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Updated: December 22, 2023
 By Canden

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(The best way to reach us is by phone! You can text/SMS for the quickest answer. Please see your confirmation email for the exact tour meeting locations. For private tours, please use the mailing address on the invoice.)

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Free Tours by Foot – London is a group of young (and young at heart), fun-loving London tour guides who have come together for a common cause: To teach history and entertain guests with creative tours of London.

We offer free tours for one very important reason - so that everyone can enjoy a fun, creative, and educational walking tour experience for any budget.


With our "pay-what-you-like" model, our tour guests determine what they think the tour is worth at no upfront cost. Our tour guides love what they do and will make sure they provide you with the best sightseeing experience possible.

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Margaret: An American simply by accident of birth, Margaret moved to London over 19 years ago and hasn't looked back since! With a keen interest in History - and a BA degree to match - Margaret prides herself on her knowledge of the amazing city she calls home.

Social history is her real expertise, with sound understanding of the day-to-day lives of Londoners over the past centuries, and a major focus on the loves, lives, and losses of all our greatest (and some not so great...) Kings and Queens.

American friendliness, a flair for the dramatic, a good sense of humo(u)r, and an unending love affair with King Charles II, all come together to help Margaret make you fall in love with London just like she did.

Sinead: Sinead - originally from Ireland - has lived in New York, Boston, and Tenerife, but she calls London her home. She has a degree in Sociology and Psychology and over fifteen years of tour guiding experience. Her passion is for the eccentric side of London and the secret life and hidden treasures London affords people every day.

Her tours are an eclectic mix of the royals, the Victorian era, London’s art and nightlife, as well as the good and the chillingly dark historic side of London. Sinead considers herself an ambassador - albeit a wild one - to one of the greatest cities in the world and she looks forward to showing her guests what London has to offer.

Jessica: A travel writer, tour guide and doctoral student (in Cultural Heritage), Jessica loves living in London, a city she'll argue is the most interesting in the world.

She is fascinated by art deco architecture, the Tudor era and the dark side of English history, and fancies herself an expert on craft beer, strange museums and the best Sunday roasts.

In addition to guiding tours, Jess works and volunteers in numerous London museums and is an award-winning storyteller - and she hopes to see you on tour!


Greg: Born-and-raised in London, a guide by profession, and an entertainer by calling, Greg is an observer of all that goes on around eccentric, unpredictable London.

Greg is also a bon vivant, who will not look down on a pint, and who feels that first and foremost a tour needs to be fun and vibrant. 

Imagine a walking-talking encyclopedia, History, art, music, contemporary issues and everything in between - he is London.

Muhsin: Born in Cyprus, Muhsin has lived in London for over 30 years. He is very passionate about London's history, architecture, royalty and people. Muhsin enjoys sharing his knowledge of English history with others.

He is particularly interested in its ancient customs and ceremonies, as well as quirky, strange and funny stories from the medieval times to present. He has a good sense of humour and a friendly approach, making visitors’ experience very entertaining and lots of fun. Muhsin is an enthusiastic ambassador to London promoting the city's historic and new buildings, pubs, gardens and many other interesting attractions. A true Londoner!

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Matt: Born in a small village in Poland, Matt spent much of his childhood reading stories about olden times and dreaming about life in a country that still has a monarchy. With this romantic inclination towards all things royal, an incurable curiosity for unknown lands and a fascination with English comedy, there could only be one homeland of choice.

Equipped with a small suitcase and Master Degree in Art History, Matt landed on English shores in 2005 and immediately started immersing himself into everyday Britishness: travelling on double-decker buses, watching TV he hardly understood and exploring the city he knew only from books. Now, after ten years, buses and TV seem pretty common but London still amazes and fascinates him just as on that first day. Every time when passing the entrance to Westminster Abbey he gasps as he did the first time - "OMG, it's Richard II!"

With a passion for telling stories, for royal gossip and for hidden little treasure Matt leads tourists through the streets of London to the point where they say - "WOW, I had no idea these things happened in London."


Wes: Originally hailing from the rugged coastline of South Wales, Wesley moved to London in his early 20's to discover the land on the bright lights! Submerging himself early on, from putting on parties and community events, Wesley has lived and breathed the alternative side of London.

With a passion for community projects, art and music Wesley loves to engage with London culture and his curiosity means he is continually exploring and hunting down new experiences!


Diane: Diane is our polyglot. Originally from America, "Wanderlust" brought her across the big pond to Europe, where she travelled widely and picked up a language or two.

She leads our German language tours as well as English ones and can happily have a little chat in Spanish along the way should the need arise. 

Resident in London now since the turn of the century (back when the London Eye was the Millennium Wheel and the O2 was the Millennium Dome), Diane enjoys making history fun for our visitors with her easy going manner.


CaniceCanice hails from Ireland. He has lived in London since 2006 after spending three years in classical acting training at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Since joining Free Tours By Foot he has entertained the masses in a variety of fields - and sometimes indoors.

His unique interpretation of his subject and view of the world has been described as manageable by members of the psychiatric profession.

He is the creator of the World War Two Tour, Mayfair Tour, Covent Garden Tour, Shakespeare Tour and for the Christmas Lights tours. He’s great with kids and has a 100% survival rate for guests on his walks.


Nelly: Nelly hails from Budapest, Hungary and has always had an interest in street art and started documenting works around (mainly) in London from 2012, taking thousands of pictures of artworks and artists. In less than 5 years her Instagram account @monoprixx achieved a huge popularity, with more than 35,000 followers.

Nelly is now renowned as one of the most proficient street art photographers in the UK and Europe. In the last few years, the documentations of the street art scene also saw Nelly become one of the first contacts for artists looking to find walls in London as she started to organise legal spaces for artists to utilise, and she has a good network of people to provide opportunities in London for creatives worldwide.

More recently she co-curated the very first International street art festival in London: Rise Festival. She loves culture and meeting new people. She guides our Graffiti and Street Art and Camden Tours.

We are always on the lookout for great talent.  We promote the tours of our independent London tour guides and allow them to offer up their skills and their experiences to our guests on a pay-what-you-like basis.  

Do you have a tour of London that you would promote through Free Tours by Foot?  Then drop us a line and let us know about it.

London tours are operated by our partner Tours for Tips Ltd. 


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