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Things to do in Jaipur

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Updated: April 2, 2020

Jaipur, also known as the Pink City of India is a favorite of the tourists all year round, and especially in the winters. The city boasts of beautiful architecture, historical monuments, great food and lots of shopping places! Jaipur is packed with spellbinding festivals, richly decorated elephants casually going about their work, enchanting cultural insights, and a labyrinth of colorful dream palaces at every turn.

In this blog, we will cover the top things to do in Jaipur.

Stop for a beautiful photo at the Hawa Mahal

Jaipur’s most iconic landmark, Hawa Mahal literally translates to ‘Palace of the Winds’ and is perhaps the most photographed monument in the historical pink city. It is situated bang in the middle of the Old City or the Walled City of Jaipur and is akin to a fairytale come true.

It was constructed in 1799 as an extension to Royal City Palace and is a dazzling structure in pink-sandstone that rises an astonishing five storeys. It was originally constructed by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh to enable ladies of the royal household to watch everyday street scenes of Jaipur and the various processions on festivals without being seen. It lies near Choti Choupad and has 953 windows on the outside walls.

Visit the majestic Amer Fort

 The Amer Fort is in Jaipur (The Pink City), Rajasthan, India.  It is one of the most well known and most visited forts in India. The fort is built on a hill in Amer just outside the city next to the beautiful Maota Lake. The way up to the fort is quite steep but it is a beautiful walk and gives you a different perspective of the fort. It will take you about 20 minutes to reach the top.

City Palace

 The City Palace of Jaipur is a beautiful blend of the Mughal and Rajasthani architecture representing the elegance and royalty of the Pink City! The City Palace of Jaipur, Rajasthan has won the hearts of many and continues to do so. Built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh I in 1729-1732, this palace becomes a window to peek into the stories of the glorious past and the authentic culture of Jaipur.

Kite Festival

A festival that embraces the whole city of Jaipur is the Kite Festival, held every January 14. This has become a full government holiday, so the entire population of Jaipur and surrounding suburbs is free to pour into the streets and let their kites fly. The Kite Festival brings the contrast of bright, bold colours to this city that’s has become so well known as being monochrome pink. Truly, this is massive display of vitality that everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

Have a delicious meal at Suvarna Mahal (Taj Rambagh Palace)

Jaipur offers a few chances to dine in palaces and Suvarna Mahal is among the very finest. The decor of Taj Rambagh Palace is beautiful and unique. Among the delicacies, the lamb kebabs are to die for!  It feels like traveling through time when you a share a meal in a secluded jharokha (an enclosed balcony lit by flaming torches) like the ancient rajas. Finish the night with rasmalais (sweet cream with balls of cottage cheese). A different experience altogether.

Bapu Bazaar & Johri Bazaar

These are the two main markets of Jaipur and kind of meld into one another. Bapu Bazaar is the market where you can find textiles for saris, scarves, and other clothing and accessories. This is the area where the famous Hawa Mahal is located. Johri Bazaar is great for purchasing jewelry pieces: gold, silver, precious/semi-precious stones, and costume jewelry.  The markets are huge and you can easily spend a couple of hours here. Here you can also go from one lane to the other with the help of tuk-tuk rides!

Just wandering around through the tint streets of Jaipur and alleyways is a treat in itself. It’s an incredible destination for photographers and creatives alike—an easy place for finding artistic inspiration.

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Updated: April 2nd, 2020
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