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Harry Potter World Tickets

Updated: October 31, 2023
 By Margaret

This post is a guide to visiting Warner Bros. Studios - The Making of Harry Potter, a theme park located just outside of London.

We include tips on how to get here, ticket prices, studio highlights, and what should not be missed.

Many of our tips will come directly from members of our Facebook Group who have been to Harry Potter World and know all the best ways to take advantage of everything this attraction has to offer.

Wands at the ready!

Love Harry Potter? Join us on our walking tour of Harry Potter's London!


Tickets for the Warner Bros. Studio tour must be purchased in advance. No tickets are sold at the studio; only ticket collection is available.

There are several different types of tickets that are available.

The most popular are the Single Adult and Child tickets, which grant guests entry to the tour and allow them to explore at their own pace.

Similarly, the Group and Family Package tickets also grant self-guided access to the tour, but at a discounted rate. 

The Complete Studio Tour Package includes a Studio Tour ticket, digital guide, and paperback souvenir guidebook and is a few £s more than the regular tickets.

The digital guide offers exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and cast and crew interviews and is available in 8 different languages.

The Deluxe Tour Package is for super Harry Potter fans and includes a deluxe guide, designated parking, a lanyard, a photo package, a hot meal & drinks, a deluxe butterbeer, and a souvenir guidebook. 

The Tickets and Hotel Package includes both a single ticket and an overnight stay at a nearby hotel. Breakfast is included at no extra cost.

In addition to these ticket types, you can also include an Afternoon Tea with your tour or even get a Souvenir Ticket based on the Hogwarts Acceptance Letter.

(NOTE: These tickets do not include transportation from London with return). Click here for transportation and ticket combos.

Tips From Tourists:

Members of our Facebook Group strongly recommend booking your tickets well in advance, as tickets can sell out for months at a time.

Single Tickets

  • Free – 4 and under
  • £51.50 – Adult (16+ years)
  • £40.00 – Child (5-15 years and must be accompanied by an adult)
  • £160 – Family Package (includes either two adults with two children or one adult with three children)

More information or to purchase self-transport tickets.

Group and Family Package Tickets

  • £49.50 - Group (10-24 people) Adult 
  • £38.00 - Group (10-24 people) Child
  • Free - 4 and under

Deluxe Tour Package Tickets

  • £250 - Adult 
  • £225 - Child
  • Free - 4 and under

Tickets and Hotel Package

  • Prices start at £65
  • Includes breakfast.

Afternoon Tea

  • £70 per person
  • Vegan options available.
  • Dine before or after tour.
  • Includes various sweets, treats, and scones.

Souvenir Ticket

  • Free – 4 and under
  • £51.50 – Adult
  • £40.00 – Child
  • £5.95 – UK Delivery
  • £8.95 – International Delivery

NOTE: The Complete Studio Tour Package is not currently available as of March 2023.

Tips From Tourists:

While some of our Facebook Group members might prefer the complete package, others feel that it's not worth the price and prefer having the ability to guide themselves and take their time.


Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is essentially a museum showcasing the several thousand props, costumes, and sets that were created for the 8 Harry Potter films.

The tour begins with a short video of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint talking about their time growing up on the set.

Guests are then shown the front doors of Hogwarts, which they walk through to enter the Great Hall.

From that point forward, visitors are allowed to wander around at their will, enjoying the magnificent set designs and custom-made props.

The tour lasts approximately 3 hours, though some guests are able to speed through it in 1.5, while others are reported as taking up to 13 hours!

Halfway through the tour, there is a small cafe serving up food and refreshments, including the wizard world's favorite drink....butterbeer!

The Great Hall. Image Source: Wikimedia user Lady Rose MacClare under Creative Commons 4.0 License.

At the end of the tour, guests are brought into a large gift shop where they can buy anything from chocolate frogs and quidditch sweaters to specialty wands and Harry Potter chess sets! 

The Great Hall

The Great Hall is the first set visited on the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Especially enchanting during Halloween, the Great Hall is adorned with pumpkins, setting the scene for the unforgettable Halloween feast.

If you happen to visit around the 5th November, the atmosphere echoes with the magical essence of the season.

Dumbledore's Office. Image Source: Wikimedia user Ank Kumar under Creative Commons 4.0 License.

Guests walk through the impressive room, which was used almost continuously during the 10 years of filming and features long wooden tables and throne-like chairs.

Dumbledore's Office

Nestled in Dumbledore's office, attendees discover dormant portraits of previous Headmasters and Headmistresses.

Furthermore, prominent items such as the Pensieve and Godric Gryffindor's sword claim their rightful places here.

The vast collection of books in this chamber discreetly touches upon the dark arts and the mysterious dark mark, reminding visitors of the series' profound layers.


Visitors can test their quidditch skills with this interactive experience that allows visitors to ride a broom in front of a green screen while a fan blows their hair back.

Guests can then choose to purchase photos of themselves riding around the Quidditch field for an added cost. 

Hogwarts Express

Explore the Hogwarts Express and try to decide which luggage sets belong to which characters. But beware!

A Dementor might be floating in the carriage window! 

4 Privet Drive

Walk through Harry's old house and see hundreds of letters fly through a room, inviting Harry to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 


See this beautiful beast up close and admire the incredible skill of the set designers who pieced her together, feather by feather. 

The Knight Bus. Image Source: Wikimedia user Ank Kumar under Creative Commons 4.0 License.

The Knight Bus

The Knight Bus is an impressive triple-decker bus that was made by welding together multiple old London city buses.

Hogwarts Castle

Perhaps the most awe-inspiring part of the entire tour comes at the very end, as guests are welcomed to walk around a gigantic and extremely detailed model of Hogwarts. 

The Gift Shop

The Gift Shop offers a wide range of Harry Potter-themed merchandise, including wands, clothing, collectibles, and souvenirs, allowing fans to bring a piece of the magical world home with them.


Though the Warner Bros. Studio is advertised as being in London, it is actually pretty far outside of the city (map), about 40 min by car!

Luckily, it is very easy to get there by car, train, or tour bus

By tour bus:

Most visitors to London opt to take a tour bus to Harry Potter World from London.

This is an easy option for those who are apprehensive about using public transportation or driving in the city.

You will be with other Muggles and some even play Potter movies on the way to and back.

Below, we have detailed the best tour companies that visit Warner Bros. Studios. 

TIP: The Warner Bros. Studio is about halfway between Luton Airport and London, making it a great activity for those who have a long layover at Luton but who don't want to venture all the way into the city. 

By car:

The drive from central London to Warner Bros. Studios takes approximately 1 hour, varying with traffic.

The studio is located between 20-30 miles from London, depending on the route and departure time.

Be sure to avoid driving into or out of London at rush hour, as traffic can get quite severe and add an hour (and maybe even hours) to your trip. 

Where is the nearest car park?

There is a dedicated on-site car park which is a short walk away from the entrance to the Studio Tour.

There is also designated coach and disabled parking, just ask a member of Car Parking Team for assistance on arrival.

By public transportation:

Visitors can also use public transportation to travel to Warner Bros. Studios. 

Go to Euston Station (map) and take the London Midland train to Watford Junction (20 minutes).

Those with an Oyster Card should use that to pay for their ticket, as the fare is much cheaper (£5) than those purchased at a kiosk (£11).

From there, visitors can take the free shuttle directly from Watford Junction to Warner Bros. Studios.

Just look for the big double-decker bus with the Harry Potter images printed on the side! 

How Long is the Tour?

The duration of the tour is typically around 3 to 4 hours, but this can vary depending on individual preferences and the amount of time spent in each section.

Visitors are free to explore at their own pace, making it possible to spend more or less time in different areas of interest.

How Much Time to Spend?

The recommended amount of time to spend on the tour is around 3 to 4 hours.

However, the actual time you spend on the tour can vary depending on your level of interest and the pace at which you explore the various exhibits and attractions.

What Are the Opening Times?

Monday to Friday:

  • STUDIO TOUR OPENS: 9:30 am
  • FIRST TOUR BEGINS:10:00 am
  • FINAL TOUR BEGINS: 6:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday:

  • STUDIO TOUR OPENS: 08:30 am
  • FIRST TOUR BEGINS: 09:00 am
  • FINAL TOUR BEGINS: 6:30 pm

Tips From Tourists:

Our Facebook Group members highly recommend booking your ticket for the last slot of the day, because you have free reign of the area until the attraction closes.


Guests who are nervous about using public transportation or renting a car to get to the Warner Bros. Studio can instead choose to travel by a private bus tour company.

Premium Tours, Golden Tours, and Evan Evans Tours offer package deals that include round-trip transportation and a timed entrance ticket to the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

In fact, there are many more companies and a variety of options. See all of your options.

For those who already have a ticket and are just in need of transportation, Golden Tours also sells transportation-only packages for just £31 per person.

Tips From Tourists:

Many of our Facebook Group members recommend using the train or bus to get here and explore at your own pace with a standard ticket.

They suggest it is cheaper and easy enough to find your way around Harry Potter World without a guide.

Golden Tours

Guests can choose to purchase either the transportation and ticket package or just transportation. 

The tour costs £94 per adult and £89 for children and runs daily (more info).

The tour is not guided and runs for 7 hours total, including transportation to and from London.

Evans Evans Tours

The tour is not guided and runs for 6 hours total, including transportation to and from London.

The tour costs £104/adult, £84/child (5-15), and £40/child (3-4) for transportation and entrance ticket.

The tour runs daily with several departures per day. Get more info.

Premium Tours

Like their competitors, this service includes an entry ticket to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour and transportation to and from the studio.

Prices range from £94 - £115 for adults and they are not currently offering children's tickets.

Tours run daily with multiple departures per day and tickets can sell out for months in advance. Get more details.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Reviews

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour of The Making of Harry Potter is ranked as the #1 Thing to Do in the United Kingdom on TripAdvisor.

Tens of thousands of visitors praise the experience, giving it an astounding 5-star rating on TripAdvisor.

Reviewers call it "amazing," "absolutely brilliant," and "a must-see for Harry Potter fans." Ratings that fall below 4 stars are very few and far between, and mostly refer to overcrowding which can happen at peak times during the year.

However, Warner Bros. Studio does a very good job of trying to prevent this by staggering guests' entries.

Read some of the reviews from those who visited via bus tour.

Things to Do Near Harry Potter World

Places to Eat

  1. The Three Horseshoes
  2. Studio Kitchen
  3. Hunton Spice
  4. Saffron House Watford

Where to Stay

  1. Hunton Park
  2. Premier Inn Watford North hotel
  3. The Kings Lodge Hotel


Watford is a town located in Hertfordshire, England, approximately 20 miles northwest of central London.

It combines a blend of urban conveniences, green spaces, and cultural attractions, making it an interesting place to visit or use as a base for exploring the surrounding area.

What is the best time to visit Harry Potter World?

For an optimal experience at Harry Potter World, situated near Victoria Station, visit during January-February or September-October.

During this period, you can immerse yourself in the wonders of the most acclaimed film series ever, without the usual throngs of people.

How big is Harry Potter World?

Harry Potter World is home to iconic locations such as Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, and Gringott’s Bank.

Each offers a glimpse into the Harry Potter film series, making it possible for a full day of exploration.

Do you need to buy Harry Potter World tickets in advance?

It's wise to pre-purchase Harry Potter studio tickets, especially if you aim for a guided tour during peak seasons.

This not only guarantees smooth entry but also an immersive journey through the wizarding world's special effects and common rooms.

Places to eat:

Places to stay:

Things to do:


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