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Where is the Cheers Bar in Boston?

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This post is about Cheers, the famous Boston bar, its background, where to find it (there are 2 locations), and some tips on what to eat.



The bar, which opened in 1969 and was originally named the Bull and Finch, had been a quiet, low profile, local watering-hole. 

That was until it was discovered by Hollywood in 1981 and premiered in 1982 as the bar Cheers for the TV show of the same name.

The show ran for 11 seasons and made the bar the most famous bar in Boston, maybe in all of the United States.  

Today, you can take a stroll down the famous stairs and get yourself a beer or a drink named Mayday Malone and some good food. 

They also have a gift shop with t-shirts, glasses, and other show paraphernalia.  

Cheers Boston Original Bar

The Cheers Bar Boston was the viewing site of the cast for the last episode of Cheers on May 20, 1993, when the entire cast was at the bar (a few were a bit tipsy after spending hours there) and that night they appeared on The Tonight Show.

The last episode of Cheers was the second most watch season finale in television history and is second only to the final episode of the TV show MASH.

According to an online survey held in 2013 by GQ magazine, Cheers was voted the best comedy show of all time.

There are usually flocks of tourists snapping photos of the exterior and when the show was still airing at least 3000 people per day would visit the bar.

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Updated: October 12th, 2021
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