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How is the Weather in Madrid in May?

Updated: March 25, 2023

The post covers the weather in Madrid during the month of May.

May in Madrid features cool nights with comfortable afternoons and evenings.


Afternoon high temperatures generally average around 20-21 C (68-70 F) early in the month, increasing gradually to 24-25 C (75-77 F) near the end of the month.

A few of the warmer afternoons, especially near the end of the month, can reach up to 31 C (88F).

The record high temperature in Madrid during May is 35.5 C (96 F).

Late night and early morning lows will tend to be around 8-9 C (46-48 F) early in May, warming gradually to around 11-12 C (52-54 F) by the end of the month. 

A few of the cooler mornings, especially early in the month, can dip down near 5 C (41 F). 

The record low temperature in Madrid during May is 0.6 C (33 F).

Sky and Rain

During the month of May, you can expect about 15 mostly sunny, 3-4 partly sunny, and about 12-13 mostly cloudy days.

Some measurable rain will fall on about 10-11 days, however, only about 5-6 days record at least 1 mm (0.04 inches) of rain.


The number of daylight hours increases this month from about 13.9 hours on the 1st to about 14.8 hours by the 31st. 


Mostly light to gentle winds prevail this month at 6-19 kph (4-12 mph) but occasionally can be moderate at 20-28 kph (13-18 mph).

What to Wear in Madrid during May?

Best to dress for late Spring to early summer conditions so bring a mix of cool and warm weather clothes.

We suggest including long and short-sleeved tops as well as jeans and both long and short pants.

Some nights and early mornings, early in the month, can be a bit chilly so bring along a light jacket or windbreaker as well.

Don’t forget some comfortable walking shoes as well as some sneakers.

Things to Do in Madrid during May

With the weather getting nice and warm, this month would be an excellent time to take a pay-what-you-wish walking tour in Madrid.

You might also want to consider going to see a live Flamenco performance at one of the many cafes and tablaos in this city.

Since it's getting closer to summer, this is an excellent time to visit one of the amusement parks in the area, such as Parque Warner Madrid or Parque de Atracciones.

Alternatively, if it gets a bit too hot, there are also waterparks like Aquopolis Villanueva and Parque Warner Beach.

For even more ideas, check out this list of fun activities below.

Fred Pickhardt   
Ocean Weather Services 

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Fred Pickhardt

Fred is a marine meteorologist and sailed briefly with American Export Lines in the Far East trade. He has extensive experience in weather analysis, weather forecasting, and forensic weather event reconstructions. Fred founded Ocean Weather Services and currently provides forensic marine weather reports to the maritime industry.
Updated: March 25th, 2023
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