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How to Take the Train from Rome to Pompeii

Updated: September 15, 2023

This post provides information about how to take the train from Rome to Pompeii, including ticket prices, the best times to travel, and any transfers that might be necessary along the way.

Taking the train from Rome to Pompeii is definitely worth your time. With proper planning, a day trip from Rome to Pompeii is possible!

Pompeii is located roughly 150 miles (241.6 km) away from Rome. 

The Frecciarossa and Frecciabianca trains run out of Roma Termini Station in the heart of Rome, making it fairly easy for anyone to hop on and enjoy some time in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius.

The trains will run directly to Napoli Centrale Station in Naples. There is no direct train line from Rome to Pompeii.

These tickets include a transfer to the Trenitalia line from Naples Centrale, which will take you to Pompeii.

The train ride from Rome to Pompeii will take between 2 ½ – 3 hours of travel.

Taking the train from Rome to Pompeii is one of the quickest and most comfortable options for traveling between the two cities.

Rome to Pompei

There are several high-speed trains that run through all of the major cities in Italy. 

While it might take 3 or more hours to reach Pompeii by car or bus, these trains can sometimes get you there in less than 3 hours.

There are usually at least 2 dozen trains to this popular destination every day, but some of them are older and less comfortable than others. 

We recommend sticking with the Frecciarossa and Freccibianca trains.

That said, there's actually a new high speed train that will take you directly from Rome to Pompeii in under 2 hours!

Visitors will be able to buy tickets to enter Pompeii while onboard, and the new trains will also have videos about the history of this ancient city.

This service is being offered every 3rd Sunday by Trenitalia, departing at 8:43 am and returning at 6:40 pm, giving you a full day at Pompeii.

Standard tickets for this new service will cost €29.90, which is a bit more expensive than other options, but some travelers might find it preferable if they can shave 30 minutes off their travel time!

Rome to Pompeii Train Tickets

  • 2nd Class Ticket Prices: €14 – €39 per person
  • 1st Class Ticket Prices: €25 – €42 per person
  • Premier Ticket Prices: €36 – €45 per person
  • Average Price of Train + Entrance: €45 – €65
  • Ticket prices depend upon the level of service.
  • Click here to purchase tickets.

You probably wouldn’t be planning a trip to Pompeii with no plans to actually enter the historic site, and it should be noted that you will require a ticket for this activity.

Please read our post covering tickets and tours in Pompeii for more details.

If you order your tickets at least a week ahead of time, you will probably be able to find a decent deal. 

Tickets bought in advance can be up to €20-€30 cheaper than buying them on short notice.

When you order tickets either on the day of travel or for the very next day, you could be paying as much as €62 or more for a premium ticket.

Although you can visit Pompeii with the slower commuter trains, the Circumvesuviana trains, we can’t recommend this option for tourists and travelers, as some of them can take up to 4 hours each way.


Every train to Pompeii requires a transfer to Naples. The average transfer from Naples to Pompeii will take 35-45 minutes. 

There are two trains running from Naples to Pompeii, and two from Sorrento to Pompeii.

Map of train to Pompeii

The first option leaving Naples is the Circumvesuviana “slow train”, one that leaves from Porta Nolana Station and runs through towns along the Gulf of Naples, hugging the base of Mt. Vesuvius, and on to Sorrento. 

This tired little train tends to be full of locals, tourists, and at times pickpockets. 

You’ll want to get on at the second stop, Napoli Piazza Garibaldi, found within the Napoli Centrale Train Station.  

Naples train station.

After purchasing tickets (€3.80/$4.00 pp one-way) for the Pompei Scavi-Villa dei Misteri station, not to be confused with the Pompei station, you’ll head to the platform. 

Look at the arrivals/departure info for “Sorrento”, the final destination on this line. You’ll be taking the blue line.

Trains depart 2-3 times an hour.

Once on the train, it's a 35-40 minute trip to the Pompeii Scavi-Villa dei Misteri station, with multiple stops along the way, ending just a few minutes walk from the main entrance to the Pompeii ruins.

Pompeii Scavi-Villa Misteri train station

The Circumvesuviana Naples to Pompei Scavi-Villa Misteri timetables can be found here.

The second way to get to Pompeii is by taking another train, this time on the Metropolitan line rather than the Circumvesuviana line (also leaving from the Napoli Piazza Garibaldi station). 

While this train is slightly faster than the other train (36 min), and slightly cheaper (€2.80 pp), it leaves you at the “Pompei” station, which is a ten minutes walk from the entrance to the ruins of Pompeii.

Pompei Train Station
Photo courtesy of Italiarail

The Metropolitan line from Napoli Piazza Garibaldi to Pompeii timetable can be found here.

Thankfully, most of the train companies from Rome offer tickets with a free transfer to Naples. 

The actual transfer is very easy (see the video above).

Frecciarossa and Frecciabianca Train Reviews

Frecciarossa and Frecciabianca trains are two of the most popular options for traveling to Pompeii from Rome. 

These trains include the following amenities:

  • First Class passengers receive a free drink and newspaper
  • Reclining seats are available for all travelers
  • All passengers have access to the cafe car
  • Each train car comes with air conditioning and power outlets
  • Wifi is available for all passengers

Frecciarossa has an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor. Customers typically show a lot of appreciation for the speed and comfort of these trains.

Several travelers indicate that they also enjoy the view of the Italian countryside. 

Every train between Naples and Pompeii is provided by Trenitalia.

Although Trenitalia only has a 3 out of 5-star rating, most guests feel that they are pretty reliable. 

The only problem with these trains is that they are much slower and they can also become a lot more crowded.

They also don’t offer 2nd Class or Premier Class tickets, so there’s no way to upgrade your ticket for a more enjoyable experience. 

That said, if you’re planning a trip to Pompeii from either Rome or Naples and you want to use the train, you’ll have to take one of these Trenitalia trains at some point.

If you’re wondering how much it will cost to enter the historic site, please read our post about tickets and tours in Pompeii.

We also have a post on tickets, discounts, and guided tours of Pompeii.

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Updated: September 15th, 2023
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