How to Get Cheap London Theatre Tickets

London’s West End is a world-renowned theatre hot spot. While it’s one of the most exciting things to do at night in London, visiting the theatre can also be one of the most expensive. Here are the top tips and recommendations on how to get cheap London theatre tickets!

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  • Go directly to the theatre. To compete with online discount ticket sales, many theatres are often willing to reduce prices in the hope that guests will visit directly with them. Also, some popular shows purposefully keep tickets set aside for last-minute purchasers.
  • Go as a group. Group bookings can get MASSIVE savings – sometimes up to 50%! So grab your friends and make it a group occasion.
  • Buy Returns. Occasionally, when unable to attend shows people have bought tickets for, they will call to get a refund and ‘return’ their tickets. These tickets can only be nabbed at the last minute, and only ever in person, – but will also often come with a bit of a discount.
  • Grab the Metro. London’s free daily morning newspaper, the Metro is available to pick up in every Underground station in town. With extensive listings of current shows running in the West End, the Metro occasionally publishes promo codes and advertises discounts you may not otherwise find anywhere else!
  • Get on Twitter and Facebook. Nowadays, social media is a huge way for theatres to reach consumers. Occasionally, discount promotions and tickets are advertised on Twitter and Facebook, specifically for friends and followers of the individual theatre.

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  • Ask to view the seating plan. This will give you an idea of not only the layout of the theatre, and what your view might be, but also will list the cheapest possible price for tickets.
  • Think of seeing some London classics to help you save more money – think Les Miserables or Mama Mia for example. The newer the show, the more expensive the tickets will be.
  • Buy in advance. When you know you’re on the way to London, get hunting straight away. Oftentimes, tickets bought well in advance can come with a significant discount.
  • Buy at the last minute. For a true bargain, it is often best to buy tickets on the day when many theatres mark down their tickets in an effort to sell them before the performance begins.
  • Don’t take a seat. Many theatres in London sell ‘standing-only’ tickets, which cost a lot less than the full price. Depending on how long the show is, you may want to think about standing, rather than sitting. Some theatres will bump up ‘standing-only’ tickets to sitting tickets in case of no-shows.
  • View the matinee. Evening shows are by far more expensive than day time productions. Catch a matinee to save yourself loads of money – and also, the theatre tends to be less busy during the day time.
  • Go during the week. Weekends are the busiest time for London’s West End. Going during the week can sometimes get you nearly a full 50% less for your weekday ticket, instead of the weekend.
  • Be flexible in your choice of show. If you know you want to see a show, but don’t have your heart set on anything in particular, take a peek at places like TKTS and get the cheapest tickets you can – even if it’s a show you may never have heard of before!

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