How is the weather in Paris in November?

Paris November weatherThis post is about the weather in Paris in November. Let Free Tours by Foot help you pack for your trip!

What is the Weather in Paris in November?

The month of November in Paris will see mostly fall-like weather becoming more winter-like as the month draws to an end. November also tends to be a bit on the wet side as well with about 15 days seeing some rainfall. 

Early November, however, still offers colorful fall foliage in the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, the city’s wildest, hilliest park or perhaps you may wish to visit the Bastille Antiques Fair later this month.

Early this month, the afternoon high temperatures are in the mid-50s f (12-13C) with early morning lows mostly in the low to mid 40s f (6-7C).  On a few of the warmer afternoons, the temperatures may reach up into the low to mid 60s f (17-18C).   As the month progresses, the afternoon highs will fall into the mid to upper 40s f (8-9C) with morning lows mostly in the mid to upper 30s f (2-3C) with a few colder mornings dipping down into the upper 20S f (-2 to -3C).

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About 17-18 days in November will be cloudy or mostly cloudy while sunny or partly sunny conditions prevail on about 12-13 days.  Some rainfall is likely on about 15 days while the risk for snow this month remains very low, reaching only 5% near the end of the month.  During November the daylight is dwindling from just under 10 hours early in the month to about 8.5 hours near the end of the month.

What to wear in Paris during November

It is always a good idea to pack at least 2 pairs of comfortable walking shoes and given the tendency for wet weather, an umbrella and/or some waterproof gear like a trench coast or windbreaker. In addition you will need a couple of sweaters and at least a medium-weight jacket or coat.

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