How is the weather in Washington, DC in November?

This post is about the average weather and what to wear in DC in November. November weather in our nation’s capital is fall-like but not yet winter-like so it is a good time to visit as the summer crowds have vanished. 



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Early this month temperatures are still fairly mild with daytime highs in the low to mid-60s F (about 17 C) while early morning lows are mostly in the mid-40s F (about 7 C).  Some days can see mild temperatures rising into the low to mid-70s F (23-24 C).


How cold is it in DC in November


Temperatures do fall steadily during this month and by end of November, daytime highs are more likely to be in the lower-50s F (10-11 C) with overnight lows in the mid to upper-30s F (2-3 C).  About 3-4 days this month can see early morning lows at or below 32 F (0 C), however, about 23-24 days will also see daytime temperatures of at least 50 F (10 C).


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About 16 days during November normally offer up sunny or at least partly sunny skies while about 14 days will be mostly overcast.  About 8 days this month will see some precipitation but normally heavy rainfalls of 0.5 inches (about 13 mm) or more occur only on about 2 days.   Snow is rare, however, a dusting can be expected about once every 5 years with an inch or more snowfall once every 10 years.


Does it Snow in DC in November

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Be sure to read out post on What to Wear and Pack in DC for advice all year round on DC weather and how to prepare for it.

Bring clothes that suit both mild to cold weather and it is best to dress in layers. A couple of sweaters and at least one light or medium-weight jacket or coat is a good idea, especially during the second half of this month.

While in DC this month, please join us for our many walking tours, such as the Arlington National Cemetery Tour or our Lincoln Assassination Walking Tour.


What to Wear in DC in November


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Below are 10 top things to do in DC in November.

Be sure to read our full post on what to do in DC in November which includes free things to do, night and family-friendly activities and attractions, as well as our definitive post on the best things to do in DC.

And if you are planning on visiting many of DC’s top attractions, then you should consider a tourist discount pass as you could save up to 50% of retail ticket prices to tours, attractions, and restaurants.



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  1. Pay your respects on Veteran’s Day with an Arlington National Cemetery Tour.
  2. Attend a concert. 
  3. Take a sightseeing tour of DC
  4. Attend a sporting event, like the Redskins or Wizards
  5. Go Black Friday shopping.
  6. Enjoy the DC Tree Lighting Ceremony.
  7. See a show, like the Nutcracker Ballet
  8. Attend the DC Beer Festival
  9. Celebrate Thanksgiving with a Turkey Trot or by visiting a museum.
  10. Save money with a tourist discount pass.

Be sure to check out all the top things to do in November in our main post.


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