Arlington National Cemetery Security & Meeting Point

Arlington National Cemetery has recently installed new security procedures. During the transition period, it is likely to be confusing as it has been inconsistent with no official start date or announced plans. Due to this, we’re trying out best to make it clear on where exactly to meet your guide if you reserved our Arlington National Cemetery walking tour.


  • While we do not know exactly what will be in place when, please be prepared for:
    • ID Check for Adults
    • Bag Check – if this is place, you will need to have your bag open and ready for inspection. Prohibited items include:
      • FIRE ARMS
      • KNIVES (blades more than 3-inches in length)
      • FIRE WORKS
    • There will be an express lane for guests who have no bags.


There are no restroom breaks on the tour itself. While there are toilets at one of the stops it may require you to miss some of the tour. We highly encourage guests to use the toilets inside the Visitor Center, after security, before the tour.


Your guide will be waiting at the benches outside the Visitor Center, after security. Please allow additional time to go through security. The tour will begin at 10am (or whatever time specified on your reservation). We request guests arrive 10 minutes prior to check in with the guide. Watch the video below to see where to enter the security at Visitor Center and where to meet your guide.



As the procedures are new to us all, guides and guests alike, we predict that the meeting area may be crowded. Please use this tips to find your guide:

  • All guides wear orange shirts/jackets and nametags. Look for this first!
  • If you still cannot find the guide and you are there before the tour starts, check your email for the guide’s contact number. Please text them as we can answer texts faster than calls. If you reserved within 24 hours, you won’t have this email so text our office at 202-370-1830 to get the guide’s number.
  • If you are running late for the tour, we cannot delay the tour start. The group is usually a the meeting point for a few minutes after the tour start to go over logistics and background. Afterwards, the group will continue into the cemetery. The first stop is along Roosevelt Drive (map below).