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Chicago Food Tours

Updated: December 22, 2023
 By Mel

Our Chicago food tours are not currently running, but please take a look at our self-guided food tours below.  Please check back soon for an update.  

For discounts on guided food tours, check out Groupon and Living Social. You might want to also check out Viator's selection of guided Chicago food tours.

We also offer self-guided food tours where we provide our favorite foodie recommendations within each neighborhood to check out along with a map.

Free Tours by Foot is proud to present the only pay-what-you-like Chicago Food Tours. Food tours of Chicago can cost $45 and upwards, often well outside a traveler's budget.  If you are looking for a food tour that leaves your stomach full but your wallet empty, then Free Tours by Foot food tours may not be for you. If you are looking for filling, affordable and fun  way to take a bite of the Windy City, then consider on of our Chicago food tours.

Like our neighborhood history tours, our Chicago food tours have no upfront costs.   All food is chosen and ordered by you.  Our guides make recommendations and facilitate ordering, but you have the final say. You choose your own food and pay for it directly. We have planned in 4-5 food shops, including a dessert shop, and sometimes even a tea shop.  Each establishment serves up incredibly delicious and inexpensive food served in portions that can be easily divided and shared or singularly devoured.  In between the food stops, you’ll have time to digest your food as well as digest the history of the neighborhood, as told to you by our entertaining and knowledgeable guides.

Chicago's long history of immigration has resulted in various ethnic neighborhoods and a great diversity in food cultures.  So, get your deep dish and Italian Beefs in the Loop and then venture out to the rest of Chicago.  Our Chicago food tours cover Little Italy, Pilsen, Chinatown, Ukrainian Village, Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville and more places soon enough.  Chicago is a foodie paradise.  Let us show you why.

  • Southeast Asian Argyle Food Tour
  • Chicago Chinatown Food Tour
  • Pilsen’s 18th Street Food Tour
  • Devon Corridor Food Tour

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Mel loves to be a tourist in her own city. With a background in performing arts, tourism, and photography, giving tours and being a story-teller comes naturally to her. She loves traveling, food, and theatre. Mel splits her time between Chicago and Los Angeles (#theatrelife) and leads tours and manages both cities!
Updated: December 22nd, 2023
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