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Visit the Old Exchange Building and Provost Dungeon

Updated: December 22, 2023

This post provides details about how to visit the Old Exchange Building and Provost Dungeon in Charleston. We’ll include information about ticket prices, tours, and the best ways to save money on this attraction.


Built in the 1760s, the Old Exchange Building and Provost Dungeon was and still is a public building – first as a customs house, then an exchange, barracks, and prison.

This architectural highlight in historic Charleston is not only a glimpse into the city’s past, but also it’s grim and sordid past. 

According to some, the tortured souls of slaves sold at the market and the prisoners left chained to its dungeons walls through disease, famine and floods have left a presence here.

Entrance to the building includes a self-guided visit to the museum on two floors and a docent-led tour on one floor. The docent tour is about 30 minutes long.


There are a few different ways to get tickets for the Old Exchange Building and Provost Dungeon, including some deals we will cover in our discount section.

Here are the prices for general admission:

  • $12/Adults | $5/Children & Students
  • Kids 6 and under get in for free.

The Old Exchange Building and Provost Dungeon are open from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm from Mon-Sat and from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm on Sunday, but there are also after-hours tours you can take which are included with certain tours that we detail below.

Learn more here


This section includes details about tours which include a trip to the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon. We’ll cover information about the type of tour, when it takes place, ticket prices and more.

Bulldog Tours

This company offers a variety of tours in Charleston including their Ghost and Dungeon Walking Tour. On this outing, you’ll visit several notable locations including the Provost Dungeon!

The tour itself lasts for a total of 1 ½ hours, with about a 20 minute stop at the Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon. 

While this location typically closes at 5 pm, these tour groups are given the opportunity to visit after dark between the hours of 7 pm - 9 pm.

Although you won’t spend much time there, it’s nice to see the dungeon after the sun goes down and without worrying about crowds!

TIP: Admission to this tour is included with the Charleston Tour Pass, which we cover in greater detail under our discount section.

If you’re interested in learning more about the potentially haunted history of this city, make sure to read our Charleston ghost tours post.


The following section provides information about how to save money on admission to the Old Exchange Building and Provost Dungeon, including details about tourist passes and other discount opportunities.

Tourist Pass

If you’re planning to visit a lot of different attractions in Charleston, you may want to consider purchasing a tourist pass to save some money.

The Old Exchange Building and Provost Dungeon are included with the Charleston Tour Pass, as is the Ghost and Dungeon Walking Tour from Bulldog Tours.

This is an all-inclusive pass that provides admission to over 40 different activities for a specific amount of time (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days).

Here are a few of the other services included with this tourist pass:

  • Historic City Bus Tour | $25
  • Speedboat Adventure | $75
  • Boone Hall Plantation | $24
  • Palmetto Carriage Tour | $28
  • Charleston Tea Plantation | $12
  • Aiken-Rhett House Museum | $12
  • Old Slave Mart Museum | $8
  • Powder Magazine Site | $6
  • Charleston Harbor Tour | $30
  • Drayton Hall Plantation | $32
  • McLeod Plantation | $15
  • Fort Sumter Tour | $24
  • And more!

Depending on how you use the pass, you could save anywhere from 10% - 50% off general admission prices – or more!

The best way to save money with this pass is by using it for as many activities as possible.

For more details, make sure to read our post covering Charleston tourist passes.

Old Slave Mart Combo Pass

If you combine your tickets to the Old Exchange Building and Provost Dungeon with admission to the Old Slave Mart Museum, you can save money on both.

The combo pass will save you approximately $3, so it’s not the best discount, but it’s a pretty good deal nonetheless.

  • $15/Adults | $11/Seniors | $8/Children
  • Only available on-site at the ticket booth.

Don’t forget that both of these locations are included with the Charleston tour pass, which is another way to save money on both attractions.

Discount Sites

It’s not uncommon to find outings such as those offered by Bulldog Tours on discount sites like Groupon and Living Social.

In addition to whatever deals they may be offering to begin with, these sites also typically provide coupon codes to help you save an extra 20% - 30% off local activities.

Before you make any purchases, make sure to check both the top and bottom of the page for a banner that may include a coupon.


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Updated: December 22nd, 2023
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