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Private Chicago Tours

Updated: December 22, 2023
 By Canden

We also offer our guiding services for private groups, families, or school groups where we can guide you in the Loop, the South Side and anywhere else in Chicago.

Contact us with the size of your group and what you would like to see and when and we will get back to you with a timely quote.  We employ only the best and brightest tour guides in the city.  Read our reviews here.

Chicago in a Day Tour

2-Hour Private Chicago Tours

We understand that our free group tours are not for everyone, or that maybe you and your party prefer a more intimate tour that allows for more guide time — for questions, for pictures, whatever! We also understand that some of you are on a budget. We have priced our private tours to be affordable, starting at $225 for 2 hour tours. Additional hours are $50/hr.

This is the group price, not per person.  

Large group fees might apply. There is a limit of 25 people per tour guide, for the group's and guide's comfort.

2 hours is sufficient to fully explore any one neighborhood or combine parts of two separate neighborhoods.

Additional Private Tour Options

Our private tours are not limited to our public tour selection. We are also available for custom guided service for wherever you want to go and however long you would like a guide for. We're with you every step of the way from planning to the tour's finish. We base our pricing on the above mentioned tours.

Daily rate starting at $575 (10 hours)

Looking for more than one guide or for a day or multiple days of service? Please contact us for a quote.

Student Tours of Chicago

Why choose us for your class trip to the Windy City?

  • Because we are fun. We employ only the best, brightest and most energetic tour guides in the city. Our guides are young and young at heart, so your students will relate to them better and vice versa.
  • Because we are affordable. Save your students hundreds of dollars each. We have extensive experience with every aspect of a class trip, including hotel, theater, and restaurant bookings as well as organizing transportation and travel insurance. Save the commission the school tour operators build into their prices.
  • Because we are national. We run tours in Washington DC, New York City, Philadelphia, Charleston, New Orleans, and Boston. We can be your guides on multi-city class trips. We have a trans-city perspective and always tie together things your students have and will experience(d).
  • Because we are personal. Since we are a small company, and we only book one group at a time, your group will get the extra special attention you won't get from the larger companies.
  • Because we are experienced. We're amongst the highest rated tour companies on TripAdvisor for a reason - we're great at what we do! 

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Tours canceled up to 14 days prior to the scheduled start date are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.  Tours canceled with less than 48 hours are nonrefundable.  Tours unpaid with less than 3 weeks or less before the tour are unconfirmed and subject to guide availability. Tours are booked for a set date and time. Changing dates and times at short notice is equivalent to cancelling -  unless the guide is available at the new suggested time. 

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