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Walking Tours of Florence

Updated: April 8, 2023

There are essentially 5 types of free walking tours in Florence (Firenze), a city overview tour, which usually focus on the Renaissance, tours of Medieval Florence, sunset tours, as well as a ghost, and mystery tours.

The tours listed below are run through us. More tours are available in the following sections.

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We’ll include details about how much money you can save, which activities are offered by each pass and how to use each service.

Florence is full of history, and there are several notable sites that you can see and learn about on a free walking tour of the city.

We also offer our very own free, self-guided walk with optional audio below.

There are a few different types of outings you may want to consider. The main option is an introductory tour that covers the most popular landmarks in Florence.

You can also take a tour that provides a look at how the city played an influential role in the world during the Renaissance.

For most people today, a “free tour” is a “pay-what-you-wish tour” or a “tips-based tour”.

You are under no obligation to pay for your experience, and it costs nothing to book a time slot.

At the end of the tour, if you enjoyed yourself, it’s customary to pay what you think the tour was really worth or what you could afford.

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According to online reviews, most people leave between €5-15/per person, but of course, you are not obligated to leave anything.

Keep in mind, however, that these free walking tours are both convenient and popular, so often have large groups of participants.

If you’d rather take your tour with a smaller group – which can allow you more interaction with your guide – you might consider taking a paid small group tour.

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Updated: April 8th, 2023
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