding that you can visit as per your budget and desire.

10. See the Three Tenors

The Three Tenors will serenade you with arias, Neapolitan hits, and Italian love songs in the beautiful setting of the historic Correale Museum for an unforgettable opera night.

You can buy wine tasting before the show starts and rejoice in the music later.

The concert starts at 9 pm, and you can book your tickets online.

11. Rent a Scooter for Sightseeing

Renting a scooter for sightseeing is a unique and exciting way to see the area.

Hop on a scooter and zoom through Sorrento's cute streets and along the Amalfi Coast.

Enjoy the freedom to go at your own pace and find secret gems and beautiful views.

Universal phone holder, insurance, and souvenir from Sorrento are included while you rent a scooter for sightseeing.

12. Teach the Kids How to Make Gelato

Italy is famous for its food that feeds both the eyes and stomach.

So, celebrate your love for Italian food, and take the whole family to a fun, hands-on class on how to make gelato.

Learn how to make this tasty Italian treat, and you can enjoy the sweet results of your hard work afterward!

13. Visit the Inlaid Wood Factory

Take a tour of a local factory to learn about Sorrento's long history of making beautiful things out of inlaid wood.

You can watch skilled people make intricate patterns and buy a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

You can also take a private Inlad Wood Factory Tour to get detailed guidance and discover how Inland wood is made.

14. See a Musical in Cinema Teatro Armida

Enjoy a night out at the theater with a lively musical performance.

Learn about the rich history of the area and watch talented performers.

The traditionally set Cinema Teatro Armida tells the Sorrento history through songs and dance.

The starting time for this melodious event is 9 pm.

15. Take the Kids Paddleboarding

Take a guided tour along the beautiful coast from Sorrento to the peaceful Bagni Regina Giovanna to show the whole family how much fun paddleboarding can be.

You don’t need any experience to get on this paddle-boarding tour from Sorrento to Bagni to see 2000 years old ruins.

This tour is limited to 15 travelers for one round trip.

16. Go on a Wine Tasting Excursion

An organized wine-tasting tour is a great way to enjoy the area's tastes.

Visit local wineries to learn how wine is made and to try some of the best wines in the area.

There is a 2-hour guided tasting tour which includes tasting wines and the tastings of meat and cheeses.

There you will enjoy the best wine crafted from Campania grapes.

17. Spend Time at Piazza Tasso

Take in the lively atmosphere of Sorrento's main meeting spot, Piazza Tasso.

Relax at a café, enjoy people watching, and experience the lively street acts and beautiful surroundings.

This is the initial point of various walking and bus tours, so you can get on any of those panoramic tours while enjoying the mood at Piazza Tasso.

18. Go Shopping on Via San Cesaro

Via San Cesaro is a charming shopping street with local boutiques, artisan shops, and wonderful food markets.

Find unique gifts and enjoy tasty treats from the area. This is within walking distance from Piazza Tasso.

Kill two birds with one stone by enjoying shopping at Via San Cesaro and the lively atmosphere of the nearby piazza!

19. Visit Villa Fiorentino

The elegant Villa Fiorentino is an old mansion turned into an art center. It has modern art exhibits, lush gardens, and beautiful views of the coast of Sorrento.

There was once a fantastic Francis Bacon exhibition, and you can expect many more in the future.

Just keep yourself aware of the exhibitions that are available when you plan to visit.

20. Experience Basilica Sant’Antonino

Visit the beautiful Basilica Sant'Antonino, a church dedicated to the patron saint of Sorrento.

This holy site has beautiful architecture, detailed frescoes, and a long and interesting past.

Like other sites on our list, this location is just a short walk from Piazza Tasso, and it's typically included on most walking tours.

21. Go to the Correale Museum

This is another excellent location where you can find a lot of art, pottery, and historical finds in Sorrento.

The museum is in a house from the 18th century.

It has many different collections that show the history and culture of the area.

If you love to explore history, this museum is a must-visit location!

22. See the Cathedral of Saints Philip and James

The Sorrento Cathedral, also called the Cathedral of Saints Philip and James or the Duomo di Sorrento, has beautiful buildings and art.

You must visit this Cathedral if you want to experience ancient Greek artwork and culture.

Though the temple underwent several changes, there is much more to see to this time that reflects the ruins of ancient Greeks.

23. Discover the Cloisters of San Francesco

You can find peace and quiet in the peaceful Cloisters of San Francesco.

Look at how well the Gothic and Renaissance styles work together, and enjoy the beautiful courtyard, often used for music and art shows.

There are numerous guided walking and tasting tours of San Francesco that you can join to amplify the experience.

24. Spend Time at the Beach

Who doesn’t love the sunny beach and sparkling water and sand?

Soak up the sun and cool off in the clear water at Sorrento's lovely beaches.

You can spend a quiet day by the sea on either a sandy beach or a cliff.

Enjoy an unmatchable boating experience on your visit to Sorrento Beach and let yourself glide through one of the best waters on this Earth.

25. Snap Some Photos at Marina Grande

Marina Grande is a traditional fishing town in Sorrento, and it's a great place to show what it's like.

Walk along the harbor, watch the fishermen fix their nets, and eat fresh seafood at a diner on the water.

To get more out of your visit, join a guided tour and taste some delicious foods and wines on your way.

26. Go Swimming at Bagni Della Regina Giovanna

Bagni Della Regina Giovanna is a secret gem in the form of a quiet cove surrounded by tall cliffs.

Enjoy swimming in the water that is as clear as glass and take in the beautiful scenery.

This thrilling swimming experience will last longer, and you will miss the Sorrento waters when you leave.

27. Visit Vallone dei Mulini

Visit Vallone dei Mulini, also called Valley of the Mills, a beautiful place.

Find the ruins of old watermills hidden among lush plants and high hills.

You can experience numerous tasting events and discover Tasso Square and Sant Antonia Church in the neighborhood.

28. See the City Walls

Walk along Sorrento's old city walls, which have been there for hundreds of years and kept out attackers.

These old defenses give you a look into the past and beautiful views of the area around them.

Entry to these ancient panoramic walls is free, and you might find a free walking tour to explore the history through a guide.

29. Walk Through Centro Storico

Stroll through the narrow streets of Sorrento's ancient city center, Centro Storico.

Check out the well-kept buildings, go to cute shops and cafes, and enjoy the Italian atmosphere.

Learn about the local history and hear the jaw-dropping ancient stories from your guide by joining a walking tour.

30. Visit Punta Campanella Natural Marine Reserve

Visit Punta Campanella Natural Marine Reserve and see how beautiful it is.

In this protected coastal paradise, you can look at the many kinds of marine life, walk the beautiful trails, or just relax on one of the secluded beaches.

31. Discover Marina Piccola's Charm

Feel the gentle caress of the waves at Marina Piccola, a little piece of heaven tucked away on the Sorrentine peninsula.

Surrounded by the scent of lemon trees, it's a popular spot for ferries, bringing in visitors keen on soaking up the Mediterranean charm.

32. Experience the Vibrancy of Corso Italia

Meander through Corso Italia, buzzing with life, especially during the warm June days. The street is bursting with boutique shops, cafes, and local delights.

Take a breather in the tranquil Villa Comunale Park, or seek solace at the more hidden Giardini di Cataldo.

33. Explore the Islands of Ischia and Procida

Board a ferry and set sail to the enchanting islands of Ischia and Procida. Both destinations paint a picture of an idyllic Italian getaway.

While Ischia invites you with its soothing thermal spas, Procida's quaint fishing village vibe captures the heart. The fresh seafood here? Simply divine.

34. Enjoy the Tranquility of Bagni della Regina Giovanni Natural Pool

Discover the Bagni della Regina Giovanni, a secluded natural pool that's a sanctuary for those in the know.

If you're up for it, there's a hiking trail nearby offering breathtaking views of the region. A perfect blend of peace and adventure awaits.

Tips From Locals and Travelers

While we don't currently have a Facebook Group for Sorrento, our Rome Travel Tips group often attracts a lot of travelers who are looking for advice on visiting the area.

As you can see, even Linda here notes that Sorrento is one of the best places to visit if you have time to take a trip outside of Rome!

That said, we also recommend checking out the Naples & Amalfi Coast Travel Tips group, as they often provide helpful information that travelers might want to keep in mind.

Here are a few examples of great advice offered by the users of this page.

Andra notes that the ferry to and from Sorrento will actually be out of commission during the winter months.

If you're planning to visit this beautiful area in Italy, keep in mind that the ferry won't be available from November to April.

Multiple members of this Facebook Group recommend staying in Sorrento, as it's pretty easy to use the train or buses to get around and there are plenty of great hotels.

No matter what you need to know before heading to this peaceful coastal town, consider asking the users of either Rome Travel Tips or Naples & Amalfi Coast Travel Tips.

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