Best Food Tours in Paris

France has some of the best cuisine in the world, so it’s no surprise that food tours are very popular. This post compares food tours in a variety of neighborhoods such as the Latin Quarter, Montmartre, and the area along the Seine. We also examine some of the most popular dessert tours in the city, as well as wine tour and food & bike tours. Don’t leave the city without familiarizing yourself with Parisian cuisine, and there’s no better way to do that than with a food tour!

Dessert Tours

Wine Tours

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Tours on the Seine

Tours of the Latin Quarter

Tours of Montmartre

Dessert Tours

Dessert tours are very popular in Paris thanks to the wide variety of pastry and chocolate shops around the city. There are many different companies that offer dessert tours, but our two favorites are Meeting the French and Voyages. Prices range from €60-€90 and each run for approximately 3 hours in the afternoon. Reviews for all are excellent, so there’s really no going wrong! 

Meeting the French

Meeting the French offer a handful of dessert tours including Paris Pure Chocolate Walking Tour, Le Marais: Pastry and Chocolate Food Tour, and another which is included on our Tours On the Seine post. The Paris Pure Chocolate Tour visits the area along the Right Bank and teaches you all about chocolate making and cocoa beans. The Le Marais: Pastry and Chocolate Food Tour explores the Le Marais neighborhood and stops by several delicious bakeries, in addition to an ice cream parlor and spice shop. Both tours are 3 hours and very highly rated. Tastings included in the price. 

  • Paris Pure Chocolate Walking Tour
  • Le Marais: Pastry and Chocolate Food Tour

Reviews of Meeting the French

Meeting the French have an excellent reputation with all of their tours (read the reviews) and maintain a 5 star rating on TripAdvisor. Guests are especially complimentary of the guides, who are all described as kind and knowledgeable. Many reviewers are also impressed with the breadth of information provided in the chocolate tour, which goes into a lot of detail about how chocolate is made. 


The Paris Chocolate and Tastings Tour offered by Voyages introduces you to some of the best chocolate in the city! You visit 4 different chocolate shops in St. Germain and the Latin Quarter over the course of 3 hours. You will also learn more about the chocolate making process and be given special insight by your expert guide. Offered in Spanish, French, and English.

  • Paris Chocolate and Tastings Tour

Reviews of Voyages 

Though reviews are limited, they are all very positive! Guest describe the tour as a “sublime experience” and “très bien.” One reviewer also writes about how much their children enjoyed the tour, making it fun for the whole family. 

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Wine Tours

In addition to their amazing cuisine, France is also home to some of the best wines in the world. Visit a wine bar in Paris with O Chateau and sample 5 different wines from 5 different regions around the country. By taking a wine tour in Paris, you are able to save significant money and time, which makes this the perfect tour for those who are on a budget and only have a few days to spare. 

Alternatively, you can take a day trip to either Burgundy or Champagne with Cab Service Prestige or Blue Fox Travel, respectively. These tours cost much more, but are 11-12 hours long and include transport directly from Paris to either wine region. If you’re interested in exploring more of the countryside and gaining a more in-depth understanding on French wine, then one of these might be for you! 


O Chateau – Paris Wine Tasting

O Chateau – Paris Wine Tasting offers a Wine and Cheese Tour right here in Paris! For €75 per person you will get to enjoy 5 different wines from 5 different regions in France including Champagne, Bordeaux, and others. Cheese and smoked ham is also included in the tour, as well as a bread basket from the same bakery frequented by the President of France. The entire tour is held in a wine bar located in a ‘hotel particulier” that was once owned by Mme de Pompadour in the 17th-Century.

Reviews of O Chateau – Paris Wine Tasting

O Chateau – Paris Wine Tasting receives excellent reviews (read the reviews) and maintains a 4.5 star reputation on TripAdvisor. Many refer to the experience as a highlight of their trip to Paris. Though not as extensive as the full day or half day wine tours outside of Paris, many guests feel that it provided an excellent introduction to French wine and cheese. 

Blue Fox Travel 

If you’re looking to have an even greater insight into French wine, then consider taking a day trip outside of Paris. Though significantly more expensive, this 11 hour tour brings you directly from Paris to the Champagne region where you will get to sample 3 different types of Champagne and tour House of Moët and Chandon. You will also visit the chapel and grave of Dom Perignon, the grandfather of Champagne. 

  • Champagne Vineyards and Cellars Tour Day Trip from Paris 

Reviews of Blue Fox Travel 

Nearly everyone who takes this tour to the Champagne Vineyards writes about how it was well worth the price. One reviewer writes “From the conversations to the education, the experience helped shape our stay in Paris.” Others praise the tour company for limiting the group size and ensuring that the tour felt very intimate and personalized. It should be no surprise, then, that Blue Fox Travel has a 5 star rating on TripAdvisor! 

Cab Service Prestige 

If you’re interested in traveling even farther afoot, then consider taking this 12 hour Full Day: Burgundy Wine and Medieval Tour with Cab Service Prestige. Departing at 7am from Paris, the tour takes you to Hospices de Beaune, the Abbey of Fontenay, and  Hôtel-Dieu. Lunch is included, as well as the tastings of 5 red and white wines. 

  • Full Day: Burgundy Wine and Medieval Tour from Paris

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Food & Bike Tours

Paris Bike Tour, a popular bike tour company, offers a 4 Hour Culinary Tour by Bike. Considering the length of the tour and the fact that it includes both food samples and a bike, it is very reasonably priced. Reviews are excellent, so it’s definitely a tour you should consider taking! 

Paris Bike Tour

Make a food tour even more fun by doing it by bike! The 4 Hour Culinary Tour by Bike takes you around the Beaubourg area, Marais, and Place de la Bastille. You will also sample Parisian coffee, a croissant, and regional cheeses and cold meats at a traditional French market. You will also learn more about the history of the areas that are visited, as well as teh cultural significance of the foods that you try. 

  • Paris: 4 Hour Culinary Tour by Bike 

Reviews of Paris Bike Tour

The 4 Hour Culinary Bike Tour by Paris Bike Tour is very popular and receives excellent reviews (read the reviews). Guests on TripAdvisor rate the company with 5 stars and praise their impressive customer service. People also seem to like this tour as it allowed them to see and do much more than they would have been able to on a regular walking tour.  

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