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How to Save Money on Cirque du Soleil "O" Tickets

Updated: May 10, 2024
 By Justin

Cirque du Soleil is one of the most popular theatrical shows in Las Vegas, and tickets to their shows can be very expensive.

In this post, we’ll be providing details about some of the best concessions on tickets to “O”, one of the most well-received shows from this world famous troupe.

One of the most common questions that our tour guides receive is about saving money on theatrical shows, so we know some of the best tips and tricks to help you avoid paying full price.

We'll also include some helpful tips from Las Vegas locals and travelers, as they often have a lot of useful tricks to save money.

1. Use a Tourist Pass

While many people say that these services aren’t worth it, Cirque du Soleil shows are often included in the price of at least one tourist pass, and the price for just a 1 day pass can sometimes be less than the full price of an “O” ticket.

As of March 2024, none of the major concession passes are offering this deal, but they usually add them back on during the slower months. 

If you’re planning to visit Las Vegas between the months of March - September, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to see a Cirque du Soleil show without paying full price.

Here are a few similar activities currently included with the Las Vegas Go City All-Inclusive Pass:

  • America’s Got Talent Tickets | $112 value
  • Piano Man (Variety Show) | $59.99 value
  • Downtown Comedy Lounge | $39.99 value
  • Red Velvet Burlesque | $55 value
  • Diva Royale Show | $55 value

For more details about this option, make sure to read our full post covering Las Vegas concession passes and how to use them.

2. Check Groupon

This one might seem obvious to some, but the promo website Groupon frequently offers cheaper tickets on popular theatrical shows in Las Vegas.

As of October 2023, they are currently offering the following deals on Cirque du Soleil shows:

Although they don’t currently have any deals on “O” tickets, they do frequently offer price cuts on that Cirque du Soleil show as well.

In addition to their base deals, they also frequently offer additional promo codes for between 10% - 20% off, which could save you even more money on tickets!

3. Look on Viator

While tickets on this service aren’t usually concessionary by much, there are ways to save money even while using a third party client like Viator.

Currently, they are offering “O” tickets for just $134.63 per person.

If you’re looking for an even better deal, we have a tip that could save you 10% - 20% off or more. 

Many credit card companies and banks are now offering special price cuts on a variety of services, and currently Capital One cardholders can get an extra 10% off activities and attractions on Viator.

In this case, that would be almost $15 off!

4. Check Your Debit/Credit Cards

As we mentioned in combination with Viator, several credit card companies and even banks have started offering additional price cuts for their users.

Much like AAA’s well-known concession options, these services need only be accessed directly through your bank or credit card website in order to take advantage of the offer.

In addition to deals on a plethora of entertainment services, you might also want to see if your credit card includes any cash back programs that you can use to save even more money.

Here are some of the best concessions currently being offered by Capital One:

  • Viator | 10% off
  • Stubhub | 4% off
  • Get Your Guide | 6% off
  • Groupon | 4% off
  • TicketNetwork | 6% off
  • Ticket Liquidator | 6% off
  • Event Tickets Center | 6% off
  • TicketSmarter | 7% off
  • TripAdvisor | 8% off

This is also a great way to get price cuts on popular hotel brands, car rentals, and other services you might need while traveling.

5. See if AAA Offers Concessions

If you’re a AAA member, you might be surprised at what kind of deals they offer to their cardholders.

While they might not always offer special deals on live shows like this, there’s a chance they do, so we recommend checking your account to make sure.

Even if they aren’t currently offering deals on Cirque du Soleil tickets, they are always offering deals on hotel rooms, car rentals, and other services you might need while in Las Vegas.

6. Senior Offer

While many Las Vegas attractions will frequently offer senior concessions, there are not currently any such deals for Cirque du Soleil.

That said, you should check with restaurants and tour operators to see if they offer any such deal options.

7. Military Offer

This is yet another common type of deal. Sadly, Cirque du Soleil is not offering cheaper rates for members of the military at this moment. 

Even so, as with senior offer, we do recommend checking with restaurants and tour operators in Las Vegas to see if they offer military concessions.

8. Children’s Offer

Unfortunately, we must once more inform you that there are not currently any children’s concessions for “O” tickets.

In this case, it makes perfect sense, because they don’t even allow children under the age of 5 to see this Cirque du Soleil show!

9. Group Offers

Good news!

If you’re planning to see the show with 12 or more people, you can actually enjoy a pretty good offer on “O” tickets. In order to take advantage of this deal, call the Bellagio at 702-692-9494.

10. Become an MVP

The Bellagio is home to the theater which hosts “O”, the Cirque du Soleil show. Like many casinos in Las Vegas, they will give prominent gamblers who play well access to their membership program.

Bellagio’s program is known as the MVP M Life Rewards Card, and it provides heavy concessions on a lot of their amenities and live shows, including “O” and other performances.

This one won’t be as easily accessible to everyone, but if you already have the membership, it’s worth checking to see if they offer any deals!

11. Buy Directly From Bellagio

Although a lot of ticket resellers such as Stubhub will cost a bit more than other places, this is one of those cases where it actually makes a lot of sense to purchase “O” tickets directly from the Bellagio website.

Most of the really cheap tickets they offer will be in locations where there is a limited view, also known as “wet seats.” That said, they do currently offer ticket prices as low as $79!

Tips From Locals and Travelers

Millions of travelers visit Las Vegas each year, and some of them use Facebook groups such as Las Vegas Travel Tips to share their experiences or ask locals how to save money.

We've combed through these groups and found a few very helpful comments which should help you get the best possible deal on Cirque du Soleil tickets.

As you can see, you're free to ask similar questions on these groups, and sometimes you'll get some excellent advice.

Elizabeth points out that sometimes when you purchase tickets directly from the hotel box office, they will give you a deal that you wouldn't get otherwise.

Another nice thing about purchasing tickets at the hotel box office is that they won't charge booking fees.

Anyone who has used StubHub even once knows that their fees can become quite expensive, so avoiding those fees could actually be one of the best ways to save money on Cirque du Soleil tickets.

While we don't recommend purchasing tickets from anyone in these Facebook groups (they could be trying to scam you), it is worth noting that some travelers will just give their tickets away for free if they can't use them!

You can't beat free, so you might want to consider at least checking some of these groups to see if anyone is offering their unused tickets.


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Updated: May 10th, 2024
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