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Tiffany Glass in Charleston

Updated: October 12, 2021

Charleston’s beauty exemplified by the beautiful pastel color homes, like those seen along Rainbow Row, the overflowing window boxes and sculpted gardens, and the skyline of church steeples, but Charleston is just as beautiful in its indoor spaces as it is outside. Many of Charleston’s interiors bring the sunshine in through Tiffany glass windows. Yes, Louis Comfort Tiffany himself made several pieces in Charleston homes and buildings. Tiffany was an American interior designer of the late 19th century who took special interest in the creation of stained glass. While he did not live in town he visited often and presented his friends with gifts of his work.

Tiffany Glass locations in Charleston:

Charleston Tiffany glass

Some of our guides bring guests into St. Michael’s Episcopal Church on the Historic Charleston Tour, but if your guide does not bring you inside go back after your tour and take a peek!  Every stained glass window in the church is Tiffany.

The Two Meeting Street Inn is a favorite of honeymooners. The house was built with the $75,000 wedding gift given to the bride and groom on their wedding day by the bride’s father who happened to be a good friend of Louise Comfort Tiffany. If you stay there you’ll find some Tiffany inside, but even if you don’t get the privilege to lay your head down in the “wedding cake house,” just walk by - the side lights of one of the front windows were done by Tiffany himself for the couple.

Charleston Calhoun Mansion The Calhoun Mansion is the largest private home in Charleston, measuring 24,000 square feet.  Nope, your eyes are not playing tricks on you! The home is 24,000 square feet. At one time, the military had cadets staying the house and they created a false ceiling in one of the rooms. When work was being done on the home years later the false ceiling was noticed and taken down. Behind the panels they found a huge, gorgeous ceiling hand-stenciled by Tiffany himself!!  Check it out! Sorry, the home is so big, we couldn’t take a picture that did it justice. You’ll have to see for yourself.

Charleston Wentworth Mansion There is yet another mansion in which you can lay your head, experience a quieter part of town, and enjoy Tiffany glass all at the same time. The Wentworth Mansion is a gorgeous place to stay and sparkles with the handiwork of a glass master.


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Updated: October 12th, 2021
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