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This is a comparison of the various bike tour companies available in Amsterdam. The Netherlands is an excellent country to cycle in thanks well marked bike paths and very few hills! Thus, unsurprisingly, there are many different companies offering bike tours of Amsterdam and the surrounding countryside. We’ve broken down all of the different types of tours by category and then compared them by quality and price, so that you can find what’s right for you!

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  • Be sure to inquire about a helmet as some companies will not automatically supply you with one. 
  • Don’t worry if you’re not used to biking in a city. Your guide will help familiarize you with the rules of the road, so you’ll be left feeling comfortable and confident in no time! However, if you’re worried about city riding, consider taking a bike tour on a day-trip outside of Amsterdam.
  • Remember that Amsterdam is a FULL of cyclists, so make sure you yield to locals who are using their bike to commute to work.
  • Thankfully, the large number of cyclists means that there are also a lot of clearly marked bike lanes. Stay within these lanes and follow basic traffic safety laws to avoid an unnecessary collision.

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There are several different companies leading guided tours around Central Amsterdam. All feature very similar sites and attractions such as the famous canals, Museum Square, Oude Kerk, the Royal Palace, the Red Light, and many others. The biggest difference between each company is the length and price of their tours. Mike’s Bike Tours and Rentals and Amsterbike both offer 3 hour tours of the city, costing $32 and $24 per person, respectively. We Bike Amsterdam also lead a 3 hour tour, but it is of Amsterdam’s Backstreets and Hidden Gems. SANDEMAN’S New Europe tour is slightly shorter at 2.5 hours and costs $23 per person, which is approximately the same as Amsterbike. Yellow Bike Tours lead a 2 hour tour and A-Rental Bikes and Tours offer one that is just 1 hour, which is the most affordable option on this list. All are very highly rated, though some guests from each company found cycling in a busy city like Amsterdam to be intimidating. 

Mike’s Bike Tours and Rentals

Mike’s Bike Tours and Rentals is one of the most popular tour companies in Amsterdam. They offer a standard 3 hour tour of the city center, which will take you through Museumplein (Museum Square), Dam Square, the Red Light District, Oude Kerk, and the Royal Palace. Your guide will also share their knowledge about Amsterdam’s ‘coffee shop’ culture, giving you an insider’s perspective. At $32 per person, this tour is slightly more expensive than the others included on this list. However, their impressive reputation guarantees a high quality experience. 

  • Amsterdam City Bike Tours
    • 3 hour guided bike tour around the city center
    • Departs daily at either 11am or 12pm from Central Amsterdam 
    • From $32 per person

Reviews of Mike’s Bikes Tours and Rentals

Most people seem very pleased with their experience on Mike’s Bike Tours and Rentals’ City Tour. Many compliment the guides for being very welcoming and making them feel at ease. Several others also note that the terrain is very flat and the route is easy to follow, making it a comfortable experience for even those not used to riding a bike. Some were disappointed with the group size (maximum 12 in a tour), however this is a common complaint amongst most companies during the high season. TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5 stars. 

A-Bike Rental and Tours

A-Bike Rental and Tours offer 2 different guided tours of the city. The first is an abbreviated, 1-hour tour of Amsterdam’s top attractions such as Dam Square, Bloemenmarkt flower market, and the UNESCO-listed canals. Most city tours are 3 hours, so don’t expect to see nearly as much with this shortened version. However, if you are short on cash and/or time, this is an excellent alternative. Similarly, they also offer a 1-hour tour of Vondelpark, which is a beautiful city escape featuring canals, rose gardens, and sculptures of the park. Concludes at a coffee shop. 

Reviews of A-Bike Rental and Tours

Both their Vondelpark and Guided Amsterdam tours rate very highly on TripAdvisor. People who were nervous about cycling around Amsterdam’s busy streets usually opted for the Vondelpark Tour, which they seem very pleased with. Many also compliment the 1-hour city tour for helping introduce them to Amsterdam. The free coffee and wifi available at the bike shop is also praised by visitors. TripAdvisor Rating: 5 stars. 


A 3 hour city tour that explores the New Market, the Old Church, the Red Light District, the Royal Palace, the Western Church, the Jordaan district, and Amsterdam’s many famous canals. Guides stop every few minutes to share the history of each place and allow time for you to walk around. Their tours are available in English, German, French, Spanish, and Dutch. 

Reviews of Amsterbike

Amsterbike generally receives very positive reviews from visitors who were impressed with the high quality of bikes and guides. Unfortunately, some of their older reviews suggest that the company used to struggle with oversized groups and poor organization. However, the lack of negative reviews in recent years suggests that they have since dealt with these issues and made a real effort to improve customer experience. TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5 stars. 

Yellow Bike Tours 

Yellow Bike Tours offers a 2 Hour Bicycle Tour that visits the harbor, hidden courtyards, Jordan Quarter, Rembrandt’s,  Rijksmuseum, and the infamous Red Light District. This is a good option for those who want to see more than what is offered on the 1 hour tour by A-Bike Rentals and Tours, but don’t have the time to indulge in one of the other 3 hour tours. There is a 20 minute lunch break midway through the tour as well. Available in Dutch, French, German, and English.

Reviews of Yellow Bike Tours 

This tour is very highly rated by many who enjoyed the guides who are often described as knowledgeable and informative. The bike tour begins from an easy-to-find location near restaurants and coffee shops, so you can grab a bite to eat before the start of the tour. Like some of the other companies, Yellow Bike Tours receives some complaints from guests who were disappointed with the large size of the group. TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5 stars. 

We Bike Amsterdam 

We Bike Amsterdam run a 3 hour bike tour of the city that aims to explore the lesser known part of Amsterdam. You will visit hidden courtyards and churches of the Jordaan, Vondelpark, Museumplein, and your local guide’s favorite coffee shop. This company guarantees that their guides are “locally born and bred” and English speaking. They also supply ponchos in case of rain, though helmets are only given upon request. 

Reviews of We Bike Amsterdam 

We Bike Amsterdam is one of the highest rated bike tour companies on TripAdvisor. In fact, of their nearly 1,000 reviews, only 1 falls below 3 stars. They receive especially high praise for keeping the group size manageable and well organized. The guides are also complimented for being very kind and informative. This is the only tour that is dedicated to the backstreets of the city, and so very popular with guests eager to explore lesser known parts of Amsterdam. TripAdvisor Rating: 5 stars 


Though the specialize in walking tours, SANDEMAN’S New Europe also leads a 2.5 hour bike tour of Amsterdam. Major sites include all those featured on the other city tours, including Oude Kerk, the De Gooyer Windmill, and Amsterdam’s many canals. The tour begins from in front of Central Station and is available in both Spanish and English. 

Reviews of SANDEMAN’S New Europe 

Though their Amsterdam Bike Tour is not as popular as their walking tours, it receives excellent reviews. People were impressed with how flexible the tour was based on the needs and desires of the guests, as well as by the high quality of the bikes. Unlike some other tours that left visitors feeling nervous about riding on the road, SANDEMAN’S seem to do a good job of providing detailed instructions about cycling in the city. Of course, some people were less impressed and found the tour to be disorganized. However, these complaints are fairly uncommon. TripAdvisor Rating: 5 stars. 

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Those nervous about cycling on Amsterdam’s busy streets should consider taking a bike tour into the countryside. It’s a short bike ride to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and into more peaceful surroundings. There are 3 different companies offering these types of tours. Amsterbike and Mike’s Bike Tours and Rentals offer countryside tours that include a cheese tasting and clog making demonstration. Yellow Bike Tours offer a similar tour, though without the promise of visiting a cheese and clog factory. 

Mike’s Bike Tours and Rentals 

This 4 hour bike ride into the Dutch countryside visits historic windmills, a cheese farmhouse, and a wooden clog factory, amongst other sites. You will also visit Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s largest and most well-known park, during your ride back. Their guides are well-versed and will provide a historic background of each area as you go. Rain ponchos are provided, but helmets are usually only available upon request. 

Reviews of Mike’s Bike Tours and Rentals 

The Amsterdam Countryside Bike Tour is their most popular tour on offer. People who have taken it call it the “perfect tour” and say that they “wish we had only done this sooner.” For many, the cheese farm and clog factory were the highlights of the tour. Several others commented on the tour’s value, stating that they felt it was well worth the money. The only consistent criticism comes from people who wished they had more time on the bikes. TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5 stars. 


Amsterbike’s Windmills, Cheese, & Clogs Tour is very similar to Mike’s Bike Tours, but 1 hour shorter and departs in the morning rather than the afternoon. Sites include traditional Dutch houses, a windmill, a cheese farm, and a clog factory. Tours depart every morning at 10am, allowing for plenty of time to sightsee more later in the day. At $32, it is also slightly cheaper than Mike’s Bike Tours. 

Reviews of Amsterbike 

Though their city tour is much more popular, the 3-Hour Countryside Bike Tour offered by Amsterbike receives outstanding reviews. Guests describe their experience as thoroughly enjoyable and a great day out. The bikes themselves are also praised for being of an excellent quality. TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5 stars. 

Yellow Bike Tours

Yellow Bike Tours also lead countryside tours outside of Amsterdam. The half-day bike ride brings you past beautiful villages, waterways, and a windmill. You also are allowed a 45 minute break for lunch to enjoy in the idyllic countryside. At $38 per person, this tour is slightly more expensive than the others on offer.  

Reviews of Yellow Bike Tours 

Once again, this company’s city tour is their most popular. However, the Dutch Countryside Half-Day Bike Tour is very highly praised. Nearly all guests rate it at 4 or 5 stars, though one writes about their disappointed by the guide’s lack of equipment to fix a flat tire. For the most part, however, guests describe their experience as comfortable, informative, and fun. TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5 stars. 

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For those who don’t have the time or interest in taking a cycling tour, you can also opt to simply rent a bike for a day to take a self-guided tour around the city. A-Bike Rentals and Tours offer an all day rental for $17. Rental includes bike locks, carrier straps, a bell, and free coffee at the store. You will also receive basic safety instructions and suggestions from their staff. 

A-Bike Rentals and Tours

Reviews of A-Bike Rentals and Tours

Most guests seem very pleased with the quality of bikes and equipment available through A-Bike Rentals and Tours. Others also comment on how their shop is very conveniently, making for easy pick-up and drop-off. The free wifi and coffee seems to be the icing on the cake for many visitors who were beyond pleased with their decision to rent from A-Bike Rentals and Tours. TripAdvisor Rating: 5 stars. 

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Yellow Bike Tours is on the is on the Silver Ticket of the Amsterdam Holland Pass, which gives you FREE entrance to a limited number of museums and attractions. So, if you are planning to visit several different sites, it might be best to consider purchasing an Amsterdam Holland Pass instead!

Discounts are also sometimes available through Groupon

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