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Pompeii Tickets and Discounts

Updated: February 12, 2024

Pompeii is one of the most historic sites in all of Italy, and it makes quite the convenient day trip from cities like Rome, Sorrento, and Naples.

Since we lead tours in all three of those cities, tourists are always asking our guides about visiting Pompeii, and they've given us some helpful details to share in this post.

In addition to their advice, we'll also refer to our Rome Travel Tips Facebook Group for additional information that might be useful for travelers.

We also include tips on how to save money on admission and information about opening hours

Pompeii with Mount Vesuvius in the background. Image Source: Wikimedia user Qfl247 on January 4th, 2010.
Pompeii with Mount Vesuvius in the background. Image Source: Wikimedia user Qfl247 on January 4th, 2010.


Visiting Pompeii, especially the ruins of Pompeii, offers a unique journey into the past, with attractions like the Temple of Jupiter capturing immense interest.

The best time to visit is often in the quieter months of April, October, or November.

Remember to check Pompeii's opening hours and consider getting skip-the-line tickets for a smooth experience.

Plan your trip for any day other than Monday, when the site is typically closed.

An ancient road in Pompeii. Image source: Pixabay user Pascal Ohlmann.
An ancient road in Pompeii. Image source: Pixabay user Pascal Ohlmann.

Why is Pompeii important to history?

The historical significance of Pompeii lies in its vivid snapshot of life in an ancient Roman city, frozen in time due to the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

Key features like the Temple of Apollo, amphitheater, and forum offer a unique look into the architectural and social landscapes of the era.

Is Mount Vesuvius still an active volcano?

Yes. Mount Vesuvius, known for its catastrophic eruption that resulted in Pompeii being buried under a thick layer of volcanic ash, remains an active volcano.

Its status and proximity to populated regions make it one of the most intensely observed volcanic sites in the world.

Although there's always a risk, many companies offer tours to Mount Vesuvius, because it's still relatively safe to visit.

How many hours should you spend in Pompeii?

To fully appreciate Pompeii's historical richness and explore essential areas like the Pompeii ruins, Villa dei Misteri, and the Pompeii archaeological park, you should ideally spend about 2-5 hours.

However, the duration can vary based on your interest level and time slot availability.

Ancient wine bottles and a cart to carry them. Image source: Pixabay user Iyad Al Ghafari.
Ancient wine bottles and a cart to carry them. Image source: Pixabay user Iyad Al Ghafari.

Is it cheaper to buy Pompeii tickets in advance?

Purchasing Pompeii tickets in advance might not be cheaper.

However, doing so guarantees your entry and can facilitate better planning for your visit, especially when looking to avoid peak time slots or securing a free admission day.

Is it wise to book Pompeii tickets in advance?

Pre-booking Pompeii tickets is not always essential as the queue at the Porta Marina Inferiore or Porta Marina Superiore entrances isn't usually a problem.

However, booking in advance can be convenient, especially during peak seasons or on free ticket days.

Even so, our guides have never had any trouble getting tickets upon arrival, and they recommend simply making the trip and paying for admission when you arrive.

Furthermore, there's actually a new train from Pompeii to Rome which will allow you to purchase tickets to the archaeological site onboard, making it even easier to avoid the need to book ahead of time.

Tips From Tourists:

Even the helpful members of our Facebook Group recommend visiting Pompeii from Rome, noting that it's not too far south of the ancient city.


All visitors should be aware that there is an entrance fee for the archaeological site where the town of Pompeii was once located.

UNESCO has provided a lot of wonderful exhibits in the area and it costs a bit of money to keep everything in good condition.

  • Ticket Prices: €16 for Adults | €2 for EU visitors (18-24)
  • Visitors under 18 can enter for free
  • Entrance is free on every first Sunday of the month
  • Nov – Mar Availability: Daily from 9 am – 3:30 pm
  • Apr – Oct Availability: Daily from 9 am – 6 pm
  • Visit the official website for more information or for tickets.

Skip-the-Queue Tickets

For an additional €6/adult, you can pre-purchase tickets that will allow you to skip the ticket queue, which could get very long during tourist high season, especially around midday. 

Click here for more details.

TIP: Although a skip-the-queue ticket can be handy when there are long lines, you shouldn't need it in the low season.


This section covers some of the best ways to save money on tickets to Pompeii, including details about tourist passes, combo packages, and other discount options you might want to consider.

1. Use a Tourist Pass

There is currently just one tourist pass that covers the cost of tickets to this historic landmark, and it is called the Pompeii & Vesuvius Pass.

This service includes admission to the following attractions and activities:

  • Pompeii
  • Vesuvius Volcano
  • Vesuvio Express Shuttle
  • Naples City Audio Guide

Pass Prices

  • €51/Adults (26+) | €48/Adults (18-25)
  • €27/Youth (6-17) | €3/Children (5 and under)
  • €30/EU Citizens (18-24)

Purchase the Pompeii & Vesuvius tourist pass or learn more.

There is also a Naples City Card which includes the following services:

  • Pompeii
  • Naples Underground
  • National Archaeological Museum of Naples
  • Naples City Audio Guide
  • 10% off additional activities

Pass Prices

  • €57/Adults | €38/EU Citizens (18-24) | €54/Students (18-24)
  • €14/Children (6-10) | €15/Youth (11-17) | €7/Infant (0-5)

Purchase the Naples City Card or learn more.

TIP: If you’re visiting from Rome, you can also use the Rome Tourist Card to save 10% off either Pompeii tickets or a day trip to this historic location. 

2. Combo Packages

There are a number of different combo deals which include admission to Pompeii and one or more additional attractions or activities.

This is a great way to save money on tickets, especially if you’re planning to see or experience more than one historic attraction while in the area.

Pompeii + Herculaneum

  • Includes admission to Pompeii
  • Includes admission to Herculaneum
  • €38/Adults | €5.50/Children | €11/EU Citizens (18-24)

Pompeii + Vesuvius Volcano

  • Includes admission to Pompeii
  • Includes admission to Vesuvius Volcano
  • €35.30/Adults | €14.70/Children | €17.20/EU Citizens (18-24)

Pompeii + Vesuvius Volcano + Vesuvio Express

  • Includes admission to Pompeii
  • Includes admission to Vesuvius Volcano
  • Includes tickets for the Vesuvio Express Shuttle
  • €45.30/Adults | €27.20/EU Citizens (18-24)
  • €24.70/Children (6-17) | €14.70/Children (5 and Under)

Pompeii + Herculaneum + Vesuvius Volcano

  • Includes admission to Pompeii
  • Includes admission to Herculaneum
  • Includes admission to Vesuvius Volcano
  • €52.30/Adults | €17.20/Children | €22.70/EU Citizens (18-24)

Pompeii + Naples Underground

  • Includes admission to Pompeii
  • Includes admission to Naples Underground
  • €31/Adults | €15.50/EU Citizens (18-24)
  • €9/Children (5-10) | €11/Youth (11-17) | €13.50/Students (24 and under)

3. Take a Guided Tour/Day Trip

If you’re already planning to take a day trip from either Naples, Sorrento, or Rome, chances are you’ll be able to find a service that includes admission to Pompeii for no additional cost.

There are also several guided tours of Pompeii that include admission to the archaeological site at the price of the tour, and that could be another good way to save money on tickets.

Check our post on Pompeii tours for more details.

4. Discount Sites

Every now and then, a site such as Groupon will offer discounted tickets at popular destinations such as Pompeii.

Even if they don’t, they almost always have Pompeii tours listed at a discount.

These services also typically offer additional coupon codes for an extra 10% - 20% off, allowing you to save even more money!

5. EU Citizen Discount

EU Citizens between the ages of 18-24 are eligible for a discounted price of just €2.

As long as you have a valid ID proving that you are a citizen of the EU, you can get this price at the gate.

6. Youth Discount

Anyone under the age of 18 is granted free entry into the Pompeii archaeological site.

You may require a valid ID to prove your age for this discount.

7. Free First Sundays

If you visit on the first Sunday of the month, admission will be entirely free.

The crowds can be pretty big on these days, so we recommend going early and preparing to be around a lot of other people.

8. MyPompeii Card

If you live in the area and you’re planning to visit multiple times per year, the MyPompeii Card might be worth considering.

This service is valid for one year, and it provides admission to all areas of the park.

Prices start at €35 for adults and €8 for youth/EU citizens.

How to get to Pompeii?

There are several different ways to get here, including by car or by bus. That said, the easiest and quickest method is simply to take the train.

From Rome or Naples, taking a train to the Pompei Scavi station is a popular choice.

There's even a new train from Rome to Pompeii that will allow you to purchase tickets to the archaeological site while onboard, making the whole process easier.

You can expect the journey by train to take anywhere from 2-3 hours, with some services getting there in under 2 hours.

By car, the journey will almost always take closer to 3 hours. The bus typically takes a little more than 3 hours.

Even if you're planning to drive, chances are you'll have to pay tolls along the way, but the majority of the trip will take place via A24 and E45.

More detailed instructions for reaching the ancient city can be found in these guides: How to Visit the Pompeii Ruins and Train from Rome to Pompeii.

For visitors traveling along the Amalfi coast, consider a small group tour or an expert guide for a seamless experience.

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Updated: February 12th, 2024
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