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What to Do in Berlin in January

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In this post, we provide a list of fun and entertaining things to do in Berlin during the month of January, updated for 2020. We will cover a variety of different activities, attractions, events, festivals and more.




This top 10 list will help you narrow down your options in Berlin for the best concerts, events, and attractions to see and participate in during January.

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1) Go to a Concert

No matter what time of year it is, Berlin always seems to attract some of the best musical performers in the world.



Find all the concerts in Berlin here

2) Attend a Football Match or Hockey Game

January in Berlin sees both of their football (soccer) clubs, as well as their ice hockey team, playing home games.





You can find all the sporting events in Berlin here.

3) Catch the Circus on Ice

The Moskau Circus on Ice is in Berlin for two performances at the end of January. 



Find more theatrical performances here

4) Save Money with a Tourist Attraction Discount Pass

In order to maximize your time in Berlin and see as many attractions as possible, you can purchase a discount pass for one low price that gives you access to fun activities and points of interest.



Here are some of the most popular destinations included with Berlin tourist passes:

  • Hop-on-Hop-off Bus Tour
  • Natural History Museum
  • Aquadom & Sea Life
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Berlin River Cruise
  • Panoramapunkt
  • Berlin Dungeon

No matter which pass you choose, you should be able to save between 20% – 50% off general admission prices.

For more details, please read our post covering Berlin tourist passes.

5) Go on a Walking Tour

After the New Year's Eve crowds thin out, Berlin will be much calmer. This means January is the perfect time to go on a walking tour - groups will be smaller and more enjoyable.


Here are some of the most popular tour options available:

Some of these tours are pay-what-you-like, so they’re very affordable. We also offer multiple self-guided tours you may want to consider which won’t cost you a thing to enjoy:

6) See the Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group is an extremely popular touring group that puts on audio-visual comedic performances around the world. 

Screens, lights, music, and sound effects help the performers tell a humorous story, which means that no one in the audience needs to worry about a language barrier.



There will be one performance form the traveling production in January! 

  • January 8, 2020, at 20:00 (8:00 pm)
  • Stage Bluemax Theatre, Berlin
  • Find tickets here

7)  CTM Festival for Music and Art 

The CTM Festival centers around music and art from January 24 - February 2, 2020. There will be live music at multiple venues, as well as networking, collaboration labs, panels, and visual arts on display.



This festival is for those who appreciate innovative and independent music and art. 

Find tickets and information here

8)  International Green Week

International Green Week is a massive convention, trade show, and celebration of local traditions. 



You’ll find trade booths and vendors for produce, wine, beer, and other culinary products. There will also be kitchen, farming, and cooking demonstrations and panels.

9) New Year’s Day

New Year's Day is a public holiday, so most of the shops will be closed on New Year's Day as everyone recovers from the New Year's Eve celebrations, parties, and fireworks.



The partying will last into the early hours of January 1, 2020, before the city goes to bed.

That doesn't mean you'll be stuck without things to do for the rest of New Year's Day, however. You can still visit plenty of activities and attractions, such as the zoo, bus tours, and various museums, even if they open a bit late.

You can find museums and attractions that are included on a Berlin tourist pass.

If you get out early enough in the day, you can also take advantage of the various brunch specials offered at area restaurants.

10) JapanFestival Berlin

Celebrate the Japanese culture, art, and food of Japan for two days in Berlin.



The festival covers four levels of the convention center and two stages. You'll see exhibitors displaying art, clothing, and crafts, as well as find tourist information and food to purchase.


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