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Hop On Hop Off Dublin Bus Tours

Updated: May 10, 2024

This post provides details about each of the hop-on-hop-off bus tours available in Dublin. We’ll include information about ticket prices, opportunities to save money, and more.


If you’re interested in doing some Dublin sightseeing, hop-on-hop-off bus tours are one of the most popular ways to see the city.

That said, there are some factors you may want to consider before purchasing a ticket.

This section will cover the pros and cons of these services to help you make a decision about whether or not this type of bus tour meets your expectations.

Pros of Hop-On-Hop-Off Buses

Hop-on-Hop-off bus tours can be very helpful for travelers trying to learn about Dublin. Here are a few reasons you may find this service very valuable.

Big Bus Hop On Hop Off Dublin Tours

Excellent City Overview

There are a lot of different things to see and do in Dublin, and these bus tours provide a great general overview of most notable landmarks.

These tours typically take between 1 ½ - 2 hours to complete, making it easy to get acclimated as quickly as possible. 

Live Tour Guides

If you have any questions about Dublin, you can ask a live tour guide for information. They will also point out most of the popular and historically relevant locations in the city as you make your way around town.

Great Transportation

After you’re done with the tour, you can use your ticket for transportation. Considering that hop-on-hop-off bus tours offer stops at or near the most popular areas of Dublin, this is actually a great way to get around the city.

Flexible Tours

As the name implies, these bus tours allow you to jump off and explore various areas of Dublin at your own leisure. When you’re ready to continue your tour, you can hop back on the bus and pick up where you left off!

Reasonably Priced

Each hop-on-hop-off bus tour is pretty affordable, and their value just increases with each day you add on to the service.

Longer tickets typically include additional activities and attractions for just a few euros more, and they usually cost less per day than a 1-day ticket.

You can also save money on these services by using a Dublin tourist pass!

Cons of Hop-On-Hop-Off Buses

Although there are several benefits to taking a hop-on-hop-off bus tour, these services aren’t designed for everyone. Here are a few factors you may want to consider before making your purchase.

Do Dublin Bus Tour Hop On Hop Off

Basic Commentary

These bus tours can help you learn a little bit about Dublin, but they don’t dive deep into the history of this city. If you’re looking for more details, consider taking a walking tour instead.

Not Very Efficient

If you’ve got a limited amount of time to spend in Dublin, this isn’t necessarily the fastest or most detailed tour you could be taking.

A hop-on-hop-off bus tour is better for visitors who have at least a few hours to explore the city at their own pace.

No Seat Assignments

While a fully-guided bus tour typically provides assigned seating to ensure that you have a comfortable place to sit during your outing, seats are first-come, first-served on a hop-on-hop-off bus tour.

Depending on how busy the tour is, you may not be able to find a good place to sit when you climb on board.

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A majority of hop-on-hop-off bus tours provide both a live guide and an audio guide. Although the live guide only offers commentary in English, the audio guides are available in several different languages.

Hop-on-Hop-off bus tours are typically available for anywhere from 1-3 days, and you can expect each route to include anywhere from 15-30 stops at popular landmarks and sites in the city.

There are stops provided at or near each of the following sites:

  • Dublin Castle
  • Marion Square
  • Parnell Square
  • Guinness Storehouse
  • St. Stephen’s Green
  • National Art Gallery
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Teelings Whiskey Distillery

For more details about each of the hop-on-hop-off bus tour companies that offer this service, please read our post covering Dublin Bus Tours.

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Currently, there is only one night-bus tour being offered in Dublin. Although there are other bus tours that take place after dark, this is the only sightseeing service provided in the nighttime.

Dublin Night Bus Tour Route

This panoramic tour is offered by Big Bus Tours, and it covers most of the significant landmarks in the city – with special emphasis on the most well-lit sites.

A live guide will provide commentary about the history of Dublin over the course of this 1 hour night bus tour.

There are also night tours which provide a look at the haunted side of Dublin, telling spooky stories about ghosts, ghouls and other creepy legends from throughout the history of the city.

For more details, please read the section covering night bus tours on our Dublin Bus Tours post.

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There are a lot of great deals available on hop-on-hop-off bus tours in Dublin, including combo packages, tourist passes and more.

We cover each of the best conessions for hop-on-hop-off bus tours in great detail on our Dublin Bus Tours post.

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Updated: May 10th, 2024
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