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Nashville Weather in December

Updated: November 7, 2023

This post is a summary of the Nashville weather in December with tips on what to pack and things to do. 

Nashville in December is cold but can have large swings in temperature.

There should be enough sunshine, however, to allow you to explore and enjoy this great city.


Daytime high temperatures tend to be in the low to mid-50s F (11-13 C) early in the month and fall to upper 40s F (8-10 C) by the end of the month.

A few of the warmer afternoons early in December can reach up to mid to upper 60s F (19-20 C).

Average Temperatures in Nashville in December

Late night and early morning low temperatures average in the mid to upper 30s F (2-3 C), falling by the end of the month to the low 30s F (-1 to +1 C). 

You can expect about 17-18 days when morning low temperatures dip to freezing or below (32F/0C).  


During December, expect 14 days that are sunny or at least partially sunny.

Daylight ranges from just under 10 hours at the beginning of the month to 9.7 hours by the 22nd.  

About 17 days are mostly cloudy.

Precipitation falls on 11 days this month, though only 3 of these record rainfalls of 0.5 inches (about 13mm) or more.

Weather Calendar December Nashville

Expect 13 days with fog. 

Snow falls only 1 day this month and snowfall of at least 1 inch (2.5cm) occurs only every 5 years or so. 


Late fall and early winter in Nashville tend to be cold to mild, but temperatures can sometimes be unexpectedly cold.

We've made a list of essentials to bring on your trip to make sure you're prepared for the weather: 

1. Long Pants

Long, comfortable walking pants are recommended. A great pair of jeans will get you.

Pair them with your favorite pair of cowboy boots!

Wrangler has some great, comfortable jeans to choose from. 

2. Winter Coat

It's best to bring winter clothes, which include a warm coat or winter jacket.

A comfortable peacoat like this one by Nautica is warm and stylish.

Sweaters are also a good idea for layering, especially if you plan to explore the nightlife. 

3. Raingear

With rain in the forecast, you're going to want to pack your rain gear.

A medium-weight rain jacket will not only keep you dry but will be a good outerwear option on days that are milder.

A travel umbrella like this one by Repel Umbrella is a good idea as well. 


There are tons of things to do in Nashville year-round, like seeing concerts, visiting the Johnny Cash Museum, and taking a bus tour

If you are planning on visiting many of Nashville's attractions, then you should consider a tourist discount pass as you could save up to 50% off attractions.

Below is the full Top 10 list of things to do in Nashville in December.

Read our full post, Things to Do in Nashville in December, for more ideas. 

  1. See a concert.
  2. Go to a sports event.
  3. Enjoy the theater.
  4. Go to Winter Warmer.
  5. Attend the Annual Christmas Parade.
  6. Experience GLOW.
  7. See the Franktown Festival of Lights.
  8. Attend the Music City Winter Festival.
  9. Go to the Wonderful Life Foundation Annual Holiday Fundraiser.
  10. Save money with the tourist discount pass.

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Fred Pickhardt

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Updated: November 7th, 2023
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