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Houmas House Plantation Tickets, Tours and Reviews

Updated: March 13, 2024

This post is a review of Houmas Plantation with info on tickets and tours.


Considered the “Crown Jewel” of Louisiana’s River Road, Houmas House features 8 buildings and one main structure across 38 acres of land.

The plantation was first established in the 1700s just outside Burnside Louisiana and was originally inhabited by indigenous Houmas Indians.

Notably referred to as “The Sugar Palace”, at its peak the plantation produced a monumental 20 million pounds of sugar each year. There is even a tour that starts from New Orleans. 

After a restoration of the main house and other structures in the 1940s, the property was - and continues to be - used for filming countless movies, television series, and commercials.

The first was in 1964 for Bette Davis’s hit, “Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte." 

Movies, TV Shows, and Commercials Filmed Here:

  • Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte, 1964 
  • Longstreet, 1971-72
  • Moon of the Wolf, 1972
  • Mandingo, 1975
  • A Closer Walk, 1976
  • Big Bob Johnson and His Fantastic Speed Circus, 1978
  • A Woman Called Moses, 1979
  • All My Children, 1981
  • Fletch Lives, 1988
  • Snow Wonder, 2006
  • K’ville, 2007
  • Top Chef, 2009 
  • Revenge of the Bridesmaids, 2010
  • Love, Marriage, Wedding, 2010
  • Wheel of Fortune, 2011
  • Budweiser, Virginia Slims, Best Buy, Hibernia Bank commercials


Additional details can be found on the Houmas House Plantation website.

Without Transportation

  • $24 – Adults (18 & older)
  • $15 – Teens (13 – 17)
  • $10 – Children (6 – 12) (children under 6 are free)
  • $15 – Adults (18 +) (Garden Tour only)
  • $10 – Children (6 – 17) (Garden Tour only)

You can find tickets with the tour included here.

Operating Hours and Tour Times

Tours of Houmas House run daily on the hour and ½ hour mark. 

  • Sunday - Monday from 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • First Tour Starts at 9:30 am
  • Last Tour Starts at 7:00 pm

How to Get to Houmas House

Located between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Houmas is at 40136 Louisiana Highway 942, Darrow, Louisiana.

Houmas House and Gardens Map
Click here for an interactive map

If you are unable to provide your own transportation the Houmas House staff usually offers the tour with round-trip transit from New Orleans

Be prepared to spend between $40 - $60 for this service (in addition to the cost of your tour ticket).


This section gives a preview of some features you'll see on a tour of Houmas House.

The Gardens

Houmas House features 5 courtyards over a span of 38 acres that feature varying, stunning plant life all year round.

While the fall is widely considered the best time to visit due to its ideal temperature, each season has something special to offer.

Decorations can be seen throughout during holidays like Christmas and Halloween.

There are plenty of sitting areas to allow visitors to relax and take in the natural beauty of this Louisiana experience.

The House/Architecture

Tour the inside of the main house and marvel in the glory of its 16 rooms. There are antique furnishings and artwork throughout that give perspective to the history of the home.

Your guide will then lead you outside to the many other structures that grace the land.

Here you’ll gain real perspective of the different architectural styles that the plantation has undergone based on its varying owners.

Café Burnside

One of the “Top 20 Restaurants in America,” Café Burnside features a laidback, southern menu. This optional on-site stop is considered a must-do while visiting the plantation.

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Updated: March 13th, 2024
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