Homes of the Rich & Famous Residents of Georgetown

Georgetown has a reputation today for being the home of celebrities. These aren’t the folks you’ll see on the cover of People and US Weekly, but politicians, artists, and multimillionaires. A multifaceted group of well known men and women make up the famous residents of Georgetown.

It’s also the home to thousands of university students, interns, and families. It’s not necessarily exclusive to the wealthy though, like most of DC, it is an expensive place to live – because it’s a desirable place. For the most part, it always has been.

The map below details the homes of the rich and famous in Georgetown – past and present. Though, for those who currently live here – out of respect to their privacy, we have listed their exact address. Many of these homes are included on our Historic Georgetown and Ghost of Georgetown tours!

When wandering the streets to see these homes, if you’re so inclined, keep in mind these are private residences still today!

This map is a work in progress and still be updated with new historic sites!