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Visit Graceland Cemetery in Chicago

Updated: September 26, 2021

Known as the Cemetery of Architects, Graceland Cemetery in Chicago has been a private cemetery since the 1860s.

Graceland has a park feel as you wander through the beautiful landscaped grounds and around the lake on the property. The 1888 arts and craft style chapel doesn't seem out of place in this view. The Cemetery is open to all to visit, and its architectural masterpieces, local history and beauty are the magnets that attract people to Graceland. While architects from the traditional to the father of skyscrapers and modern masters take center stage, you’ll find that Graceland also holds fascinating stories of private eyes and public figures, baseball and boxing greats, merchants and inventors and other unique individuals.800px-Graceland_Cemetery

From Jack Johnson to Marshall Fields and George Pullman - the cemetery is the everlasting home to many men of various professions. But what Graceland Cemetery is known for is the monuments and memorials marking the resting place of Chicago's most well known feature - architecture. Famous Chicago architects, hoteliers, and lumber merchants are buried here.

Getting There

To get here From I-94, the cemetery is east on Irving Park Road 3.5 miles to the entrance at N. Clark St. From Lake Shore Drive, the cemetery is west on Irving Park Road 1.25 miles to the entrance at N. Clark St.


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Updated: September 26th, 2021
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