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Which Porto Discount Card is Best?

Updated: October 14, 2021

This post covers some of the best ways to save money on popular attractions and activities in Porto, including both tourist passes and combo packages.

We will also provide information about travel cards you can use to get around the city with ease!


If you’re planning to visit at least a few different attractions or take multiple tours in Porto, you may want to consider using either a tourist pass or combo package to save some money.

Although there aren’t currently a lot of services which provide discounts in Porto, you can still get a good deal on tickets for some of the following popular locations:

  • Port Wine Museum
  • Museum Romântico
  • Casa Oficina António Carneiro
  • Marta Ortigão Sampaio Museum
  • António De Almeida Museum
  • Guerra Junqueiro Museum
  • Gabinete De Numismática
  • Casa Do Infante
  • Arqueossítio

In addition to these museums and historic sites, you can also save money on both public transportation and hop on hop off bus tours. 

Before covering each individual discount opportunity, we’ll provide a breakdown of how each one works to try and help you determine which service best fits your needs.


Porto’s all inclusive pass provides free admission to several popular attractions as well as free public transport throughout the city.

In addition to all of the locations you can visit at no extra cost, there are also hundreds of extra discounts at other popular destinations in Porto.

These passes are valid for 1, 2, 3, or 4 days at a time, and you’ll get the best price per day when you purchase the longest pass. 

In addition to getting the best deal with that option, you’ll also have enough time to visit as many attractions as possible with a total of 4 consecutive days of validity.

An all-inclusive pass is best for visitors who want to see and do as many things as possible while visiting Porto. If you’re interested in at least 4-5 activities per day, you should be able to save a good amount of money.

Travel Card

If you just want an easy way to get around the city, a travel card might be worth considering as it provides unlimited access to public transportation in Porto.

As we previously discussed, this service is actually included with the all-inclusive pass, but you’ll obviously pay less by purchasing it separately.


Travel cards are valid for 1, 2, or 3 days, and can be purchased for access to either 2, 3, or 4 zones of public transport. If you want to make sure all zones are covered, a 4 zone card will be your best bet.

The main difference between this and an all-inclusive pass is simply that the travel card does not include admission or discounts for any additional activities or attractions.

That said, visitors may want to consider purchasing a travel card if they either already purchased admission to the locations they want to visit or would rather just explore at their leisure.

Combo Packages

While an all-inclusive pass can be great for anyone who wants to see it all and experience as much as possible while visiting Porto, combo deals are much better for visitors who only want to do a few things.

These packages typically include 2-3 activities or attractions for one flat price, allowing you to save €5-€10 on average.

Although the discount you’ll receive isn’t always phenomenal, it’s certainly better than paying full price, and if you’ve got an interest in each of the services included, you might as well save some money on them!

This is a great option for anyone who doesn’t have much time to explore Porto, as you can typically save a decent amount off tours and popular attractions that will only take a day or two to enjoy.

All-Inclusive Passes

This section provides information about the all-inclusive pass options in Porto, including details about how the pass works, how much money you can save, and which attractions are provided either for free or at a discount.

Porto Card

This is currently the only all-inclusive pass in Porto, and it includes a variety of free attractions and discounts on over 170 different activities.

In addition to the discounts and locations you can visit at no extra cost, the Porto Card also covers the cost of public transportation for as long as your pass is valid.


One of the benefits included with free public transportation is that you can use the metro for a transfer from the airport to the city center.

Another great service they offer is a free train ride to the beach!

Free Attractions

  • Arqueossítio | €2 ($2.15)
  • Casa Do Infante | €2.20 ($2.40)
  • Port Wine Museum | €2.20 ($2.40)
  • Museum Romântico | €2.20 ($2.40)
  • Do Papel-Moeda Museum | €3 ($3.25)
  • Gabinete De Numismática | €2.20 ($2.40)
  • Guerra Junqueiro Museum | €2.20 ($2.40)
  • António De Almeida Museum | €5 ($5.40)
  • Casa Oficina António Carneiro | €2.20 ($2.40)
  • Marta Ortigão Sampaio Museum | €2.20 ($2.40)

Additional Discounts

  • Blue Bus Tours | 20% off
  • Yellow Bus Tours | 25% off
  • Santo Inácio Zoo | 50% off
  • Palácio Da Bolsa | 50% off
  • Sea Life Aquarium | 35% off
  • Yellow City Cruises | 10% off
  • Pharmacy Museum | 50% off
  • Casa Da Música Tour | 50% off
  • National Theater Tour | 50% off
  • City Sightseeing Bus Tours | 25% off
  • FC Porto Museum + Stadium Tour | 10% off
  • And more!

As you can see, most of the attractions included at no extra cost are already quite affordable without the pass, but the price of a Porto Card is low enough that you may still want to consider purchasing it for the discounts.

Porto Card Prices

  • 1-Day Pass: €13 ($14) per person
  • 2-Day Pass: €20 ($21.60) per person
    • Price per day: €10 ($10.80)
  • 3-Day Pass: €25 ($27) per person
    • Price per day: €8.33 ($9.00)
  • 4-Day Pass: €33 ($35.65) per person
    • Price per day: €8.25 ($8.90)

Purchase the Porto Card or learn more.

At as little as €8.25 ($8.90) per day, it’s easy to see how even visiting just a few of the free attractions included and using the public transport could make this all-inclusive pass worth the price.

That said, when you combine the free activities with some of the additional discounts, this becomes an even better deal.

To show you what we mean, here’s an example of how you could use a 3 day Porto Card to save money:

Day One

  • Port Wine Museum | €2.20 ($2,40)
  • António De Almeida Museum | €5 ($5.40)
  • Casa Da Música Tour | €5 /€5 off  ($5.40)
  • Yellow Bus Hop on Hop off Tour | €11.25/€3.75 off ($21.15)

Day Two

  • Museum Romântico | €2.20 ($2.40)
  • Do Papel-Moeda Museum | €3.00 ($3.25)
  • Sea Life Aquarium | €8.80/€4.70 off ($9.50)
  • Santo Inácio Zoo | €7.45 (€7.45 off)

Day Three

  • Casa Do Infante | €2.20 ($2.40)
  • Marta Ortigão Sampaio Museum | €2.20 ($2.40)
  • Palácio Da Bolsa | €4.50/€4.50 off ($4.86)
  • Yellow City Cruises | €25.20/€2.80 off

Total Value: €45.00 ($48.65)

Total Price: €25 ($27.01)

Total Savings: €20/44% off ($21.60)

And that doesn’t even factor in the value of free public transportation and a free train to the beach, both of which make this an even better deal.

Of course, if you want to get the biggest possible discount, it will be important to use the Porto Card for as many activities as possible.

Visitors who don’t plan to visit many attractions or take multiple tours may want to consider another discount option.

Andante Tour Card (Porto Travel Card)

You’re just looking for an easy way to get around the city without spending too much money, a travel card could come in quite handy.

This pass provides unlimited access to public transportation for 1 or 3 days at a time, including the metro system, buses and even some urban trains.

The Andante Tour Card is valid across all zones in Porto, so you don’t even have to worry about whether or not you can hop on – as long as it’s part of the public transport system, this card will count as a ticket.


Andante Tour Card Prices

  • 1-Day Pass: €7.00 ($7.56)
  • 3-Day Pass: €15.00 ($16.20)
    • Price per day: €5 ($5.40)

The Andante Tour Card is available in Andante shops, which you’ll find in the airport and at various subway stations.

You can also purchase this pass in tourist offices and at some hotels.

This pass does not include any additional discounts or free activities, so if you’re looking for those types of services, you may want to consider either combining the Andante Tour Card with a combo package or picking another service.

If you’re trying to decide whether to get a Porto Card or an Andante Tour Card, it’s important to note that both passes include unlimited access to public transportation. 

With that in mind, it will be important to compare the prices and see which one offers the best possible deal.

  • 1-Day Pass: Andante Tour Card: €7 | Porto Card: €13.00 ($14.00)
  • 3-Day Pass: Andante Tour Card: €15 | Porto Card: €25.00 ($27.01)

As you can see, the Porto Card is just €6 ($6.50) more for 1 day and €10 ($10.80) more for 2 days (€3.33/$3.60 per day). 

Although there might not be much else of interest on the Porto Card, most people will be able to find at least a few things to make it worth picking that service instead.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can purchase the Porto Card ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry about finding a store that sells it when you get to Porto!

Combo Packages

In addition to the attraction passes and travel cards available in Porto, there are also several combo deals available which provide discounts on 2-3 activities.

These combo packages might be a better option if you don’t have a lot of time to explore Porto or you’re not planning to visit a lot of attractions.

Hop on Hop off Bus Tour + River Cruise in Douro Valley

  • 2-Day Hop on Hop off Bus Tour
  • Cruise through the Douro Valley
  • Wine Tasting opportunity
    • Tickets start at €178.70 ($193)

Hop on Hop off Bus Tour + River Cruise + Wine Cellar

    • 1-2 Day Hop on Hop off Bus Tour
    • Blue Boat River Cruise (if selected)
    • Port Wine Cellars (if selected)
      • Tickets start at €18.00 ($19.45)


Porto Historical Tour + Wine Tasting

  • Half-Day Guided Sightseeing Tour
  • Port Wine Cellar visit
  • Wine Tasting opportunity
    • Tickets start at €30 ($42.41)

Porto City Tour + Fado Dinner Show

  • Half-Day Guided Sightseeing Tour
  • Portuguese Fado Dinner ShowPor
    • Tickets start at €122.50 ($132.36)

In addition to these options, it’s also worth noting that Yellow Bus Tours provides additional discounts for all ticket holders. Here are a few of the best deals available through this service:

  • Sea Life Aquarium | 20% off
  • Santo Inácio Zoo | 20% off
  • Casa do Infante | 50% off
  • Hard Rock Cafe | 10% off
  • FC Porto Museum | 10% off
  • And more!

Check this list of discounts to see every deal included with Yellow Bus Tours tickets.


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