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This post provides details about how to get tickets for Disneyland Paris and the best discounts on admission. 

In addition to this information, this post also covers particulars about Covid-19 rules, how to get here, and some of the most notable attractions.

NOTE: Disney's Enchanted Christmas will begin at Disneyland Paris on November 12th, 2022 and runs through January 8th, 2023.

Disneyland Paris Tickets

The following section covers ticket types and prices for Disneyland Paris. 

As of October 2022, there are currently 2 different tickets available: dated and undated. There are also annual passes and hotel + ticket packages which include admission to the park.

Dated Tickets

This ticket option allows you to purchase admission for between 1-4 days at Disneyland Paris. 

As the name implies, these are essentially timed tickets, which means you can’t just show up on any day you wish and enter the park. 

Instead, your tickets will only be valid for the specific days on which they have been scheduled.

1 Park Ticket (Only available for 1 day)

  • Off-Peak Prices
    • € 56/Adults
    • € 52/Children
  • Normal Prices
    • € 62 - € 72/Adults
    • € 57 - € 67/Children
  • Peak Prices
    • € 89 - € 99/Adults
    • € 82 - € 91/Children
  • Special/Holiday Prices
    • € 105/Adults
    • € 97/Children

2 Park Ticket

  • Off-Peak Prices (per day)
    • 1-Day: € 81/Adults | € 77/Children
    • 2-Day: € 71/Adults | € 66/Children
    • 3-Day: € 67/Adults | € 62/Children
    • 4-Day: € 59/Adults | € 55/Children
  • Normal Prices (per day)
    • 1-Day: € 97/Adults | € 92/Children
    • 2-Day: € 94/Adults | € 86/Children
    • 3-Day: € 86/Adults | € 79/Children
    • 4-Day: € 76/Adults | € 70/Children
  • Peak Prices (per day)
    • 1-Day: € 114/Adults | € 107/Children
    • 2-Day: € 103/Adults | € 95/Children
    • 3-Day: € 95/Adults | € 88/Children
    • 4-Day: € 84/Adults | € 78/Children
  • Special/Holiday Prices (per day)
    • 1-Day: € 130/Adults | € 122/Children
    • 2-Day: € 112/Adults | € 103/Children
    • 3-Day: € 104/Adults | € 96/Children
    • 4-Day: € 92/Adults | € 85/Children

Purchase 1 Day Disneyland Paris Dated Tickets or learn more.

Purchase 2-4 Day Disneyland Paris Dated Tickets or learn more.

Undated Tickets

These are essentially open-ended tickets, which means they can be used anytime and you are not required to visit on a specific date. 

Undated tickets are only available for 1 day, so they aren’t ideal for visitors planning to spend multiple days at Disneyland Paris.

  • 1 Park Undated Ticket Prices
    • € 105/Adults
    • € 97/Children
  • 2 Park Undated Ticket Prices
    • € 130/Adults
    • € 122/Children

Purchase Disneyland Paris Undated Tickets or learn more.

Additional Ticket Options

Aside from the two main ticket options available for Disneyland Paris, there are a few other ways to get tickets for the amusement park. 

Depending on how many days you plan to visit and/or whether you’re visiting from out of town, these services might be worth consideration.

Dated 1-Day Ticket w/ Shuttle From Paris

This ticket option includes transportation to Disneyland Paris, and it is only available for 1 day tickets. 

Departure points include Theatre du Chatelet and the Eiffel Tower.

  • 1 Park Prices
    • € 120/Adults
    • € 113/Children
  • 2 Park Prices
    • € 146/Adults
    • € 139/Children

Purchase Disneyland Paris Dated 1-Day Ticket w/ Shuttle or learn more.

TIP: If you need transportation to and from Paris, shuttle tickets can be purchased for as little as € 23 per person. 

You could save up to € 27 simply by purchasing a 1-Day Dated ticket separately during off-peak dates.

Annual Passes

If you’re living in Paris or nearby enough to visit the amusement park a few times per year, you might want to consider getting this yearly pass instead of individual tickets. 

Prices start at just € 14 per month for their Discovery Pass and run up to € 39 per month for an Infinity Pass.

Disneyland Paris Annual Passes provide access for between 150-365 days a year, and they also include discounts on parking, shopping, hotels, restaurants, additional tickets for guests without a pass, and much more.

Learn more about Disneyland Paris Annual Passes.

Hotel + Ticket Packages

In addition to the other options, there are also Disneyland Paris Hotels which allow you to stay at the parks and include unlimited access to the amusement park. 

This is very similar to the types of services provided at Disneyland and Disney World in the United States.

These hotels are much closer to Disneyland Paris than any other hotel in the area, making it easier to spend as much time as possible in the parks. 

You’ll also be eligible for privileged access to the parks before the official opening times.

Prices for these hotel + ticket packages range from € 450 - € 750 on average, although you can expect prices to be even higher during peak dates.

Learn more about Disneyland Paris Hotel + Ticket Packages.

Disney Premier Access

No matter what type of ticket you purchase, you can get Disney Premier Access using the Disneyland Paris app. 

All you have to do is link your tickets to your Disney account, and you’ll have the opportunity to get premier access to various rides.

One of the nice things about this service is that you can use the app to secure your time slot at specific rides, making it easy to plan out your day at the amusement park. 

It does cost extra to use Disney Premier Access, but if you’re trying to do as much as possible while in the parks, it might be worth it even just for a few of the more popular rides. Prices start at € 5 extra per ride.

Learn more about Disney Premier Access.

Disneyland Paris Deals and Discounts

This section will provide some of the best ways to save money on tickets to Disneyland Paris. 

Most discounts are only offered for 1-day tickets, but we will include as many deals as possible to help you save as much as possible. 

We will also cover common deals that may not currently be offered by this amusement park.

1. Use a Tourist Pass

The Go City Paris Explorer Pass includes a 1-Day 1 Park ticket to Disneyland Paris. 

These are dated tickets, so you’ll have to book them in advance through the tourist pass app. Depending on when you schedule your tickets, they could be worth between € 56 - € 99.

Considering the 3 Choice Go City Paris Explorer Pass is itself just € 99, you’d already be saving money on Disneyland Paris tickets simply by getting this pass instead of individual tickets. 

Each additional choice included with the tourist pass would essentially be free!

Here are just a few of the other attractions included with this service:

  • Eiffel Tower Elevator Guided Tour | € 42
  • 1-Day Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour | € 39
  • The Louvre Ultimate Experience | €39
  • PanoraMagique at Disney Village | €15
  • Grevin Paris Wax Museum | €25
  • Parc Asterix Admission | € 53
  • Aquarium de Paris | € 24.50
  • And more!

If you were to use the pass for the two most expensive additional activities on this list, you’d save up to € 95!

Learn more about the Go City Paris Explorer Pass.

2. Combo Packages

There are a few different combo deals that include admission to Disneyland Paris. 

These packages will only save you around € 5 - € 10, but if you’re interested in all the included attractions, you might want to consider these options.

Disneyland Paris + Seine River Cruise

  • € 78.30/Adults
  • € 52.20/Children

Disneyland Paris + Paris Zoo

  • € 82.80/Adults
  • € 60.30/Children

3. Purchase Off-Peak Tickets

If you visit during off-peak dates, you’ll pay the least amount possible for each ticket. Off-Peak pricing is typically offered on weekdays during slow months. 

Peak pricing is typically active during the summer and on weekends, and special pricing is active on holidays such as Christmas and New Years Eve.

Depending on which type of ticket you purchase, you should be able to save between € 35 - € 40 by getting Off-Peak tickets.

4. Children’s Discount

The price for children between the ages of 3-11 are between € 5 - € 8 less than adult tickets. Even better, all children under the age of 3 are granted free admission!

5. Senior and Student Discounts

Disneyland Paris does not currently offer any discounts for seniors or students, and there are no indications that they will be providing this type of deal anytime soon.

6. Discount Sites

Popular discount sites such as Groupon frequently offer deals either on Disneyland Paris or on hotels and notable attractions nearby the amusement park. 

Depending on when you check these services, they may offer additional coupon codes for an extra 10% - 20% off or more.

7. AAA Discounts

Although there do not appear to be any deals currently being offered by AAA, we recommend checking for any possible discounts available through this insurance company before purchasing tickets.

8. Credit/Debit Card Discounts

Much like AAA, many credit and debit card companies have begun offering similar discounts at popular destinations such as Disneyland Paris. 

Although there aren’t currently any such deals being offered, it’s worth checking with your bank and/or credit card company to see what they might be offering before you plan your trip to the amusement park.

9. Disney Village Discounts

Every now and then, the Disney Village website will offer special deals on shopping, restaurants, and parking at and around the amusement park. 

This could be a great way to save money on some of the more expensive services at Disneyland Paris.

10. Military Discount

Believe it or not, there have been reports that members of the military can actually receive a discount if they call ahead and purchase tickets by phone. 

This deal isn’t confirmed, but you might want to make this call just to check before purchasing admission.

11. Parking Discounts

If you are staying at the Disneyland Paris hotels, you are eligible for free parking. Some annual pass holders will also be eligible for free parking.

12. Eat Before Arriving

Disneyland Paris has a lot of great restaurants, but they can be very expensive. If you want to avoid this extra cost, we recommend getting food before you head to the amusement park. 

There aren’t a lot of restaurants or grocery stores near the park, so it will be important to get food before making the trip.

13. Don’t Stay at Disneyland Paris Hotels

While there are a lot of good reasons to consider staying at one of the Disneyland Paris hotels, they are very expensive and you can usually save a lot of money simply by staying at one of their partner hotels that are a bit further from the amusement park.

All of these partner hotels offer free shuttles to the park, so you shouldn’t have trouble getting to and from Disneyland Paris even if you aren’t staying nearby.

Plan Your Visit

There are a few things to consider before heading out to this amusement park. This section will cover how to get to Disneyland Paris, Covid-19 rules and regulations for the park, best times to visit, and other important details.

How to Get Here

Disneyland Paris is located roughly an hour outside of the city at Bd de Parc, 77700 Coupvray, France. While most people living in the area will visit by car, there are also shuttle buses and trains which offer transportation between the amusement park and other locations in or around Paris.

By Shuttle Bus

There are several shuttle buses available in and around Paris that provide transportation between the city and Disneyland Paris. Here are a few options to consider:

It’s worth noting that many hotels in Paris also offer shuttles to this amusement park either for free or at a relatively low cost. You can also get tickets to Disneyland Paris which include shuttles to and from the park.

By Train

You can also take the RER commuter rail train from the inner city to Disneyland Paris. The station you’ll need to stop at is Marne-la-Vallée—Chessy. This station is just a 2 minute walk from the parks and there are free shuttles to most Disney hotels.

The advantage of taking the train is that it is very fast, and you can get to the park easily in 10-30 minutes on average. You can expect prices to be around € 35.

Purchase train tickets to Disneyland Paris or learn more.

By Car

If you plan to come by car, you can expect it to take anywhere from 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on traffic. Disneyland Paris charges the following rates for their car park:

Parking Prices
  • € 30 per vehicle
  • € 45 for camper vans
  • € 25 for motorbikes
  • Free for Disney hotel guests and some Annual Pass holders

Best Times to Visit

If you want to save as much money as possible and avoid the largest crowds, consider visiting during weekdays and avoid coming to Disneyland Paris during the summer. These are the most likely time periods for off peak pricing, and there will usually be shorter lines/smaller crowds.

Since the amusement park is designed to keep people there as long as possible, there usually isn’t any particularly great time of the day to avoid crowds. That said, you’ll find that crowds tend to be the most evenly distributed between the two parks in the late morning and early afternoon.

The best way to ensure the shortest lines is to get a hotel + ticket package, as you’ll be given privileged access to the amusement park before it opens to the rest of the public (at 8:30 am). These early hours are definitely the best time to visit. For reference, Disneyland Paris is typically open from 9:30 am - 8 pm.

If you’re trying to ensure you can get on the most popular rides, look into the Disney Premier Access app.

Disneyland Paris Covid-19 Rules

As of October 2022, leisure travel between the United Kingdom and France has resumed and Disneyland Paris is welcoming guests back to the park.

Face masks will be recommended for all guests, and there will be hand sanitizer stations at convenient locations throughout the park.

The staff of Disneyland Paris will be using enhanced cleaning procedures to ensure the public safety of all guests and there will also be hand sanitizer stations available for all who need them.

Popular Attractions

There are a lot of great rides and attractions at Disneyland Paris, but some are certainly more popular than others. If you’re planning out your day at the park, make sure to prepare for longer waits at the following locations (or use Disney Premier Access).

For details on all the rides, check this list of attractions at Disneyland Paris.

Star Wars: Hyperspace Mountain

This is technically a new take on Space Mountain, and it puts guests in the cockpit of a reconnaissance vessel sent to spy on an Imperial Star Destroyer. Admiral Ackbar will lead you on this mission!

Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror

This is a new take on the Tower of Terror, and it includes three new stories to enjoy: The Malevolent Machine, The Shaft Creatures, and The 5th Dimension. Fans of this television series will love the spooky and mysterious atmosphere of this attraction.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

If you’ve ever wanted to put on the fedora of Dr. Jones and go on an adventure, this is one attraction you won’t want to miss. Make your way into a mysterious ancient temple and ride a runaway wagon through the jungle ruins!

Big Thunder Mountain

Based on the popular ride from Disney World, this attraction is pretty much the same. Ride around the mountain in a minecart and experience explosions, waterfalls, and several other exciting events.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Follow Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew as they go on another exciting adventure. As you experience Jack’s quest to find hidden treasure, you’ll hear plenty of popular pirate songs including A Pirate’s Life for Me.

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