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Game of Thrones Locations in Dubrovnik

Updated: May 10, 2024

The stunning city of Dubrovnik is home to many of the locations shown in the wildly popular TV series Game of Thrones (GOT).

Its medieval charm, picturesque surroundings, and historic architecture made it the perfect location to film scenes from King’s Landing.

Even if you haven’t seen the show, the various stops we’ll include in this post will be well worth visiting as they are impressive on their own.

Note that you can visit most of these locations on foot. We’ve noted which ones are outside the city so you can arrange transportation if needed.

And if you plan on being in Dubrovnik, you might consider taking a pay-what-you-wish Game of Thrones guided walking tour.

1. Gradac Park

This park’s views of the Adriatic and of the city itself are stunning.

You can climb to the terrace that overlooks it all, taking in the breadth of the red-tiled city and the sparkling water at its base.

There are seating areas, plants, fountains, flowers, sculptures, and more.

Gradac Park in Dubrovnik

One of the most memorable scenes from GOT was when the vicious and bratty King Joffrey finally met his demise.

The scene was filmed here at the park.

At the wedding feast in the gardens of the Red Keep, following his marriage to Margaery Tyrell, Joffrey is poisoned.

He chokes, falls writhing to the ground, and dies.

2. Fort Lovrijenac

Fort Lovrigenac, also known as St. Lawrence Fortress, dates back to the 11th century.

This stronghold sits high atop a ragged rock that juts out into the Adriatic.

In fact, there are 200 steps that need to be climbed to reach the top.

Its height gave it a commanding view of its surroundings, making it the perfect spot from which to scan for invading forces, at the time Venetians.

In fact, the people who lived in the area had heard the Venetians were planning to build a tower so jumped ahead and erected their own in just three months. 

Fort Lovrijenac standing a top the rocks
Photo by: darkeyed

Today, the Fort is a cultural center, where visitors can attend concerts, theatrical performances, festivals, and more. 

Visitors can explore its chapel and walk along its terraces, taking in the dramatic views of land and sea. 

Look over the edge and imagine what it’s like when divers launch themselves off of boards on the side of the rock, as they do during cliff diving championship events held there. 

On GOT Lovrijenac is the exterior of the Red Keep, the residence of the King, and home to the Throne Room, the Great Hall, the Tower of the Hand, and more.

3. Dubrovnik West Harbour and Pier

Back down the rock and along the city walls is Dubrovnik West Harbour.  

In Game of Thrones, this was known as Backwater Bay, the location from which many characters come and go from King’s landing by water.

Dubrovnik West Harbour and Pier

It’s also seen when King Joffrey’s Gold Cloaks are sent to massacre Robert Baratheon’s bastard children.

The Golden Cloaks climb stairs and break in doors leading into homes embedded in the rocks searching for the children who serve as threats to Joffrey’s rule.

You might remember the pier from the scene where Sansa and Lord Balish (Littlefinger) discuss escape plans while Shae looks on from afar. 

4. Kolorina Bay/Pile Bay

A bit further along the water is Kolorina Bay, Kolorina meaning “Calm Harbour”. 

Tiny Šulić Beach, one of the oldest swimming spots in the city and a beach popular with locals, is here.

Korlorina Bay, just below Bokar Fort

To the left across the bay is Fort Lovrigenic, and towering high just above the beach is Bokar Fort. 

There are two small restaurants/bars on the beach, Dodo Beach Bar and Ala Mizerija, and a stand where you can rent kayaks to take out into the bay. 

From here you can look over the location where the intense Game of Thrones Battle of Blackwater Bay took place.

5. Pile Gate

Pile Gate is on the western side of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. 

Although visitors can at any time cross a short stone bridge over what used to be a moat and walk right through the gates, in the 15th century there would have been a wooden drawbridge used to protect the city from outsiders. 

As you come through the gate, look up and see the statue of the Patron Saint of Dubrovnik, Sveti Vlaho.

Just inside the gate, you’ll find maps and information to help orient yourself. Follow the steps down to Old Town’s main street. 

Pile Gate, Dubrovnik

There were two scenes filmed here. In one, after seeing Myrcella off at the docks, the royal procession is making its way back to the Red Keep.

The starving peasants of King’s Landing start jeering at King Joffrey.

They hurl both insults and a cow pie, the latter of which hits him in the face.

In true fashion, Joffrey explodes and orders his guards to kill everyone, even though the guards are greatly outnumbered.

As the crowd riots, the guards barely manage to move the royal family members to safety through the gate, losing Sansa along the way.

This is also a scene where Jaime Lannister, short one hand, and Brienne of Tarth enter King’s Landing after an escape from up north.

“Step aside, country boy, people are working here,” says one citizen to Jaime who has stopped for a moment to view the home he has been away from for so long, the man not recognizing the worn and ragged Kingslayer.

6. Bokar Fort

Across from Fort Luvrigenoc and located along the city walls, is Bokar Fort. 

This semi-circular fort was built in the 15th century after a design by a Florentine architect.

It functioned like Lovrijenac as a stronghold from which to defend against threats from outside forces.

In fact, it was known to be one of the most fortified forts in the world, with very thick walls and casements, both of which ensured it was never breached and no one gained access to Pile Gate.

Bokar Fortress, Dubrovnik

It was here that many of the GOT sea wall scenes were filmed.

You might remember the location from two scenes: Lord Varys and Tyrion discussing how to best protect King’s Landing and Cersi and Jamie talking about joining up with Euron Grayjoy.

7. Rupe Ethnographic Museum

This building dates back to the 16th century. It originally functioned as a place to store grain.

There were 17 silos carved into the rocks, a feat that took 40 years to accomplish, where grain was kept safe from the weather. The name Rupe (which means “holes”) reflects this design.

Today, the Rupe is an ethnographic museum.

It exhibits traditional costumes, jewelry, farming equipment, and household equipment, all of which reflect the everyday lives of those who lived in the city long ago. 

Note that if using the Dubrovnik Card a concession on entrance is given.

The stairs to the door of the Ethnographic Museum Rupe in Dubrovnik

The exterior of this building was seen a number of times in GOT as it served as the entrance to Littlefinger’s brothel, a popular and busy business in King’s Landing.

On the street outside, is where the High Septon, supposedly a most devout man, is dragged out from amongst 7 sex workers.

The High Sparrow accuses him of heresy and forces him, like Cersei later, to walk naked through the streets in shame.

8. The Jesuit Staircase

This staircase sits below Saint Ignatius Church.

It is arguably one of the most famous locations in Game of Thrones.

While there were a number of scenes where characters walked through the area, there was one that stood above all others.

The Jesuit Staircase in Dubrovnik

Queen Cersei had an affair with her cousin, Ser Lancel Lannister.

When he joined the Faith Militant, he admitted to the affair, with Cersei later admitting to the same.

The High Sparrow decides that she must atone.

Her head is shaved and she is then stripped naked and forced to walk down the stairs between her subjects.

As they jeer, spit on her, and throw things at her a bell is rung and the word “Shame!” is repeated.

The street at the bottom of the stairs looks quite different than it did on GOT, with umbrellas and chairs set out for the businesses that line the street. 

9. The Rectors Palace

The Rector’s Palace was built in the 15th century for the rector who governed Dubrovnik. It includes his private chambers and office.

As it once housed state and local government offices, it includes a courtyard, prison cells (a dungeon), and an arsenal.

The building, which combines Gothic Renaissance and Baroque elements, has been damaged by earthquakes over the years, leading to several renovations.

Today it is a cultural history museum.

Here you can see things such as the original keys to the city and historical documents of importance. 

Note that if using the Dubrovnik Card a concession on entrance is given.

The staircase at the Rector's Palace, Dubrovnik

This stunning location stands in as the mansion of the Spice King of Qarth.

Daenerys Targaryen waits for him in his courtyard, at the bottom of his staircase.

She is advised by Xaro Xhoan Daxos that she is young and beautiful and should marry well instead of going into battle.

As war is her goal, she asks the Spice King if she can use his ships to transport her army across the Narrow Sea in an effort to retake the Iron Throne.

10. The Stradun

This wide pedestrian-only limestone-paved avenue is one of the most picturesque in the city.

The street runs from Sponza Palace through the old town to Big Onofrio’s fountain near Pile Gate.

The architecture here, full of white marble and late-Renaissance design, well expresses the city's historic beauty. 

Stradum, an avenue running through Old Town Dubrovnik

Shopping options, restaurants, museums, churches, art galleries, and more line the sides of the street.

Don’t miss the side streets, which house more of the same, but are more interesting. 

Of course, the street can be quite busy during the day when it’s packed full of tourists. But at night you’re likely to find it a bit more quiet. 

As for its part in Game of Thrones, it too was part of Cersai’s walk of atonement. 

11. St. Dominic’s Street 

This narrow and busy pedestrian street runs between Stradun and Ploče Gate/the old Harbour. 

The Gothic-style former Dominican monastery St. Dominics is here.

Inside is a small museum with historical Roman Catholic artifacts.

The stairs outside of St. Dominiks in Dubrovnik

You might recognize the museum’s circular stairs from a few Game of Thrones scenes.

But the street outside is more famous, having been used as part of Cersai’s walk-of-shame through King’s Landing and in scenes around the search for Robert Baratheon’s bastard children.

12. Ploče Gate

On the east side of Dubrovnik is Ploče Gate. It dates back to the 14th century and gives access to the old town. 

Vehicle traffic is allowed through, so keep your eyes open. Pedestrian-wise it’s not nearly as busy as Pike Gate.

The stone bridge to Ploče Gate in Dubrovnik

Just inside the gate, you can find an entrance to the city walls.

As with Pike Gate, there is a stone bridge, one with amazing views of the old town harbor.

On Game of Thrones, this stone bridge was used during Cersei’s Walk of Shame.

She was shown crossing it on her return to the Red Keep.

13. Minčeta Tower

This fortress, dating back to 1319 and looking a bit like a rook from a chess board, stands at one of the highest points of the city.

It’s gone through various incarnations over the years, with the additions made at the height of the Turkish threat in the 1460s making it truly impenetrable.

From this spot high above the city, the Croatian flag waves. A second flag with the Latin word for “freedom” waves next to it during the summer. 

It helps to be quite fit to visit the site as there are 750 steps up a steep staircase to get to it, covering about 1.25 miles (2 km).

If you can’t make the walk, there are buses that are very close to Minčeta from the port and the main station. 

Minčeta Tower in Dubrovnik

There’s a museum at the top and amazing views of the city and sea.

On Game of Thrones, Minčeta Tower stands in as the House of the Undying.

The creepy illusion spreading Pyat Pree tells Daenerys he has chained up her (still baby) dragons there.

She heads up with Ser Jorah, who sees her disappear as she rounds the tower.

After telling Daenerys she will be chained by there for a “thousand, thousand seasons…. until the time comes to an end” he is killed by her dragons.


If you'd like to visit a few more Game of Thrones-related sites, here are a few that you will likely need to find transport to.

  • Lokrum Island | A relaxing quiet place to go for a walk or go swimming. A monastery there has a GOT exhibit that includes a replica Iron Chair. The island is also where the Qarth Garden scenes were filmed.
  • Trsteno Arboretum | A small botanical garden about 20 minutes from Dubrovnik along the Dalmatian Coast. They stood in the palace gardens of King's Landing.
  • Hotel Belvedere | A now crumbling hotel that was fairly new when it was damaged in the Croatian War of Independence. The fight between Oberyn and The Mountain was filmed here.
  • SRD Hill | A mountain behind Dubrovnik. There are a few ways to get to the top including cable car. Here you'll find the best views of the city, overlooking it just as a returning GOT soldier would.


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