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Things to Do in Vienna in June

Updated: March 15, 2024

This post provides some top things to do in Vienna during the month of June, updated for 2024, including family-friendly, nighttime and free things to do.

If you’re looking for even more great ideas, see our full list of things to do in Vienna all year.




Below are our favorite 12 events and activities to do this June.

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1. Go to a Concert

Vienna is arguably one of the most popular cities in Austria, and a lot of notable musicians are attracted to the area throughout the year. We list the highlights below.

See who else is playing in Vienna in June.



June Highlights:

If you’re wondering about other artists who may be performing this month, please check StubHub's June concert calendar.

2. See Vienna from the Water

There’s no better time to hop on a boat than during the summer. Should the weather get too hot, it’s nice to get out on the water and feel the breeze.

There are a variety of different cruises to choose from in Vienna, including many sightseeing boat tours.



Some other excellent choices are:

In addition to these options, some boat tours and city cruises are included either at no extra cost or at a discount with Vienna tourist passes.

3. Discover the Best Food in Vienna

There are a lot of great restaurants serving a variety of delicious food in this city, but it can be difficult to find the best places to eat without a little help.

Thankfully, there are several great Vienna food tours you can take which can help you discover the best dishes in the city!  

For an introduction to Austrian classics, try the Best of Vienna Food Tour.



Some other options are:

Of course, if you’re not interested in taking a tour, it’s worth noting that you can save money at popular restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe and Juice Factory using a Vienna City Card.

4. Ride the Giant Ferris Wheel

Whether you want to enjoy a great view of the city or you just feel like riding one of the biggest amusement rides in Austria, a ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel is definitely in order.

This is a great activity pretty much all year long, but it’s especially nice during the summer when there’s plenty of nice weather and clear skies as far as the eye can see.



Another nice thing about riding this Ferris wheel is that it’s an excellent family-friendly activity that anyone can enjoy.

Purchase skip-the-line Giant Ferris Wheel tickets now or save money on this attraction using a Vienna tourist pass.

5. Save Money With a Tourist Pass

Anyone planning to visit at least 4-5 attractions per day may want to consider using a Vienna tourist pass, as you may be able to save 50% or more off general admission prices.

These passes bundle admission tickets to attractions and activities for into one pass for a set price in order to give you some great savings.



Most of these passes include access to a variety of popular activities including the following excellent options:

  • Hop on Hop off Bus Tour | €29
  • Danube Tower | €14,50
  • Schönbrunn Palace | €26,50
  • Vienna Ferris Wheel | €12
  • Hofburg Imperial Palace | €15
  • City Cruises Vienna | €23
  • Leopold Museum | €14
  • Kunsthistorisches Museum | €16
  • Schönbrunn Zoo | €20
  • Madame Tussauds | €24
  • Belvedere | €22
  • And more!

If you’re curious about how these services work and how much money you’ll be able to save, read our Vienna tourist pass comparison post.

6. Explore Schönbrunn Palace Park

If you’re planning to visit Schönbrunn Palace, keep in mind that June is a great month to visit the gardens at this historic site as well.

Both the Botanic Garden and the Privy Garden are sure to be full of green and growing plants, flowers, and trees. You may also want to check out the Palm House and Orangery.



In addition to the paid areas, the main park grounds are free to visit and include a variety of interesting fountains, monuments, ruins and much more.

For more details about what you can see here, check our Schönbrunn Palace Tickets & Tours post.

7. Take the Kids to the Zoo

What better time to take your children to the zoo than during the summer?

With nice, sunny weather to enjoy, chances are that all the animals will be out during the month of June.

There are a variety of animals to see here including pandas, polar bears, giraffes, zebras, sea lions, penguins, otters, elephants, cheetahs, koalas, tigers and much more.



In addition to all the different species you and your kids can see here, this is also one of the oldest zoos in the world, making it a pretty historic site in Vienna.

Purchase Schönbrunn Zoo tickets or save money on this attraction by using a Vienna tourist pass.

8. Attend the Long Night of the Churches

One day a year, Austria’s Christian churches host a variety of concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions, tours and other fun things to do.

In 2024, the date is yet to be determined . In years past, churches like the stunning St. Stephen’s Cathedral have participated, and you can expect the same this year.



In addition to those activities, you’ll also often have an opportunity to climb the domes and towers of these churches, allowing you to get a great view of the city at night.

If this sounds like a fun activity, make sure to check the Long Night of the Churches' website.

9. Celebrate 250 Years of Beethoven

The year 2020 marks the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s music, and Wiener Konzerthaus hosted a special event in honor of the beloved composer.

On June 5, 2020, the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra performed Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3, also known as Eroica.



This is an excellent opportunity you won’t want to miss if you’re a fan of classical music, and it’s likely to be one of the best concerts in Vienna this month.

Purchase tickets or learn more.

10. Learn About Austrian Wine on a Tasting Tour

Austria is known for its Riesling wine. But there are other Austrian wines that are worth trying, like the varietal Grüner Veltliner. While the name is not easy to pronounce, it is very easy on the tastebuds.

When in Vienna you can go on a wine tour where your guide will take you to local wine cellars or nearby vineyards for tastings.

Not only will you taste several wines, you will also learn about how they are made, and importantly, how to pronounce them!


Here are a few different options you may want to consider:

Of course, if you just want to try some wine, you might be able to save money on drinks at various bars and restaurants using a Vienna City Card.

11. Smell the Roses

June is the best month to see roses in bloom, and the Volksgarten park contains a beautiful rose garden that everyone is welcome to visit for free.

Since this garden is located right next to Hofburg Palace, chances are you’ll be visiting the area anyway, and it won’t take much time to stop and smell the flowers.


Each side of Volksgarten park has giant beds of tiered roses with many different varieties and colors on display, including the classic red, white, pink, purple and more.

If you’re planning to visit Hofburg Palace while you’re at it, keep in mind that admission is included with some Vienna tourist passes.

12. Visit a Museum

In addition to all the historic sites in this city, there are several notable museums you may want to visit.

One of the best examples is the Belvedere, whose collection of Austrian art dating from the middle ages to the present day is exceptional.



Here are just a few of the best locations to see during the month of June:

  • Leopold Museum
  • Kunsthistorisches Museum
  • Sigmund Freud Museum
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Jewish & Judenplatz Museum
  • Museum of Natural History
  • Museum of Technology
  • Vienna Planetarium
  • Beethoven Museum Heiligenstadt
  • Children’s Museum
  • and more!

The best part about all these museums is that you can save money on tickets for each one simply by using a Vienna tourist pass!


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Updated: March 15th, 2024
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