The Best Pizza in New York City by Neighborhood

From Greenwich Village to Williamsburg, Park Slope to Midtown, you can find the best pizza in NYC — if you know where to go. This list, organized by neighborhood, will lead you right to that perfect slice.

Pizza is one of New York’s “iconic” foods. New Yorkers will happily live on pizza every day of the week – as long as it’s GREAT pizza. We don’t want you to waste your time searching for the best slices and pies in town. So we have compiled this list based on our favorite places in the neighborhoods you will likely visit and some that you might not have thought of, but are worth a trip.

The “must try” places are marked with an asterisk (*). These are the ones that New Yorkers year after year say are THE best pizzas in town. We’ve also noted which are ‘pies only’, these are often some of the older, historic and well-known pizzerias. These will cost more than grabbing a few slices, but frankly, the pizza and the entire experience is worth it. You will be eating a delicious slice of history.

Complement your pizza journey with one of our self-guided tours and neighborhood guides (full list at the bottom of this post).  For example, our self-guided New York Mafia Tour passes by many of the pizza places on this list. Or join us on any of our pay-what-you-wish walking tours and grab your slices after. Our guided Greenwich Village Food Tour stops at two of the pizzerias on the list. We also recommend taking a Pizza tour with Scott Wiener. His pizza tours are fun and filling. Check out his TripAdvisor reviews. Better still, mention our name “Free Tours by Foot” and get $2 off Scott’s tours.  Click here to check out Scott’s tours. At the end of this post is a video fo Scott tlaking baout pizza’s histpry and the best pizza in tiown.


Greenwich Village 

Artichoke Basille Pizza

Artichoke Pizza 111 MacDougal Street (map).

Try their signature slice – thick crusted, with a creamy white sauce mixed with bits of artichoke covered with plenty of mozzarella cheese.Slices are large, filling enough to be a meal unto itself. A few stools are at the counter, but either be ready to stand or take your slices to go. They also have locations in Long Island City, Chelsea, and East Village. Pies and slices.


Bleecker Street Pizza at 69 7th Avenue (map).  Bleecker Street Pizza

Their Nonna Maria slice represents the best of New York-style pizza – a thin, crispy crust, a juicy sauce of crushed tomatoes seasoned with basil, topped with splotches of fresh mozzarella cheese.  This is our guides’ favorite slices in town. There’s seating inside as well as a restroom.  In nice weather you can grab a table outside. Pies and slices.



Joe’s   7 Carmine Street (mapJoe's Pizza

The classic New York slice. A perfect symphony of red sauce and mozzarella on a not-too-thin, not-too-thick crust. Do what the locals do: fold it and gobble your slice down! If you want to be a real New Yorker, eat your folded slice as you walk. You’ll blend right in.  Pies and slices.


* John’s of Bleecker Street 278 Bleecker Street.  (map) John's of Bleecker Street

One of the oldest pizza joints in the city, and still using its coal oven since 1929. They only serve pies so bring someone to share with — the pizza is so good that two people can easily eat an entire pie! Pies only.


Keste  271 Bleecker St.  (map)  Keste Pizza

Opened by the president of the U.S. branch of the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani (Neapolitan Pizza Association) Roberto Caporuscio of Keste opened this restaurant promising to deliver the hallmarks of Neopalatin pizza: San Marzano tomatoes, doppio zero flour and a custom-built, wood-fired, volcanic stone oven. Keste does not disappoint. Pies only.

Rossopomodoro 118 Greenwich Ave. (map)

This is Eataly’s extension of their in-house pizza counter. They have a full menu of homemade pastas and other Italian specialties, but if you came for pizza you will leave happy. Go for the simple Mozzarella di Bufala and tomato sauce or more adventurous Brussels sprouts, guanciale and creme fraiche. Pies only.


Arturo’s 106 W Houston St. (map)

In a great location, with a coal oven and live jazz every night, Arturo’s a is a great spot to enjoy the best of what New York City has to offer. Pies only.

Prince Street Pizza

Prince St. Pizza 27 Prince St. (map)

This small shop is believed to be the actual Original Ray’s Pizza.When it closed in 2011, what seemed like a devastating lose turned out to be a blessing in disguise. This pizzeria’s specialty is what they call the “Soho Square”. A Sicilian style slice, with a crust of perfect crunch/chewy ratio, fresh mozzarella on top of their tasty sauce. Pies and slices.

Ben’s of SoHo 123 MacDougal St. (map)

Known for their spectacular Sicilian slices and also for being featured in Men in Black! Grab a slice and take some selfies! Pies and slices.


Little Italy Lombardi's Pizza

Lombardi’s 32 Spring St. (map)

Opened in 1905, Italian immigrant Gennaro Lombardi was the first pizza maker to get a merchant license, making Lombardi’s the first pizzeria in NYC. It takes just a few minutes from when you order your pie until it comes freshly cooked to perfection out of their coal-oven.  There is a wait for tables, but worth it. Pies only. Cash only.


Lower East Side

La Margarita 151 Ludlow St.  (map)

Located on one of the best streets for nightlife on the Lower East Side, this rustic, cozy pizza place nails it when it comes to the perfect Margarita slice. Crispy crust, slightly sweet tomato sauces and fresh mozzarella with aged pargmeggiano cheese sprinkled on top. Pies and slices.Pala Pizza

Pala 198 Allen St.  (map)

Served on rustic wooden boards, the individual pies have numerous combinations to choose from, and perhaps their best offering is an entire gluten-free menu pizza for those who are lactose-intolerant and lots of  choose vegan options. Pies only.


Two Boots  625 9th Ave. (map)

Located in Hell’s Kitchen , you’ll find pizza fusing New Orleans and Italian cuisine, named for the “two boots” on the map – Italy and Louisiana. Pick from the fun combos like the Bayou Beast slice, topped with spicy shrimp, crawfish, andouille sausage and jalapenos. Multiple locations around the city, including  WilliamsburgEast Village and Park Slope. Pies and slices.


NY Suprema Pizza

NY Pizza Suprema 413 8th Ave. (map)

The best slice near Madison Square Garden  After your hockey game or concert is over, walk over to what looks like your average pizza shop. It is anything but average. They do a perfect “upside-down” slice (sauce on top, cheese in middle). Pies and slices.




Upper West Side

Sal & Carmine’s Slice 2671 Broadway.  (map)

Panic ensued in the neighborhood when this Upper West Side institution appeared to have closed in 2015. Locals were relieved when after a few months the place re-opened and served up the same perfect not-too-thin crust, savory sauce slice it had been serving for decades. Just a few blocks away from Central Park. Pies and slices.

East VillageMotorino Pizza

Motorino  349 E. 12th St.  (map)

You wouldn’t expect such a perfect New York slice to be made by a Belgium chef who has cooked at some of the top restaurants in NYC like Bouley. But believe the hype, Motorino is pizza at its best. Try the familiar margherita or outlandish Gorgonzola-speck-and-cippolini. Williamsburg location also. Pies and slices.



Patsy’s 2287 1st Ave.  (map) Patsy's Pizza

Patsy Lancieri opened this oasis in Harlem in 1933, after learning the tricks of the trade working at Lombardi’s. Patsy’s was Frank Sinatra’s favorite pizza (click here to hear Ol’ Blue Eyes tell you himself!) . He even had pies flown out to him in L.A.  This is one of only two places in NYC that offers coal-oven pizza by the slice (the other is Sac’s Place in Queens, also on this list). Pies and slices.



DUMBO (near Brooklyn Heights)

*Grimaldi’s 1 Front Street (map)

It’s probably in your guide book, or you knowGrimaldi's Pizza about it from word of mouth, this place is legendary. Though they have moved from their former location down the block, they still make a heavenly pizza using a recipe and pizza-making skills used for over a century. At Grimaldi’s no fancy toppings are required for a perfect pie. Stick with pepperoni, roasted red peppers, olives and mushrooms and you can’t go wrong. Be prepared to wait for a minimum of 45 minutes to an hour for a table. Pies only.



Juliana’s 19 Old Fulton St (map)  julianas pizza

In 2015, Juliana’s was ranked on Tripadvisor as the No. 1 pizza in the entire United States. Here’s why. Juliana’s has the same recipe and pizza-making technique as the renowned Grimaldi’s up the block. That’s because Juliana’s is owned by the actual Grimaldi family, whereas Grimaldi’s is not! Huh?!? The explanation can be found at this fun article on the  Top 10 Pizza Feuds of All Time. Meanwhile, get over to Juliana’s before the lines start forming there! Their white pie layered with rich ricotta cheese, fresh mozzarella and garlic makes for a nice contrast with a perfectly balanced red sauce Margharita pie. Pies only



Best Pizza 33 Havemeyer St.  (map)

Go for the white pie made with mozzarellaPatrizias Pizza made in-house, fresh ricotta, pecorino, caramelized onions and a sprinkle of sesame seeds on the crust.  Pies and slices.

Patrizia’s 35 Broadway (map)

Their wood-fired brick oven bakes your pizza in a matter of minutes. Perfect ratio of sauce to cheese on a thin crispy crust. They have a full menu of Italian dishes which are also great. Fun for the kids and big groups. Pies only.

Williamsburg Pizza  265 Union Ave.  (map) 

While they offer some funky combinations on their pies, it’s a good spot to stick with the traditional red sauce/mozzarella cheese slice- the Brooklyn is a triangle slice and the Grandma is a square. Either shape, it tastes great. Also in the Lower East Side. Pies and slices.

Greenpoint Paulie Gee's Pizza

Paulie Gee’s 60 Greenpoint Ave. (map)

Creative with a capital C.  Ever had pizza with dried cherries, orange blossom honey and prosciutto di parma? Try the Cherry Jones. For vegans, you’ll love their  In Ricotta Da Vegan: Vegan Tomato Sauce, House Made Vegan Sausage, House Made Cashew Ricotta Dollops and Baby Arugula. Pies only.



Boerum Hill

House of Pizza and Calzone 132 Union St.  (map)

Cozy space in a cool neighborhood. Opened in 1952, they are known for its…you guessed it…calzone. A calzone, when made properly as theirs is, is a delectable mix of ricotta, mozzarella and ham in a deep fried shell. They also make a fabulous “upside down” slice with perfectly crisp yet chewy crust on the bottom, topped with cheese followed by sweet tomato sauce on the top. Pies and slices.

Sottocasa 298 Atlantic Ave. (map)

Right near hipster-ish Smith Street, this restaurant only serves pies, but these are awesome pies. Playful combinations like the Autunno with smoked mozzarella, ricotta, Brussel sprouts, speck, sage, truffle oil pie! And oh-la-la Nutella pizza for dessert.  Also in Williamsburg and Harlem. Pies only.


robertas pizza


Roberta’s Pizza 261 Moore Street. (map)

Before Roberta’s opened up in Bushwick, no one was that interested in coming to the ‘hood. Not to make great street art, and certainly not to live there. Roberta’s helped put Bushwick on the map. The pizza’s unusual combinations of high quality ingredients earned a Michelin star, and a visit from Jay Z and Beyonce. Locals and celebs love this place alike. Pies only.



DiFara Pizza


Di Fara’s 1424 Avenue J.  (map)

Pizza-maker Dom De Marco has been hand-crafting his pies since 1964. The emphasis is on the perfect red sauce slice. None of these new-fangled toppings. DiFara’s sticks to the basics which is why they have it down to perfection. Consistently in the top ten of NYC’s pizza rankings. Slices have recently gone up to a whopping $5 but no one is complaining. It’s just that good. If you do plan a visit here, expect to wait on line. You wont regret it though. Pies and slices.



L & B Spumoni Gardens PIzza

*L&B Spumoni Gardens  2725 86th St. (map)

One of the most beloved Brooklyn and worth the trip. Ludivico Barbati arrived in New York in 1917 and 100 years later, the fourth generation of the family is still in charge. Try the famous thick crust, square Sicilian pizza followed by a cup of spumoni, a molded Italian ice cream made with layers of different color ice creams. Pies and slices.


Coney Island

*Totonno’sTotonno-Pizzeria-in-Coney-Island 1524 Neptune Ave., Coney Island (map)

Owned and operated by the same family that started it in 1924, its so “old school” it’s as if it was transported straight from a rustic Italian coal oven. Sold by the pie only. That suited the Ramones just fine as the members of this legendary punk rock band would each order a pie for themselves and enjoy it two blocks away at the boardwalk at Coney Island. Pies only.




Queens is quite big and has an amazing diversity of ethnicities, foods and cultures in its many neighborhoods. The two pizza places listed here are in neighborhoods that you may want to visit to see some of the sites, Astoria and Long Island City.


Named after John Jacob Astor, Astoria is known for its Greek heritage. We recommend that if you have some extra time in New York City you should take a subway ride out to Astoria, it’s not far from Midtown Manhattan, has a number of cultural things to do there such as the Museum of the Moving Image  and of course, great pizza.Sac's Place Pizza

Sac’s Place 2541 Broadway (map) Sac’s Place is one of only two coal-oven pizzerias in NYC that sells slices (the other is Patsy’s in East Harlem, listed above). This is ideal for solo-travelers or those who just want a small taste of this super thin-crust slice with a chunky red sauce and fresh mozzarella. Queens residents know how great Sac’s is and they are hoping no one else finds out.

Long Island City

Abbreviated as LIC, this neighborhood is on its way to becoming one of the hippest places to live, see art and eat. You’ve got spacious waterfront parks, PS MoMA (a small branch of the Museum of Modern Art) and best views of the Manhattan skyline.

Rizzo’s 30-13 Steinway St. (map) Opened in 1959, Rizzo’s started off by serving only one kind of slice: thin-crust Sicilian pizza. Typically Sicilian squares have a doughy fluffy crust. Rizzo’s is unique in this way. Definitely order a Sicilian slice—or two! If you have ever been skeptical about a BBQ chicken slice, Rizzo’s may turn you into a true believer.  Fresh ingredients and nice staff make Rizzo’s a must.


There are many excellent pizzerias in ‘da Bronx, as locals pronounce it. This borough is quite large and very residential and lacks widespread public transportation. We could list more pizzerias but we are listing the best pizzerias that can be reached without a car. The two pizzas on our Bronx list are all in the Belmont neighborhood which is home to the famous Arthur Avenue, which is, to many New Yorkers, the REAL Little Italy. We highly recommend if you are a food fanatic, you check out our self-guided food tour of Arthur Avenue.  For a more comprehensive list of Bronx pizza, check out Bronx’s Best Pizza. Here are two spots we love that are easily accessible by the subway.  Don’t forget to stop by the Bronx Zoo if you already up there!

Tino’s Deli
  2410 Arthur Ave.  (map)  Tinos Deli Pizza

Tino’s is well-known for their Italian sandwiches but they do serve up very tasty pizzas from their brick oven. They start with a thin, crisp crust and create the classics like a Margharita, a beautiful Bianco (‘white’) pizza with fresh mozzarella, pecorino romano and Arugula and a sweet and tangy Pizza Tartufato with Blue Cheese, Dried Figs, Olive oil, Arugula, and Truffle honey. Pies only


Zero Otto Novezero otto nove pizza 2357 Arthur Ave. (map)

This is a cozy trattoria with a full menu. But it’s the pizza you really want. Pizzas are creative with toppings like butternut squash puree, cream of truffle, mushrooms & fresh mozzarella or the classic Margharita with Tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, parmigiano & basil. Do not leave without having the Nutella pie for dessert! Pies only.





This borough and its residents have a long lineage of Italian immigrant roots. In fact the, the exiled Italian patriot Giuseppe Garibaldi lived there in the 1850s. Currently more than one-third of the population are of Italian ancestry. Accordingly, Staten Island has some incredible authentic Italian restaurants and naturally, some of the best pizza in New York City. Like the Bronx, however, Staten Island is very residential and unless you have a car, you have fewer options for your pizza adventure. Don’t despair! Some of the best pizzas are within distance of the Staten Island commuter ferry. If you didn’t already know this, a ride on the  Staten Island Ferry is an absolute must while in new York. It’s a free boat ride with stunning views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines so have your cameras ready.  Click here for detailed information about taking the Staten Island Ferry.

Pier 76  76 Bay St  (map and directions by foot)   Pier 76 Pizza

Located a few blocks from the Staten Island Ferry and historic St. George Theatre, this family-friendly pizzeria serves the same pizza as legendary Joe and Pat’s, which is located farther inland. Staten Island has a small fishing and seafood industry, so it’s not so weird that you can get a calamari pizza here. Also much loved is the Arugula pie – some sharp greens, with salty shaved reggiano, and topped with a healthy drizzle of sweet reduced balsamic vinegar. Don’t just get back on the ferry. Stay a while for the pizza at Pier 76 before heading back to Manhattan. Pies only.

Denino’s Pizzeria and Tavern  524 Port Richmond Ave. (map and directions by bus)

Opened in 1937, this is the Island’s best-known pizzeria and most likely to be visited by tourists. It’s an easy 30 minute bus ride from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. Just because it might be a little touristy doesn’t mean that it isn’t fabulous pizza! Locals rave about their M.O.R. pie, (meatballs, onions, and ricotta cheese). Simple but sublime. Pies only.

Goodfellas  524 Port Richmond Ave. (map and directions)

Located a 20 minute bus ride from the Ferry terminal, come here for the Vodka Pie. Just like Vodka sauce pasta, it’s a pinkish sauce of tomato sauce and cream with peas mixed in. It is possibly their most loved pizza. If you are a bit more daring try their Sally Pie: lemon garlic chicken, gourmet cheddar scallion cream cheese, fresh mozzarella, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, caramelized onions. This pizza has won awards so clearly the odd combination works! As of April 2016, they have a special discount available on Yelp. Pies only.


Too many pizzas, too little time!  As we mentioned above a great way to sample lots of pizza and learn tons of the interesting history of pizza in America is by taking a Pizza tour with Scott Wiener, the pizza guru. If you mention us, “Free Tours by Foot” you get a $2 off Scott’s tours.

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Written by Courtney Shapiro