Hop On Hop Off Amsterdam

This post reviews the hop-on-hop-off boat and bus tours available in Amsterdam and includes prices, schedules and analysis of tickets.




Hop-on-hop-off tours – whether bus or boat – are a great way to see the most number of sights in a short amount of time. All boat and bus tour routes stop at many major attractions you are likely to want to visit.  

They are convenient because you do not have to fuss with buying transport tickets as you move from destination to destination.  

Whether on a boat tour, bus tour or a combination of the two, you have the flexibility and freedom to hop on and off as often as you like and at any of the stops along the route.

If you prefer to enjoy the scenery, there is no need to hop off! Just sit back and relax! 

Additionally, some hop-on-hop-off tours combine boat and bus tours. You can also find boat tours that are bundled with attractions like the Heineken Experience or the Rijksmuseum.

There is also a hop-on-hop-off boat tour packaged with an Amsterdam transportation pass.  

The packages are a great way to save money and simplify your travel around the city.

TIP: For extra savings on tours and attractions, you might want to consider purchasing one of the excellent tourist discount cards available.

To find all details on the cards offered and an analysis of which card is best for you, check out our post on Amsterdam Tourist Passes and Cards.

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Stromma NL Boat Tours

Stromma hop-on-hop-off boat tours sell one-day tickets, a 24-hours ticket, and a 48-hours ticket.

Whichever you choose, you get the same services including an audio guide available in six languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Italian).




There are two routes, the blue route, and the orange route.

The routes cover different canals but do have overlapping stops so that you can switch from one route to the other if you wish to do so.

Boat routes: Their boat tours offer two routes with some overlapping stops so you can transfer between the routes.


Blue route

  • Central station west
  • Anne Frank house Jordaan
  • Rijksmuseum / van Gogh museum
  • Leidseplein/Vondelpark
  • City hall/ Hermitage
  • A’DAM Lookout/Amsterdam North

Orange Route

  • Central station west
  • Nemo/Maritime museum
  • City hall/ Hermitage
  • Rijksmuseum / van Gogh museum
  • Leidseplein/Vondelpark
  • Anne Frank house Jordaan
  • Rembrandtplein/Hermitage 
  • Heineken Experience    


 Stromma Canal Boat



  • Canal boats operate daily from March 23 until November 5.  
  • Boats begin at approximately 9:40 am and run as late as 20:40 depending on which route you are on. 
  • The boat stops are every 20/25 minutes apart. Hopping off is the easy part, but to hop back on at a specific destination be sure to have a schedule in hand and keep in mind that you may have to wait for a boat to arrive. 

Tickets and Prices

If you opt for a 24-hour ticket, your ticket is valid for a consecutive 24 hours from the first time you use it.

So if you take a 1 pm boat on a Tuesday, your ticket is valid until 1 pm on Wednesday.

And of course, if you want to take your time and really see all the city has to offer, the 48-hour ticket may be the best option for you. 

24-hour Ticket

  • €24 – Adult 
  • €12 – Child (aged 4-12)  
  • Free – Toddlers 3 and under
  • Purchase your tickets here.

48-hour Ticket

  • €33 – Adult 
  • €17 – Child (aged 4-12)  
  • Free – Toddlers 3 and under
  • Purchase your tickets here.

Reviews of Stromma

Stromma has a 4.5 out of 5-stars rating on both TripAdvisor and Get Your Guide (read the reviews).

Reviews also talk about how relaxing the tour was and the pace was just right to enjoy the views as well as get to your destination.

Some reviewers noted that the arrival of boats was a bit longer than expected, but this can be avoided if you check the schedule of stops beforehand and make your plans accordingly.”

Stromma also offers a large variety of other tickets, including dinner cruises and combo tickets.

CitySightseeing Boat Tours

CitySightseeing hop-on-hop-off boat tours are available in either a 24-hour or 48-hour ticket. These are consecutive hours and the clock starts running from when you first use it.  

The boat routes stop at Amsterdam’s most popular destinations so you can hop on and off to visit the attractions you like. 

The boats are equipped with panoramic windows for maximum views. You also receive headsets and a GPS audio guide in Spanish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian.

CitySightseeing tours have some excellent features. First, free WiFi is included! Second, they have an app available in both iOS and Android that can assist you in planning your time.

The app (screenshots below) shows you where you the stops and also provide you with fascinating information about the key points of interest you may choose to visit.


Two Boat Routes      

Green Route 

  • Central station west
  •  Gassan Diamonds
  • Amstel / Icebar
  • Albert Cuyp Market
  • Rijksmuseum / Leidseplein
  • Anne Frank House

Blue Route

  • Saint Nicholas Church
  • Anne Frank House
  • Leidseplein
  • Hermitage Museum
Citysightseeing App Map

CitySightseeing App Map




CitySightseeing App

CitySightseeing App Schedule




Summer season (March 23 – October 30)  

  • The green line departs daily from 10:05 – 18:00h (6:00 pm) (stops every 20/25 min)  
  • The blue line departs daily from 10:15 – 17:15h (5:25 pm) (stops every 20/25 min)    

Winter season (October 31 – March 22)

  • The blue line departs daily from 10:00 – 18:50h (6:50 pm) (stops every 20/25 min) 

Tickets and Prices  

24-hour pass –  valid for a consecutive 24 hours from the first time you use it

  • €25.00 – Adult
  • €12.50 – Child (aged 4-13)
  • Purchase your tickets here.

48-hour pass – valid for a consecutive 48 hours from the first time you use it

  • €36.00/adult
  • €18.00/children (aged 4-13)
  • Purchase your tickets here.

Reviews of CitySightseeing Amsterdam

CitySightseeing Amsterdam Boat

CitySightseeing’s variety of hop-on-hop-off tours are rated slightly lower than its main competitor.

It has a rating just over 4 out of 5-stars by both TripAdvisor and Get Your Guide (read the reviews).

The audio commentary is praised as both informative and easy to hear through the plug-in ear pods provided. Users also say the audio is well-timed with the sights from the boats.

Having the choice of covered or uncovered seating was a plus. Guests report that the boats are comfortable and clean and that the staff was friendly and helpful.  

Many guests recommend doing the combo bus/boat tour (see below) to gain a different perspective. It appears that the best way to use this combo is to ride the bus first, do your hopping on and off, and then enjoy a relaxing boat tour at the end of the day.


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This tour is in an open-top double-decker bus that makes 12 stops at popular destinations. You can hop on or off wherever you would like. If you want to stay on the bus for the full tour, it lasts 60 minutes.

You receive headsets with audio commentary is available in 6 languages. You also get free wifi!

And conveniently, you can download an app that allows you to see in real-time where their buses are, as well as be able to find nearby stops.




  • Central Station 
  • Amrath Hotel  
  • Brewery Windmill  
  • Artis Royal Zoo  
  • Gassan Diamonds  
  • Jewish Historical Museum  
  • Sarphatistraat 
  • Heineken Experience 
  • Museum Square 
  • Vondelpark 
  • Westermarkt 
  • Amsterdam Museum  

Departure Schedule

  • Summer season (March 23 – October 30) – Daily from 09:15 – 18:00h (6:00 pm) (stops every 15/20 min) 
  • Winter Season (October 31 – March 22)  –  Daily from 10:00 – 18:00h (6:00 pm) (stops every 15/20 min)  

Tickets and Prices

24-hour pass –  valid for a consecutive 24 hours from the first time you use it

  • €21 – Adult
  • €10 – Child (aged 4-13)
  • Purchase your tickets here.

48-hour pass – valid for a consecutive 48 hours from the first time you use it

  • €39 – Adult
  • €19 – Children (aged 4-13) 
  • Click here to purchase.

Reviews of CitySightseeing Bus Tours 

Like with the boat tours, reviewers on TripAdvisor and Get Your Guide were happy with the bus tours as well (read the reviews).

Many people felt the audio guide provided in many languages was informative as it covers the history of what you see from the bus. 


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Combining a bus tour and boat tour is a smart idea as it gives you the convenience of going to many parts of the city.

It is entirely up to you when you want to travel by bus or by boat. You can switch between them as you like.

Like other CitySightseeing tours, you get audio commentary available in Spanish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian.




24-Hour Ticket

  • €23 – Adult
  • €11 – Child (aged 4-13)

48-Hour Ticket

  • €39 – Adult
  • €19 – Child (aged 4-13) 

Purchase your tickets here.



Stromma NL

Stromma, reviewed above, sells hop-on-hop-off boat tours combined with an attraction. This allows for some additional savings and the convenience of having one ticket for two activities.  

The boat ticket is good for 24 consecutive hours. Like their regular hop-on-hop-off tours you can leave or rejoin a boat at any one of 13 stops.

You also get a headset with audio commentary in Spanish, Dutch, English, French, German, and Italian.

Heineken Experience &  Cruise

In addition to your 24-hour cruise ticket and audio guide, the price includes entrance to the Heineken Experience and 2 free beers.


  • €42 Adult (13+)  
  • Purchase your ticket here.

We have a post on the Heineken Experience.

Cruise & Skip the Line Rijksmuseum

In addition to your 24-hour hop-on-hop-off boat tour, each person gets a skip-the-line ticket for the Rijksmuseum, one of the busiest museums in Amsterdam so the skip-the-line ticket is a real time saver.


  • €41 – Adult 
  • €24 – Children (aged 4-12) 
  • Toddlers under 3 years old Free
  • Purchase your ticket here.



Stromma NL

This ticket is an affordable and convenient way to handle your transportation needs with just one purchase.

This 24-hour transport ticket gives you unlimited travel throughout Amsterdam by tram, bus, metro, and boat.

You also get a hop-on, hop-off boat tour with two routes for the same 24 hours as your public transport ticket or on another day.  

Multilingual commentary is available onboard via audio guides. Boats offer a frequent service from 9 stops, including 4 transfer points.

 Green Line

  • Central Station West
  • NEMO Science Museum / Maritime Museum
  • Rembrandt Square / Hermitage Museum
  •  Flower Market / Rijksmuseum
  •  Leidseplein / Vondelpark
  •  Anne Frank House / Jordaan
  •  Amsterdam North / Eye Film                                                                                          
Orange Line

  • Central Station East
  • Rembrandt Square / Hermitage Museum
  • Flower Market / Rijksmuseum
  • Leidseplein / Vondelpark
  • Anne Frank House / Jordaan                         

Schedule   Canal boats run daily from around 09:30 to 19:00 every 20-30 minutes. For use of of your transport pass, see GVB‘s website. They are the official public transport company of Amsterdam.


  • €31.50/adult
  • €19.50/children  (aged 3-12)
  • Free toddlers 2 years ad under
  • To purchase click here.


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