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New York City is a world capital of cuisine and your trip to the Big Apple would not be complete without trying some of the city’s fantastic food.  Just like you, our New York guides love great food at great prices and know where to find unforgettable New York food that won’t take a bite out of your wallet. We’ve compiled sources and sites we rely on to find the best food deals around.  Be sure to check out our full guide on experiencing the best of New York on a budget.

We also offer daily pay-what-you-wish guided food tours, which you should take advantage of on your visit.  Click on the video below to learn more about our food tours.

Iconic New York foods Bleeker Street Pizza Slice

You’ve seen these in movies, you’ve heard your friends rave about them, and here is where you can find them.  Click on the links to find the best of New York’s famous foods. Best Pizza by Neighborhoodhot dogsbagelsdelicatessen, and cheesecake.


CompreFat Tire Food Bike Tourhensive listings 

Dave, aka Mr. NY Budget, offers a blog on all sorts of affordable living in New York City. Check out his blog posts on Cheap Eats for local restaurants, food trucks, carts and more!.

The Not For Tourists website offers a very thorough and long list of restaurants to suit your needs. Just some of the categories are: Eating Cheap, Eating Hip, Eating Ethnic, Eating Old, Eating Meat, Eating Veggie and, if you dare…Eating Your Wallet.


By NeighborhoodChinatown Food Tour

When you know what neighborhood you’ll be in when your stomach starts to grumble, check out Time Out’s best restaurants by neighborhood guide.  Better still is  the essential Serious Eats Food Guide by Neighborhood. These folks know where to eat in every corner of the city. Locals routinely use this site to find the newest spots to check out.


A great source for vegans and vegetarians is Happy Cow’s website.  This site is hardcore vegan, and the reviews are from people who know the difference between merely edible vegan and incredible vegan.



Food truckswafels-and-dinges

Just as there are dozens of food trucks roaming the city daily, there are dozens of “Best Food Trucks” lists.  Here are a few we rely on: Village Voice,USA TodayThe Gothamist 2013 and 2014.  Since food trucks are by nature mobile, they move to different locations daily.  The Food Trucks website helps you track down where food trucks are parked for the day.

Pre or Post your Broadway show

You’ve already spent a fortune on your ticket. For a list of reasonably priced Theater district restaurants, check out Serious Eats Pre and Post-Theater Dinner.

$5 and under Mamouns Falafal

If you know exactly what you want to eat, Real Cheap Eats website lets you search by the form or flavor of food. Craving something spicy, but don’t care what country it’s from? Love noodles, be they ramen, spaghetti, japchae or chow fun? Only have $5 in your pocket but don’t want McDonald’s? This website is perfect for you.


$10 and underTeitel Brothers Arthur Avenue

If you are feeling overwhelmed by so many options, let The Gothamist, a New York City-savvy website, narrow the playing field. Its 12 best cheap eats and 10 best cheap eats lists include meals from Puerto Rico, Mexico, China, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Vietnam, Greece and the Ukraine.  We also recommend Big Appled’s 10 Places to Get a Meal for Under $10.  Bagels are cheap.  Read our post on where to find the best bagels in NYC.

$20 and under

If your goal is to have incredible and affordable food, regardless of what kind of cuisine or ambiance, take a look at New York Magazine’s 101 Best Eats under $20.NYC self guide Lower East side Katz

$40 and under

You know you can rely on Michelin, the renown food reviewers to steer you to great food and this year they published a list that is actually affordable! See their 126 restaurants for less than $40 list.


Bon Appetit!

Written by Courtney Shapiro