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3 Days in Vienna | Itinerary for Tourists

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For those seeking ideas to curate the most suitable 3-day Vienna adventure, here is a handcrafted blog about how to maximize your time in this vibrant metropolis of Europe.


Starting out in the cultural and historic "Inner City" (world heritage site), this itinerary takes you off the beaten path into contemporary Vienna’s art and social scene.

You may have already read our blog on 25 Things to Do in Vienna offering an exhaustive list for to you to pick and choose from. Here we have provided a detailed overview of the highlights of the city. 

Naschmarkt Vienna

This itinerary will have you exploring the historic and cultural highlights in the "Inner City," enjoying an excursion to the Danube water streams, and more.

You might also find yourself hitting up a “Würstelstand” or even admiring some modern street art.

Here are a few extra tips to consider before heading out on this adventure.

  • First things first, we take our food seriously when we travel, and so do the Viennese.
    • Start your (every) day in Vienna by trying out different traditional coffee houses (Kaffehaus). Whether its Café Hawelka or Café Lantmen, coffee houses are rife with history and energy. 
    • Sausage kioks, Wurstelstand, are a must try and offer a range of sausages from cheese-filled to spicy or smoked. 
    • Incorporate Strudel Tasting at the Schonbrunn Palace to experience an apple strudel in the making
  • Secondly, Vienna is rather walkable, so look up our offering of free walking tours to maximize your time, especially when in the Old Town neighborhood. 
  • Thirdly, stretch your spending with a Vienna Pass, which will allow you discounted access to the major museums, the Danube Tower, and the Giant Ferris Wheel. 

This blog will layout 3 unforgettable days for you and family in Vienna. Excited? So are we!

Let's get started.

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Day 1

The first day of this itinerary will check some of the most notable highlights in Vienna off your list. We'll start at Mozarthaus and move along through the city to several other historic sites.

St. Peter’s Church


Mozart, the famous composer of classical music, lived in Vienna and one of his homes is situated in Old Town.

It’s a wonderful introduction to life in Vienna in the 18th century, and a closer look into Mozart’s life. 

St. Stephen’s Cathedral or the Stephansdom

A quick walk from the Mozarthaus will bring you to the stunning St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the home of Catholic Church’s Bishop in Vienna.

The structure is as stunning as its history, as is the building’s fortitude through wars and tests of time.

You can walk through the interiors, for sure, but our favorite recommendation is to check out the catacombs.

For a view of the city, go up the North Tower (on an elevator). Hey, we got your back. 

Wien Museum or the Vienna Museum (the main building on Karlsplatz)

We absolutely love this dedicated building to the history and art of Vienna, celebrating the city’s notable residents over the ages. 


Located right by the Wien Museum is the 18th century St. Charles Church, built mainly to celebrate the end of the plague in the city and to honor St. Charles, known to be the plague healer.

Could this be any more relevant in these Covid-19 times? 


You must be tired of soaking it all in by now, so head over to the Naschmarkt and call it a day. Choose from the many eateries and compose your dinner of exotic spices, cheeses, olives or even sushi.

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Day 2

Get pumped up for your second day in Vienna with a cup of coffee. Ok, lets add a small cake (Sachertorte) as well.

Today, we have planned for you a half day at the Schonbrunn Palace complex, followed by lunch.

In the late afternoon, get on a relaxing city river cruise and enjoy an evening ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel.

Schonbrunn Palace

Read all about everything there is to do at the Schonbrunn Palace on our detailed blog which covers information about tickets and tours, the palace itself, the park, the zoo, as well as the Children’s Museum.

A trip to Vienna cannot be complete without understanding the rise of the mightiest family in Europe, the Habsburgs. 

City River Cruise

With the Danube running through the city, a river cruise is a must. It's relaxing and easy (especially with kids), and a welcome change from your heavy walk this morning.

There is a lot to look at and even surprising facades with street art. Many tourist passes include such type of a cruise. 

Prater Park and the Giant Ferris Wheel

Prater Park is an enormous park sprawling over miles (includes a beer garden and a mini railway line) and houses an amusement park.

The giant Vienna Riesenrand Ferris Wheel is here, and it's a thrilling ride with a view. There are tons of eating options around, so your dinner is also taken care of.

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Day 3

We are suckers for art, as it brings to life the true vibe of a city. So today we have you visiting the Albertina first.

After that, according to us, the 7th District is the place to checkout on your last day in Vienna.

Laden with alternative bars, music, people, artwork and vintage photography, this is where the hip and cool are seen. 

Also, if you plan to check out of your hotel or AirBNB today and need to store your luggage, you can find out all about it on our Luggage Storage in Vienna blog.


Kill two birds with one stone by visiting this lovely art museum house in the Hofburg Palace complex.

The Albertina has one of the largest print rooms in the world and boasts of a varied collection from Monet to Picasso.

The staterooms feature a commanding architecture, a view into the luxury and opulence of lifestyle and furnishings. 

7th District or Neubau

With vibes like those in East Village of New York City, Neubau offers an alternative side to the historic Vienna.

While Neubau is no longer a hidden secret from the tourists, you can still pat yourself on the back for exploring off-the-beaten path in Vienna.

From super cute cafes to awesome thrift shopping, you will find yourself amazed at the vast collection of art packed in this neighborhood.

Walk all the way to check out Vienna’s Museum Quarter, especially the MUMOK, an amazing modern art museum.

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Updated: October 13th, 2021
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