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Self Guided Boston Walking Tours

Updated: November 12, 2022

This post lists 4 self-guided walking tours of Boston, 3 of which are also available as audio tours.

All were produced by our guides here at Free Tours by Foot Boston.

And if you are considering taking a guided tour, you've also come to the right place.

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The Freedom Trail at the center of historic Boston is a red brick path through the city leading visitors to historic sites.

At the center of Revolutionary America, you’ll weave your way through the eighteenth century.  

We have created a general guide to planning your visit and walk along the trail, which includes tips on how to get here and where to eat, and more. 

This self-guided tour and map will cover the entire 2.5 miles of Freedom Trail sites and should take you two hours to complete.

You can also download a PDF version.

You could also take our GPS-led audio tour of the Freedom Trail (English and Spanish). Here's a sample.

We also offer a daily, pay-what-you-wish-guided tour. This tour runs mostly in the morning and afternoons but also at night in the summer.

Make sure to take a look at our self-guided tour of the Granary Burial Ground, one of the Freedom Trail's most important stops.


Harvard University is the oldest college in the United States (1636).

Eight United State Presidents attended Harvard University and the name is known worldwide.  

Here offer a self-guided tour of Harvard University and Cambridge and an area guide that will help to explore some of the wonderful sites on campus.

You can download the map to your smartphone or download a PDF version of the tour.

You could also take our GPS-led audio tour of the Harvard and Cambridge. Here's a sample.

We also offer a guided pay-what-you-like walking tour several times each week (see the video above).


Boston’s Beacon Hill is and always has been Boston’s most exclusive neighborhood where politicians, poets, and philanthropist among others have made their home. 

Beacon Hill Tour map

It is a neighborhood that many tourists fail to explore as it can be a bit intimidating without a guide.

But, this 90-minute self-guided tour should make navigation of that neighborhood easy.

You could also take our GPS-led audio tour of the Beacon Hill. Here's a sample.

We offer a special guided tour called the Beacon Hill Crime Tour several nights a week from April through October.

As with all of our guided tours, this tour operates on the pay-what-you-like model.


Boston’s North End/Little Italy neighbor is famous for its delicious food as well as its colorful history.

We have put together a quick, self -guided walking tour of North End/Little Italy and some of its most interesting sites.

Additional Resources - There are many more self-guided tours of Boston available.  

The City of Boston offers several resources, including walking maps, audio tours as well as theme tours, such as the JFK Boston trail.

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I was born in Cambridge and have been living in the Boston area all my life. I am a graduate of Boston's Emerson College with a degree in communications with a journalism/history focus. I have been leading tours for Free Tours By Foot Boston since it was started in the city of Boston in 2012, and enjoy sharing my knowledge of Boston's rich history with not only the guests on my tours, but with everyone I meet. <a href="" Read More...
Updated: November 12th, 2022
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