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Best Bike Tours in Barcelona

Updated: May 3, 2024

This is a comparison of the various bike tour companies available in Barcelona. Whether you prefer standard guided bike tours, electric bike tours, or simply renting a bike and exploring on your own, Barcelona has you covered! However, with so many choices, it can be difficult to decide which company is best. So that's where we come in! We've broken down all of the different types of tours by category and then compared them by quality and price, so that you can find what's right for you!

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  • Be sure to inquire about a helmet as some companies will not automatically supply you with one.
  • Don't worry if you're not used to biking in a city. Your guide will help familiarize you with the rules of the road, so you'll be left feeling comfortable and confident in no time! However, if you're worried about city riding, consider taking a bike tour on a day-trip outside of Barcelona.
  • Remember that Barcelona is a FULL of cyclists, so make sure you yield to locals who are using their bike to commute to work.
  • Thankfully, the large number of cyclists means that there are also a lot of clearly marked bike lanes. Stay within these lanes and follow basic traffic safety laws to avoid an unnecessary collision.

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There are several different companies leading standard guided bike tours of the city. Steel Donkey Bike Tours and Fat Tire Bike Tours both offer 4 hour tours that visit all of the major attractions in Barcelona. The former departs daily at 10am and costs $40 per person, while the latter departs daily at 11am and costs $30 per person. However, Steel Donkey Bike Tours also makes brief stops at the best patatas bravas and churros places in the city (though on your own dime). If you're looking for a slightly shorter tour, you should perhaps consider riding with Born Bikes Barcelona or Baja Bikes Barcelona -- both of which run 3 hour city tours for a bit less than those listed above. Finally, for those interested in something a bit different, consider taking the 3 Hour Street Art Tour with Bamboo Bikes. This tour shows you Barcelona's unique street art scene -- all while riding along on a handmade bamboo bike!

Fat Tire Bike Tours 

Fat Tire Bike Tours, one of the most popular bike tour companies in Europe, offer a half-day tour around Barcelona. Cycle by famous attractions such as Gaudi's La Sgarada Familia, Place Sant Jaum, Arc de Triomf, La Catedral, and many others. Guides are well trained and very knowledgable, providing a summary of the city's history prior to the start of the tour. They also ensure that there is plenty of time to take photos and enjoy the sites. Helmets available upon request.

Reviews of Fat Tire Bike Tours 

As one of the most well-known bike tour companies in the city, Fat Tire Bike Tours has an outstanding reputation. Of their nearly 2,000 reviews, only a very small handful fall below 3 stars and a majority are above 4. Their guides are their greatest asset, with several guests commenting on each one's inviting personality and knowledge. Some visitors found the heavy city traffic to be overly intimidating, though the company makes a point to offer a safety lesson at the start of the tour. TripAdvisor Rating: 5 stars.

Baja Bikes Barcelona

The 3 hour Barcelona Highlights Bike Tour by Baja Bikes visits all of the major sites and neighborhoods in the city including La Sagrada Familia, La Ramblas Boulevard, El Born, La Barceloneta, and many more. The tour also promises to bring you down lesser known streets to share insider tips and stories of the locals. Includes a helmet and child seat for those who require it. Tour ends at the same place that it begins.

  • Barcelona Highlights Bike Tour
    • 3 hour bike tour around La Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter
    • Departs Wednesday - Sunday at 11am from Central Barcelona
    • From €25 per person

Reviews of Baja Bikes Barcelona 

Baja Bikes Barcelona is a very highly rated tour company with several reviews praising their guides for being knowledgeable and personable. In fact, many comment that they felt like they had made a new friend by the end of the tour.  Guests describe the experience as terrific, fun, and well organized. Only a few reviews are less than positive, and each of those seem to be a bit of an anomaly. This is definitely a company with a great reputation! TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5 stars.

Born Bike Tours Barcelona 

Similar to Baja Bikes Barcelona, Born Bike Tours Barcelona offers a tour that features both Barcelona's impressive Modern architecture as well as the Gothic Quarter in the city. Guides make an effort to bring you down lesser known streets and share local legends. Tour group sizes tend to be small, making for a much more intimate experience. Bottled water and a helmet are provided.

  • Barcelona Gothic to Modernism Bike Tour
    • Tour of Barcelona's history, art and architecture, beginning in the Gothic Quarter and concluding with the work of Gaudi, the city's most famous Modern artist
    • Departing 11am and 4pm everyday
    • From €22 per person

Reviews of Born Bike Tours Barcelona

Born Bike Tours Barcelona is another one of the most popular companies in Barcelona. Many guests describe it as fun, informative, and the "highlight of their trip." Their bikes are also very highly praised for being comfortable, clean, and moden. There are a handful of poor reviews, but all date back to 2015 or earlier which suggests that any issues the company may have had have since been rectified. TripAdvisor Rating: 5 stars.

Steel Donkey Bike Tours 

The 4 Hour Guided Bike Tour by Steel Donkey Bike Tours is one of the longest city tours on offer. In addition to seeing all of the major sites in the city, you will also get an insider's perspective on the best patatas and hot chocolate with churros. Food and drinks are not provided, but there is plenty of time for you to pop into one of the many popular restaurants pointed out by your guide along the way. The group is welcomed to customize their tour based on what each guest wants to see.

  • 4 Hour Guided Bike Tour in Barcelona
    • 4 hour bike tour that takes you off the beaten trail and to lesser known sights like Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau or Marbella Beach
    • Departs daily at 10am
    • From €35 per person

Reviews of Steel Donkey Bike Tours 

A vast majority of all guests who take this tour seem overwhelmingly pleased about their experience. Most reviewers write that that they highly recommend it and couldn't have asked for more. Others also state how pleased they were to explore the back lesser known streets on this tour. The small number of negative reviews are mostly dated prior to 2015. TripAdvisor Rating: 5 stars.

Bamboo Bike

Those looking for something a bit different should consider taking the 3 Hour Street Art Tour by Bamboo Bike. This unique tour will bring you to the alternative and industrial "barrios" to enjoy the amazing street art scattered throughout the city. Learn about the history of the street art movement in Barcelona, as well as the stories behind some of the most well known pieces that the city has to offer. This company gets its name from the handmade bamboo bikes that the provide, which are all unique and of a very high quality.

  • 3 Hour Street Art Tour
    • 3 hour tour of Barcelona's street art scene
    • Daily departures available
    • From €40 per person

Reviews of Bamboo Bike 

Though this is a relatively small company, Bamboo Bike is already make a big impression amongst visitors who are more than impressed with the quality of their bikes and tours (read the reviews). Many guests write specifically about the handmade bamboo bikes, which are often described as very cool and extremely comfortable. The guides also receive lots of praise for being fun and approachable, yet informative. TripAdvisor Rating: 5 stars.

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Electric bikes are a great alternative to standard bikes as they allow you to see and do much more with very little effort! There are a few companies offering e-bike tours of Barcelona, but a few stand out above the rest! Barcelona eBikes is probably the most well known provider of electric bike tours in the city. Their 2.5 hour Barcelona Electric Bike Tour will introduce you to some of the best examples of Gothic and Modern architecture in Barcelona. Alternatively, Photo Bike Tour Barcelona -- a company that specializes in photography tours -- also offers an E-Bike Photo Tour that promises to show visitors the best spots to capture beautiful images. At $79 per person, this tour costs nearly twice as much as the one led by Barcelona eBikes. However, it is also almost twice as long and has the added element of photography tips.

Barcelona eBikes 

Barcelona eBikes is the go-to company for electric bike tours of Barcelona. In addition to several combo bike tours, they also offer a standard guided ebike tour that features many major sites around Barcelona. Tours depart 3 times daily, allowing you several opportunities to join. At $39 per person, this tour is only about $10 more than regular cycle tours of the city. If you're worried about the physicality required for one of the regular bike tours (or if you just want to see more in less time), then this is a great option!

Reviews of Barcelona eBikes

Once again, this company receives remarkable reviews for fun and informative ebike tour of the city. People seem especially pleased with their decision to choose an ebike over a regular bike, as it allowed them to see and do much more during their tour. The guides are also complimented for being incredibly nice and knowledgeable. Even guests who hadn't ridden a bike in years wrote about how comfortable and enjoyable the experience was. TripAdvisor Rating: 5 stars.

Photo Bike Tour Barcelona 

Photo Bike Tour Barcelona are the only company to offer a photography tour of Barcelona on electric bikes. At $75 per person, it's more costly than your standard e-bike tour. However, the focus on photography really adds a unique element to the experience, as guests are brought to some of the best photo opts in the city. You will visit major attractions such as Parc de la Ciutadella, the Gothic Quarter, Barceloneta beach, La Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo, Arc de Triumph and the Colombus. There are 2 daily departures so you can choose between a morning tour or a late afternoon option.

Reviews of Photo Bike Tour Barcelona 

This tour receives excellent reviews, especially from photographers who were thrilled with the opportunity to capture amazing images of Barcelona. Guests write that their guide was great at bringing them to the best places to take photos and utilize the lighting. Others also state that they were relieved to be on a tour where they didn't feel rushed to take photos or ask questions. Though this is a smaller company and still has less than 300 reviews, ALL of them as of summer 2017 were 4 stars and above. TripAdvisor Rating: 5 stars.

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If you're hoping to see and do as much as possible during your visit to Barcelona, then it might be a good idea to consider a Combo Bike Tour. These packaged tours include tickets to another tourist attraction in addition to the bike tour. We Barcelona sell e-bike tours with skip-the-line entrance to the Sagrada Familia, an Electric Bike Tour with Wine Tasting, and a Barcelona 360 Highlights Tour which features a cable car ride and a short ferry cruise. Barcelona eBikes also sell a Barcelona Electric Bike Tour with La Sagrada Familia, as well as another tour that ends with tapas and drinks.

We Barcelona 

We Barcelona offer 3 different Combo Bike Tours that include access to other attractions in addition to their electric bike tour. The first is their E-Bike Tour with Skip-the-Line Sagrada Familia Ticket, which takes you on a 3 hour exploration around the city before concluding at Sagrada Familia. There, you'll be able to skip to the head of the line to marvel at Gaudi's finest masterpiece. Another alternative is their Barcelona Electric Bike Tour with Wine Tasting, which takes you out of the city and to the Alta Alella Winery. Along the way, you cycle past the Gothic Quarter and alongside Barcelona’s beach while learning about the country's impressive wine history. Finally, the Barcelona 360 Highlights Tour will take you along land, sea, and sky to get a better perspective of the city. Start your tour with a half-day cycle around the city on one of their electric bikes. Then, enjoy a short cable car ride over Olympic Stadium, Palau Sant Jordi and Calatrava Tower, before concluding with a 40 minute cruise from Port Olympic.

Reviews of We Barcelona 

Each of these these 3 Combo Bike Tours are very highly rated on TripAdvisor. Many who opted for the Barcelona 360 Highlights Tour write about how happy they were to be able to fit in so much sightseeing with just one tour. Those who got skip-the-line access to Sagrada Familia also seem very pleased about this time-saving option. Their Electric Bike Tour with Wine Tasting is a newer tour and therefore only has a couple reviews, but all so far have been very positive! TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5 stars.

Barcelona eBikes 

Similar to We Barcelona, Barcelona eBikes also offers a 3 hour electric bike tour that includes skip-the-line entrance to La Sagrada Familia. At $77 per person, the Barcelona eBikes tour is a bit more expensive than the one listed above. However, it is very popular with a great reputation. Their Electric Bike Tour with Tapas and Drinks is probably their most well known tour, as it is one of the few in the city to combine food, drinks, and a 2.5 hour cycle around the city. 3 tapas and 3 drinks are included in the price of the ticket.

Reviews of Barcelona eBikes

The Electric Bike Tour with Tapas and Drinks has an outstanding reputation, as many guests rate it highly for its excellent value. Not only do visitors love the tour itself, but they also seem very impressed with the food and drinks that are included in the price. Their guides are also praised for being very knowledgeable and friendly. One of the few reviews that falls below 4 stars states that they were disappointed by the portion size of the tapas. However, tapas are meant to be small plates so don't arrive expecting to leave with a completely full belly! TripAdvisor Rating: 5 stars.

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For those interested in exploring the city on their own, there are several different bike rental shops that hire bikes by the hour or day. Below, we've listed Happy Rental Bike, our favorite regular bike rental place, as well as We Barcelona, our favorite electric bike rental place.

Happy Rental Bike

Happy Rental Bike is a rental shop that offers a wide range of bikes and trailers. Bikes can be rented for any length of time between 1 hour to 7 days, with the price dropping significantly

  • Urban Bikes 
    • 6 speed, Dutch-style bike with comfortable seat and front basket
    • 4€ for 1 hour, 6€ for 2 hours, 15€ for 1 day
  • eCargo Family Bikes 
    • 7 speeds bike with large, front-wheel attachment to carry children
    • 15€ for 1 hour, 25€ for 2 hours, 80€ for 1 day
  • Tandem Bike
    • 4 speed tandem bikes
    • 8€ for 1 hour, 12€ for 2 hours, 50€ for 1 day
  • Trailer Bike Rental and Tag-along
    • Trailer attachment that is fitted directly to your bike
    • 7.50€ for 1 hour, 9.50€ for 2 hours, 33€ for 1 day
  • Children's Bike Rental
    • 6 speed, Dutch-style bike with comfortable seat and front basket
    • 4€ for 1 hour, 6€ for 2 hours, 15€ for 1 day

Reviews of Happy Rental Bike

Happy Rental Bike seem to only have very happy customers! Visitors LOVE the high quality of the bikes and customer service that they experienced. People also seem pleased with the location of the shop, which is very central and easy to find. A smaller company but an overall outstanding reputation! TripAdvisor Rating: 5 stars.

We Barcelona 

If you're not interested in taking one of their tours, you can always rent an electric bike to explore the city on your own. A 4 hour rental will set you back $25, making this a much cheaper option compared to following an e-bike tour. Rentals are available daily and helmets can be provided upon request.

Reviews of We Barcelona

Though most people choose to take one of their e-bike tours, there are a handful of reviews regarding We Barcelona's bike rentals. Visitors with teenage children seem to really enjoy this option as it allows the family a bit more freedom to explore the city as they like. There is one comment about the bikes needing "a serious facelift," but that is an older post that suggests the bikes have since been replaced. TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5 stars.

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Unfortunately none of the bike tours listed above are included on either Tourist Travel Pass or The Barcelona Card. However, be sure to check sites such as GroupOn and TravelZoo for occasional deals on bike tours in Barcelona.

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