Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Window Displays

Updated: Februar 20, 2024

One of the most treasured holiday activities in New York City is visiting the famous department stores.

That's where you will see gorgeous, whimsical, and festive Christmas window displays.

As one of NYC's most luxurious department stores, Bergdorf's (as it's known locally) is regarded as the store with the most extraordinary and fashionable holiday window displays.

For 2023, Bergdorf’s dazzles once again!

This year’s theme is the electrifying “Isn’t It Brilliant” brought to life through the store’s seven windows.

Mirrors, neon, chrome, beads, crystals,  and other reflective surfaces make the holiday shine!

The 58th Street window’s narrative is “Tripping the Light Fantastic" an intense display with duel mosaic-mirrored Pegasi.

"The Best and Brightest" window celebrates knowledge through vintage-inspired signs, flashing lights, and a neon light bulb representing the ‘big idea’.

Bergdorf's windows year-round are dazzling, but for the Christmas holidays, the window design department goes all out.

Planning begins in February for the holidays - eight months away!

A staff of 100 people contributes to the design, production, and eventual installation, which takes nearly three weeks!

Bergdorf Goodman is located at 754 Fifth Avenue between 57th and 58th Street, just a few blocks north of Rockefeller Center's Christmas Tree.

Stop by when you are in the area, whether you are at Rockefeller Center or in Central Park, just a block away.

You won't be disappointed!

New York City Christmas Lights Tour

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Updated: Februar 20th, 2024
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