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Stretching Your Dollar at the Best NYC Comedy Clubs

Updated: October 3, 2021

Whether you're visiting New York City for the first time, or you're a dedicated resident of the Big Apple, we could all use a laugh. The best comedy clubs in New York City feature emerging comedians and celebrity A-Listers performing their stand-up routines before heading out on the comedy club circuit. Follow these simple tips to get all the laughs you can handle, while saving some green!

Compare Comedians, Clubs and Ticket Prices Online

Know before you go. If you have a favorite comedian, or a specific comedy club on your bucket list, comparison shop at home before hitting the street. Local NYC comedy websites feature last minute specials and provide discounts for groups. Plus, who wants to stand around at the door in line for tickets? Save money by purchasing your tickets online, and save time at the door with e-ticketing.

Save Money on Parking by Grabbing Dinner near the Comedy Club

This simple, yet often overlooked way to save money on parking can add up in a spatially challenged area like New York City. The ultimate hat-trick is to pick a stand-up comedy performance at a comedy club that has a restaurant on-site; The Stand NYC and EastVille Comedy Club come to mind. The Stand Restaurant is known for its impeccable cuisine, and EastVille Comedy Club has endless restaurant options within walking distance, plus a full bar with a generous snack menu.

The New York Comedy Club is also conveniently located in the Gramercy District; featuring a full bar and generous food menu to complete any evening in the city. The Greenwich Village Comedy Club is another excellent choice, boasting a full bar and food menu on location; with some incredible celebrity performances that include Jimmy Fallon, Jay-, and Montel Williams. If you’re looking to pick up some great food outside of the club, Bar Pitti on 6th Avenue is highly regarded by locals. Outside seating and incredible Italian food makes this a favorite watering hole. Finally, Comic Strip Live is a great choice, located far enough from Times Square to give it an authentic, local comedy ambience without losing out on celebrity comedy; making it the flexible fit for your evening of laughs and fun!

Free Comedy Ticket Competitions

Did you know there are clubs and comedy ticket sites that raffle off comedy tickets in return for a free subscription to their e-mailing list? While comparing shows and comedy clubs online, stay on the look out for these quick and easy opportunities to score a free night out on the town!

Comedy Club Drink Minimums

Finding a great comedy club to enjoy some NYC stand-up has never been easier. With tools like TripAdvisor and Yelp, it’s easy to take advantage of the experiences other guests have had in order to gauge whether a comedy club fits your style. However, if you're looking to save money, there’s one other piece of information to factor into your evening plans: drink minimums.

To help loosen up the crowd and cover their expensive overheads (i.e. monthly rent in excess of $15,000/mo), comedy clubs encourage patrons to drink a couple drinks while taking in a show. By encourage, I mean drink minimums. Check the comedy club’s website or site profile to find out exactly how many drinks are required in order to have a good time and enjoy some laughs along the way. Some clubs charge more for spirits than others, but by checking out requirements ahead of time, you won't be caught off-guard.

Save Money, Laugh More at New York Comedy Clubs

Knowledge is power, and pausing to research available performances online is a great way to get in the know about hot, affordable stand-up comedy in New York City. Purchase tickets online and save money compared to box-office pricing. Plus, e-tickets mean you can use your phone as a ticket; saving time at the door! Once inside you can grab a bite to eat (avoiding the need to compete twice for parking) and have a couple drinks; unwind, relax and enjoy the show!

Written by James Lang


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Updated: October 3rd, 2021
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