How is the Weather in New York in February?

This post is a summary of the weather in February in NYC, including average temperatures and how much sun and rain to expect.  We also provide tips on what to wear and what to do during the month.  If you are coming at either the start or end of the month, check out our weather reports for January and March

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Early in February, afternoon temperatures tend to be mostly in the upper 30s f (3-4C) while overnight and early morning lows dip into the mid to upper 20s f (-3 to -4C). A few of the colder mornings can see temperature dropping into the lower teens (-10 to -12C).  As the month progresses, daytime high temperatures begin to warm up a bit, getting up into the mid-40s f (6-7C) with a few days reaching into the mid-50s f (12-14C).


Average Temperature in NYC in February


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Skies tend to be sunny or at least partly sunny for about 17 days while some precipitation occurring, on average, on about 9-10 days.  About 3 of these days will record some snow, 2 of which will see a snowfall of at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) and about 1 day on average records a snowfall of 3 inches (7.6 cm) or more.


Sun and rain in NYC in February


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March is the month of seasonal transition. Appropriate clothing can make or break a trip, so packing a little extra this month might be sensible for your stay in New York City.  As the month progresses, spring appears. It’s not a perfect formula, so it’s a good idea to have layers and warm jacket.


What to wear in february in new york city


You’ll also want to bring a medium to light jacket for those days when the temperature rises into the 50’s and 60’s.The temperature will vary from scarves and gloves to skirts and short sleeves. Of course, your tolerance depends on what climate you’re coming from. It’s best to be prepared for both seasons so your comfort level is optimized, making your trip to the Big Apple the greatest experience of your lifetime!


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Even though it is winter, there are many things to do in NYC inside and out.  Below is the top 10 list from our post on things to do in NYC in February.  If you are coming at the start or end of the month, be sure to check out our guides for January and March.  See our full post on things to do anytime of year in NYC for even more ideas. 

Get more ideas on our full post of things to do in February.


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