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Berlin Welcome Card, Berlin Pass + Other Discounts

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This post compares the Berlin Welcome Card, the Berlin Pass and several other tourist discount attraction passes available to you in Berlin. (auf Deutsch) (en Español)



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Berlin visitors have a choice of several city passes to help them navigate the city by public transport and offer discounts for museums, sights, attractions and bars, restaurants or clubs. 

Finding the right pass can be difficult, but we’ll do our best to help you find the best choice for your trip.

The first step to finding your pass is to figure out as best you can what you want to do while visiting Berlin. It's best not to let any single tourist discount pass or card dictate to you what you will see.   

Secondly, you should decide whether you will use public transportation and how frequently. 

There are many different tourist passes to choose from in Berlin, but not all of them are the same.

All Inclusive Berlin Tourist Pass

An all-inclusive pass will allow you to visit certain attractions for free (think all-inclusive resort). These passes are limited by the # of days that you choose. 

So, you can visit as many attractions and tours that you can fit in that timespan.

These are the most expensive options, but you have the potential to save the most money with them.

There are two all-inclusive passes to choose from and we compare them below.

Pick Your Attraction Pass

This is a new form of tourist pass for Berlin, but it might be exactly the type of service to best fit your itinerary.

Rather than pay per day, you'll be paying one flat price for 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 different activities. If you'd rather only pay for the services you plan to use, this is an excellent alternative to the All-Inclusive passes.

That said, it should be noted that the Pick Your Attraction Pass is more limited in terms of how much money you can save.

You'll also need to consider which attractions you choose in order to get the best possible deal, as some of them are worth a lot less than the cost per activity with the pass.

Berlin Discount Passes

A discount pass provides access to the Berlin metro system along with several deals on various services (think al-a-carte).

Your savings are more limited with these cards, but you have more flexibility than an all-inclusive pass. 

Berlin Museum Pass

Meanwhile, the Museum Pass will give you free admission to more than 30 different museums in and around the city, but it does not include transportation or any other discounted attractions.

If all else fails, you can also save money on various activities in Berlin by taking advantage of combo deals offered by bus tour companies.

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All-inclusive passes are the most expensive option, but they also offer the widest range of activities and the most potential for savings.

If you have the time and the desire to experience a bunch of different museums, tours, and other attractions, this is going to be one of your best options.

Rather than worrying about which sites you can visit, these all-inclusive passes will allow you to explore dozens of notable locations at your leisure.


Berlin Pass or Berlin Welcome Card


There are two All-Inclusive passes offered in Berlin: The Go Berlin Pass and the Welcome Card All-Inclusive.

Although both services provide access to a lot of entertaining activities, you will notice a few differences between each tourist pass.

Specifically, there are some attractions that are offered on one pass, but not the other. Bearing that in mind, we’ll do our best to highlight in red tours and attractions that are exclusive to either card.

The Go Berlin Pass 


With more than 60 museums and attractions and at least a few tours, the Berlin Pass is definitely a better value if you plan on seeing as much as possible.

Passes are available for 2, 3, 4, or 5 days at a time, and you'll save more money per day by choosing a longer pass. 

Free admission to 30+ museums including:

  • Magicum Museum
  • Checkpoint Charlie Museum*
  • The Wall Museum
  • DDR Museum
  • and many others

Free admission to multiple top attractions including:

  • Madame Tussauds
  • The Berlin Dungeon
  • Little Big City
  • AquaDom & Sea Life Berlin
  • and many more

Free tours and transportation services including:

  • Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tour
  • Berlin Bike Tour
  • Guided Walking Tour
  • A River Cruise
  • A 95-page Travel Guide (available in English, German or Italian)*

See their full list of attractions and tours here.

Go Berlin Pass Prices

  • 2-day pass: €76.20 for Adults | €39.85 for Children
    • Price per day: €38.10/Adults | €19.92/Children
  • 3-day pass: €102.75 for Adults | €55.80 for Children
    • Price per day: €34.25/Adults | €18.60/Children
  • 4-day pass: €129.35 for Adults | €73.50 for Children
    • Price per day: €32.34/Adults | €18.38/Children
  • 5-day pass: €156 for Adults | €93 for Children
    • Price per day: €31.20/Adults | €18.60/Children

You can buy the Go Berlin Pass and learn more by clicking here. Read reviews here.


The Welcome Card All-Inclusive

Although this card doesn’t provide as much of a variety, the Welcome Card All-Inclusive does provide admission to some museums and historic sites that aren’t offered by the Berlin Pass. 

You can also get this pass from 2 up to 6 days as opposed to the 3-day option above.

Overall, this pass is less expensive, so depending on what you want to see, this card might make more sense for you. What they lack in variety, they make up for in overall value. 

Free admission to 19 museums including:

  • German Spy Museum*
  • Jewish Museum of Berlin
  • The Story of Berlin Museum*
  • The Wall Museum*
  • And more

Free admission to several attractions including:

  • Little Big City
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Berlin Television Tower*
  • Olympiastadion Visitor Center
  • And more

Free admission to many tours including:

  • Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tour
  • Berlin Walking Tour
  • Berlin Bike Tour
  • A River Cruise
  • Free use of public transport*

See their full list of attractions and tours here. 

All-Inclusive Welcome Card Prices

  • 2-day pass: €69 for Adults | €49 for Children
  • 3-day pass: €85 for Adults | €59 for Children
  • 4-day pass: €99 for Adults | €65 for Children
  • 5-day pass: €115 for Adults | €69 for Children
  • 4-day pass: €129 for Adults | €79 for Children

All-Inclusive Welcome Card + Transport

  • 2-day pass: €79 for Adults | €49 for Children
  • 3-day pass: €105 for Adults | €54 for Children
  • 4-day pass: €125 for Adults | €59 for Children
  • 5-day pass: €145 for Adults | €69 for Children
  • 4-day pass: €165 for Adults | €79 for Children

The All-Inclusive Welcome Card also includes discounts for several activities and attractions.

Click here to learn more and purchase this tourist pass.


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Go Berlin Explorer Pass

In addition to their all-inclusive options, the Go Berlin Pass is also now available as a pick your attractions pass.

Rather than paying per day, you'll choose between 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 popular attractions and pay one flat price for however many activities you pick.

Depending on which option you choose, you could save up to 30% off general admission prices with the Go Berlin Explorer Pass.

This is also a much better choice if you're planning to spend more than a week in Berlin, as the pass is active for a total of 30 days!

The attractions you can choose from are the same as what you'll get with the all-inclusive service, so make sure to check and see how many of those activities you plan to enjoy before deciding which pass to purchase.

Here are a few of the best services you can pick with this pass:

  • Hop on Hop off Bus Tour
  • Berlin River Cruise
  • Checkpoint Charlie Museum
  • Madame Tussauds
  • SEA LIFE Berlin
  • Berlin Dungeon
  • Little Big City
  • Berlin Bike Tour
  • And more!

Go Berlin Explorer Pass Prices

  • 3 Choices: €63 for Adults | €35.50 for Children
    • Price per choice: €21/Adults | €11.83/Children
  • 4 Choices: €76.25 for Adults | €44.25 for Children
    • Price per choice: €19.06/Adults | €11.06/Children
  • 5 Choices: €102.75 for Adults | €55.80 for Children
    • Price per choice: €20.55/Adults | €11.16/Children
  • 6 Choices: €120.50 for Adults | €69 for Children
    • Price per choice: €20.08/Adults | €11.50/Children
  • 7 Choices: €142.50 for Adults | €83.25 for Children
    • Price per choice: €20.35/Adults | €11.89/Children

Purchase the Go Berlin Explorer Pass or learn more.

Things to Consider 

As you can see, the lowest price per attraction is actually €19.06, but there are some activities included that actually cost much less than that.

Although you can save money with the Explorer Pass, it will be important to consider the general admission costs of each service in order to get the best possible deal.


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If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money on an all-inclusive pass, or maybe you are not sure that you would use the all-inclusive card enough to make it worth buying, then you might want to consider one of the following discount passes.


Berlin Discount Passes


These services typically include free public transport along with discounts on several popular attractions.

This is a great option for travelers who want to take control over the places that they visit and save money on transportation.

If you are considering this opportunity, make sure to read about how the AB/ABC Zone tickets work in Berlin.

Berlin Welcome Card

In addition to their all-inclusive option, the Welcome Card also offers a discount pass that can help you save a lot of money on admission to several popular attractions. 



With 25% to 50% off at over 200 venues and a public transport pass included, the Berlin Welcome Card is made for travelers who don’t want to miss out on anything. 

This pass provides discounts for 48 different museums, 26 attractions and at least 44 interesting tours in Berlin.

The Welcome Card offers various options in terms of duration and tariff zone.

Travelers can choose either Berlin city centre (tariff zone AB) or Berlin and surrounding areas (tariff zone ABC).  


Berlin Welcome Card Benefits


You could also print the voucher at home and obtain the transport tickets and discount pass at any of a number of tourist offices, including both airports and most major train stations.

This card is well-reviewed. Read some of the reviews.

Click here to buy the Berlin WelcomeCard and find out more.

Berlin City Centre

Ticket for the tariff zone AB including Tegel Airport.

CAUTION: NOT Schönefeld Airport.

  • 48 hours: €20
  • 72 hours: € 29
  • 4 days: € 34
  • 5 days: € 38
  • 6 days: € 43

Berlin + Potsdam

A ticket for the tariff zone ABC including Potsdam and the New Palace. The ticket also includes Tegel and Schönefeld.

  • 48 hours: €23
  • 72 hours: €32
  • 4 days: € 37
  • 5 days: € 42
  • 6 days: € 47

Berlin WelcomeCard + Museum Island

This variant is a 72-hour ticket that offers the same advantages as the above-mentioned tickets.

Additionally, you will also receive free admission in the five most famous museums of the Museum Island (Old National Gallery, Altes Museum, Bode Museum, Neues Museum, and Pergamon Museum).

Note: Special exhibitions are not included in the price.


The Hipster City Tour Card

Those who are less interested in traditional attractions like museums should consider the Berlin City Tour Card instead. This tourist pass includes discounts on 10 of the most popular activities in the city. 

Although they only offer discounts on the top 10 attractions in Berlin, the City Tour Card will cost less than any other discount pass.

If all you want is a travel card with some additional savings on a few different activities, this pass should be at the top of your list.

Here is a list of the deals offered by the City Tour Card:

  • AquaDom & Sea Life (30% Off)
  • City Circle Sightseeing Bus Tour (25% Off)
  • Berlin Dungeon (30% Off)
  • Fat Tire Bike Tours (25% Off)
  • Berliner Fernsehturm (25% Off)
  • DDR Museum (15% Off)
  • Little Big City (25% Off)
  • Madame Tussauds (25% Off)
  • Stern und Kreisschiffahrt (15% Off)
  • Insider Tour Berlin (28% Off)

You can get the Berlin City Tour Card for between 2-5 days. It includes either an AB tariff zone ticket an ABC tariff zone ticket. 

Berlin City Centre (tariff zone AB)

  • 48 hours: € 19,90
  • 72 hours: € 29,90
  • 4 days: € 36,90
  • 5 days: €42,90
  • 6 days: €44.90

Berlin + Surroundings (tariff zone ABC)

  • 48 hours: € 22,90
  • 72 hours: € 33,90
  • 4 days: € 41,90
  • 5 days: € 46,90
  • 6 days: €47.90

Click here to purchase the City Tour Card and learn more. 


Easy City Pass

Much like the Berlin Welcome Card and the City Tour Card, the Easy City Pass will allow you to travel for free using public transportation and enjoy savings on several different services around Berlin.


Easy City Pass Berlin


What sets the Easy City Pass apart from other discount passes is the sheer amount of discounts they offer at various attractions, tours, activities, stores, and restaurants.

If you’re looking for a discount pass that will cover almost everything, this is the one you want.

Take a look at this list of just a few partners who offer great deals through the Easy City Pass:


  • Alternative Berlin Tours
  • Fat Tire Bike Tours
  • Original Berlin Walks
  • Mindways Segway City Tour
  • Street Safari
  • Bike Taxi


  • The Wall Museum
  • Brandenburger Museum
  • Computer Games Museum
  • Georg Kolbe Museum
  • Chameleon Theater
  • BKA Theater


  • Madame Tussauds
  • Berlin Dungeon
  • SeaLife Berlin
  • Little Big City
  • Stand Up Paddling


  • The Scoop
  • PEP’s Kaffee
  • Sandmann Restaurant
  • SUPANI Restaurant
  • Havanna Bar
  • McDonald’s

As you can see, there is a wide variety of discounts available, but this list doesn’t even scratch the surface. 

This discount pass is available for between 2-6 days with either an AB or an ABC tariff zone ticket. You will find the prices for each option below.

Click here for more information or to purchase the Easy City Pass. 

Berlin City Centre (tariff zone AB)

  • 48 hours: €18,90
  • 72 hours: €25,90
  • 4 days: €31,90
  • 5 days: €35,90
  • 6 days: €39,90

Berlin + Surroundings (tariff zone ABC)

  • 48 hours: €20,90
  • 72 hours: €27,90
  • 4 days: €34,90
  • 5 days: €40,90
  • 6 days: €45,90

If you want to know more or purchase this discount pass, click here.


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Tips on Berlin Transport Options

Each of these discount passes includes a ticket for public transportation throughout Berlin.

The lower-priced options include an AB Zone ticket while the higher-priced passes have an ABC Zone ticket.

No matter which transit pass you choose to purchase, it is important to understand some basic details about these public transport tickets.

Be sure to read our guide on how to use Berlin's mass transportation system.



Useful for Several Services

The transport ticket is valid on all subways, suburban trains, buses, night buses, trams and also for two ferries.

With this card in hand, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting around the city of Berlin.

AB/ABC Tariff Zones

It’s important to understand the difference between the AB and ABC Zones.

While the AB Zone pass will provide transportation within the inner city, the ABC Zone is useful for traveling around the suburbs of Berlin as well.

This might come in handy if you intend to visit any locations on the outskirts of Berlin or you plan to use the Schönefeld Airport.

If you plan on staying near the city center and using the Tegel Airport, the AB Zone ticket should be good enough.

Kids Ride for Free

With each of these discount passes, an unlimited number of children up to the age of 6 can travel for free. They also allow up to 3 kids between the ages of 6-14 for free with each pass.

Luggage is also Free

Visitors are welcome to bring one piece of luggage or one bag per person on public transport. 

Certain Items Might Cost Extra

If you have a bicycle or similarly sized item, you may be asked to pay extra as these types of items are not included with the pass.

That being said, both the Berlin Welcome Card and the Easy City Pass will allow you to bring a dog on board.

Transport Ticket Must Be Validated

Before you can use your AB/ABC Zone ticket, it must be validated by stamping it once.

You will find machines to validate your ticket near most metro stations and other areas where you can find public transport. You only need to stamp your ticket once – if you stamp it again, it will be void.


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50 museums in 3 days - Museum Pass Berlin Berlin Museum pass

For real passionate museum lovers, the Museum Pass Berlin offers admission to 50 museums for a period of 3 consecutive days for €29.00 (reduced price € 14.50) with a brochure to navigate Berlin’s diverse museum scene.

Watch out for special admission hours during the winter holidays!

You can buy the Museum Pass Berlin online.

Alte National Galerie
Altes Museum
Anne Frank Zentrum
Anti-War Museum
Bauhaus Archive
Berlinische Galerie
Botanical Museum
German Cathedral
German Museum of Technology
Hamburger Bahnhof
Jewish Museum Berlin
Kunstgewerbemuseum (Museum of Decorative Arts)
Köpenick Palace
Labyrinth Kindermuseum Berlin
MACHmit! Museum für Kinder
Berggruen Museum
Museen Dahlem (Museum of European Cultures; Museum of Asian Art; Ethnological Museum of Berlin; Museum of Photography)
Museum für Naturkunde (Natural History Museum)
Neues Museum
St. Nicholas' Church
Pergamon Museum
Schwules Museum


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Other Cards and Passes


Berlin Get2Card

The get2Card is a 2-for-1 card, as in getting 2 people for the price of 1!

It is sold in increments of 3, 5, or 7 days and a full year.

Note: the get2Card is only available as a mobile app for iOS and Google smartphones. Therefore you must have a smartphone.

The exception is if you buy the annual get2Card, in which case you will receive a paper voucher.

The pass includes sightseeing, theater, opera, cinemas, and restaurants.  

With your get2Car you will receive a 350-page guide with information on all the included offers.

Just some of the attractions that are included are:

  • Boat tours in and around Berlin
  • Legoland Discovery Centre Berlin
  • Madame Tussauds Berlin
  • SEALIFE and AquaDom Berlin
  • Panoramapunkt viewing platform
  • German Symphony Orchestra Berlin


  • 3 days for €18.70
  • 5 days for € 23.70
  • 7 days for € 28.70
  • 1 year for €66

To purchase your card, go to their website and choose a date that you want your card to begin.

After you complete your booking, you will receive an email with log-in details to access your card.

A nice perk is that they offer a full refund for cancellation up to 1 day in advance. 

Berlin City Pass  

Not to be confused with the Berlin Pass, the Berlin City Pass is a bare-bones discount card that includes a few items, but ones that you are likely to visit.

By bundling these items into a pass, you will save some money and you also get 20% discounts on many other attractions.  

This pass is best for people who are planning to visit a few attractions and like the convenience of having your pass before you even arrive in Berlin.

The pass includes

  • Skip-the-line entrance to the TV Tower with an amazing view of Berlin
  • Skip-the-line entrance to the Reichstag
  • Berlin Metro Card for 48h or 72h
  • Airport Transfer from Airport Schönefeld or Tegel
  • 1-day Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour with CitySightseeing
  • 20% discount on top museums (like the Altes Museum, Neues Museum & Pergamon Museum)
  • 20% discount on top attractions, tours, and excursions (like the Berliner Dom, Checkpoint Charlie, Madame Tussauds and more)


Pass with 48-hour Metrocard

  • Adult  €72.50
  • Child (6-17) €53.50

Pass with 72-hour Metrocard

  • Adult €82.50
  • Child (6-17) €64.00

How it works:

When you know the dates of your trip and are ready to purchase your City Pass, click here. You will be asked to enter your arrival date and airport.

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an email asking you to choose the dates/times for your free visits to the Reichstag and the TV Tower.

Once you have completed this entire process, you will get an email including all tickets. You will get instructions regarding how to pick-up your Airport Transfer and Metrocard upon arrival in Berlin.

Lastly, you will receive a discount code to get a 20% discount on tickets for other top museums and attractions.  

+++Don’t forget to check out our pay-what-you-like walking tours of Berlin!+++

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