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Moving to New York City

Updated: October 6, 2013

Over 200,000 people move to NYC each year and moving to a city this diverse and large can be overwhelming. Where should I live? Or more importantly, where should I NOT live? Where can I find full time employment or a part time job? Where's the best place to eat out, make friends, do laundry, go grocery shopping?

But moving to New York City doesn't have to be hard. Think of it as chance to explore! Our NYC tours are guided by local residents who share their own neighborhoods with guests. NYC tours are a great and affordable way to experience New York's different neighborhoods as our guides are great resources about life in these neighborhoods.

While most of our tours focus on history (or food!) of various parts of New York City, even just meandering down the sidewalks can give you a local feel of the area. Our guides can point out the historic homes and stories of years past, but we also talk about what life is like today in Brooklyn Heights, Harlem, Greenwich Village and more!

What our guides can't do is help you find an apartment (though who knows, maybe we know someone renting out a room?), a job (of course, we're always hiring!), making friends (or maybe we can - have you tried our East Village Pub Crawl?) - but if you want guaranteed assistance, check out Moving to New York Guide as a resource for moving to NYC.

Moving To New York Guide has original articles as well as links to the best resources around the web for people who are planning their move that focuses specifically on topics that people who are relocating need to know, such as: finding employment, finding an apartment, making new friends and planning a move.

Need help with moving companies? They have recommendations! Brought too much stuff for a tiny studio apartment, there are links to storage companies in NYC. Can you really afford that $2500 month studio apartment anyways? From finding roommates to a home on your own, setting up cable and internet to how not to go broke, Moving to New York Guide has the resources to help you move to NYC.

And when you're all set up as a NYC local with an air mattress for guests visiting, don't forget to send them our way to start the process of helping others fall in love with the Big Apple all over again!


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Canden Arciniega

Follow On Instagram | I'm a historian & tour guide in Washington DC with 4 published books about the city. I have written for HuffPost Travel and have been featured in the Washington Post, WTOP, and numerous other DC papers. I've also been interviewed by the BBC, NPR, Travel Channel and Discovery Family Channel. I am the producer of the podcast, Tour Guide Tell All. I am an authority on D.C. history, and have led tours in the city since 2011. I currently resides in DC, but have also lived in London and South Korea, and have traveled to over 28 countries and every US State but Hawaii. I homeschool my 2 children by exploring the plethora of museums in DC. Read More...
Updated: October 6th, 2013
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