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London Food Tours Compared

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This post compares several of the most popular food tours available in London.

Below, we've broken down the various food tour options in London by neighbourhood so you can decide...which is the best food tour in London?


It should really come at no surprise that East London is a very popular area for food tours.

The district, which is also known as the East End, is home to several immigrant communities that have contributed greatly to the impressive range of cuisines available.

Perhaps the most famous street in this neighbourhood is Brick Lane, a long road dotted with several Bangladeshi restaurants and adorned in quirky street art.

However, there are also many Kosher delis and bagel shops, as well as a handful of outdoor food markets. 

There are 5 different companies that regularly offer food tours of East London.

Prices range from our pay-what-you-like tour up to - £69 per adult. Tours generally last between 2-4 hours and include 5-8 samples. 

Free Tours By Foot 

In addition to all of our amazing walking tours, we also offer food tours!

Our food tour of East End is one of our most popular tours, with many people signing up to learn more about the area's history, as well as sample its incredible cuisine!

Unlike all the other food tours in London, there is no upfront fee for our tour.

You simply pay the guide what you think the tour was worth, as well as purchase whichever food samples you wish to try.

There is no requirement or pressure to buy any of the food recommended on the tour, though our tour stops at some pretty amazing eateries, so it can be hard to resist!

Cost: Pay for your own samples and don't forget to pay your tour guide. If you get samples at each stop, it will cost you between £10-15. 


  • @ 10:30 am on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
  • The dates and times of this tour vary by season, so check out our calendar for potentially more dates.


Though our 5 out of 5-stars TripAdvisor rating and nearly 4,000 reviews account for all of our many tours (not just the foodie ones). Read the reviews for yourself.

Eating London

Eating London is one of the most well-known food tour companies in London and for good reason!

This tour includes stops at 8 different eateries in East London, accompanied with lots of interesting information on the history and culture of the neighbourhood.

Some of the stops featured are the most famous bagel shop in the city, a bakery selling an award-winning bacon sandwich, a gourmet cheese shop, a classic fish and chips restaurant, a curry house on Brick Lane, a prehistoric English restaurant, a local pub, and a shabby chic restaurant serving salted caramel tarts.

For the higher price, you do get smaller groups and more sit down options with chef and owner meet and greets.



  • Departs: Thur - Tue at 11:00 am
  • Duration: 4 hours


Eating London maintains an excellent reputation with roughly 1000 reviews and a 5 out of stars rating on TripAdvisor and Viator (see the reviews).

Several reviewers describe it as a 'must-do' for visitors to London and as 'fantastic and informative'.

Some comment that they felt hurried at certain stops, but this is a common experience for most food tours as guests eat at different paces. 

Secret Food Tours

Secret Food Tours specialise in local dining culture and gastronomy trends, bringing guests to some of the best and least well-known eateries in the city.

Their East End London Indian Food Tour takes full advantage of the extensive number of curry restaurants lining Brick Lane.

Of all the food tours of East London, this is the only one that focuses specifically on Indian cuisine.

Guests will sample a mix of sweet and savoury Indian dishes whilst learning more about the history of the area, as well as the interesting mixture of spices that make up Indian cooking.



  • Weekdays at 7 pm
  • Weekends at 5 pm


It's no surprise that this tour has won several awards. Secret Food Tours does an excellent job of bringing guests to some of the best eateries in the city.

However, of all the food tours that this company offers in London, this one probably receives the most critical reviews.

Nevertheless, Secret Food Tours maintain a 5-star TripAdvisor rating with nearly 300 reviews (read the reviews).


Soho is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in London to wine and dine.

The area is historically known as being the epicentre for London's jazz scene, bohemian counterculture, the original gay village, and the Swinging 60s.

However, in the last 20 years, Soho has transformed into an upscale neighbourhood that boasts the densest concentration of pubs and restaurants in London.

Therefore, it is perhaps no surprise that there are several companies leading food tours through Soho and along the famous Strand.

Though guests are spoilt for choice in terms of the number of food tours on offer in Soho, they must be prepared to spend significantly more than they would elsewhere.

Of all the neighbourhoods included on this list, Soho is one of the most expensive areas of the city to take a food tour. 

Tour prices range from £60 - £80 for 5-10 tastings at some of Soho's best restaurants and shops.

Eating London

In addition to their East End Food Tour, Eating London also leads a Twilight Soho Food Tour that features several tasty treats and delicious cocktails.

This is the only food tour in Soho that runs in the evenings and that really aims to showcase the area's bustling nightlife.

The types of cuisines sampled are varied and interesting, as the tour takes full advantage of Soho's international influence.


  • £109 per person for 3.5-hour tour
  • Bookings are fully refundable up to 48 hours before the tour.


  • Departs at 5:15 pm on Monday - Friday


Though not as popular as their East End food tour, Eating London's Twilight Soho Food Tour also comes highly recommended (read the reviews).

Once again, guests praised the quality of the guides, as well as the selection of bars and restaurants included on the tour.

However, keep in mind that this tour is both a food tour and a classy 'pub crawl', with many of the stops featuring cocktails rather than food.

If this sounds like the perfect mix of eating and drinking, then this is the tour for you!

Otherwise, you might want to consider going with a different company offering a strictly food-based tour in Soho.

London Food Lovers

London Food Lovers, another extremely popular and highly regarded food tour company in London, offers several tours through Soho.

Their best-selling walk is a morning tour called Soho International Food Tour (Menu A), though they've recently introduced a follow-up tour called Soho International Food Tour (Menu B).

Additionally, they offer a Soho International Sunday Food Tour and an afternoon food tour. Cuisines featured on their tours range from Hawaiian, Italian, and Mexican, to Jamaican and many more!


  • Soho International Food Tour (Menu A) - £75 for adults aged 12+; £45 for children under 12
  • Soho International Food Tour (Menu B) - £75 for adults aged 12+; £50 for children under 12
  • Soho International Sunday Food Tour - £75 for adults aged 12+; £55 for children under 12
  • Afternoon Food and Cultural Tour - £70 for adults aged 12+; £50 for children under 12


  • Soho International Food Tour (Menu A) - Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at 10:15 am
  • Soho International Food Tour (Menu B) - Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 10:15 am
  • Soho International Sunday Food Tour - Sundays at 10:45 am
  • Afternoon Food and Cultural Tour - Monday-Wednesday at 2 pm; Thursday-Saturday at 2:30 pm

NOTE: These tours are not currently available as of July 2022.

Reviews of London Food Lovers: 


Described as "amazing" and a "must-do", London Food Lovers maintains a 5 star TripAdvisor rating with nearly 200 reviews.

The relatively new company has continued to impress guests since its founding with a diverse array of flavours and cultural anecdotes about the area.

This is the perfect tour for the true foodie!

Additional Companies Offering Food Tours of Soho

  • London From Scratch - Tour offered about once a month in the afternoon.
  • Fox & Squirrel - The Strand Food Tour offered on the 2nd Friday of every month.


The neighbourhood around London Bridge and just south of the river is another bustling area filled with delicious eateries and pubs.

Borough Market, which is arguably London's most popular food market, is a historic hub of several different cheese, meat, and sweet stalls.

For those who love jerk chicken and lots of spices, it's good to know that the best Caribbean restaurants in the city are also all found in south London!

The only caveat when taking a food tour in this area is the price. Like Soho, South London and London Bridge are very expensive neighbourhoods to tour.

Prices range from £60 - £80 per person for a tour that lasts between 2-4 hours and includes 5-10 samples.

Of the set-price tours, each was over £60 per adult.

Though this might be out of range for many visitors already spending a lot on their holiday, nearly all guests who were able to afford these tours rated them very highly.

Borough Market and Maltby Street Food Tour

For Summer 2022 we are bringing you something new on the south side of the River Thames!

Experience a variety of world-famous British foods in London's best foodie markets with an entertaining local guide.

We will explore some of the best local produce and hear about the history of the London Bridge area.

Discover some of the famed local produce such as our sausage rolls along with special dishes our guides will explain to you. 

Along with food, there will be great options for quality drinks or non-alcoholic beverages.

There is an optional additional extra Gin experience available at the end of the tour at a London Artesian Gin Distillery along with a master distiller if you so require! 

Cost: Pay for your own samples and don't forget to pay your tour guide. If you get samples at each stop, it will cost you between £10-15. 

Hours: 10:30am on Sundays

Secret Food Tours

As stated above, Secret Food Tours specializes in local dining culture and gastronomy trends, bringing guests to some of the best and least well-known eateries in the city.

In addition to their East End Indian food tour, this company also offers a Traditional British Food tour around London Bridge.

Some of the dishes featured include Cumberland sausages, fish and chips, fresh bread, English cheeses, local beers and ciders, and delicious teas.



  • Daily @ 10:30 am, 11:00 am, and 3 pm


It's no surprise that this tour has won several awards. Secret Food Tours do an excellent job of bringing guests to some of the best eateries in the city.

In fact, their Traditional British Food tour is particularly well-reviewed as many guests comment that the tour was so good that it exceeded their already high expectations.

All guests seem to praise the tour's food offerings, and thus it is no surprise that Secret Food Tours maintain a 5 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor and Get Your Guide (see the reviews) rating with nearly 300 reviews.

London Food Lovers

London Food Lovers, another extremely popular and highly regarded food tour company in London, offers a Modern Taste of Britain Tour in addition to there many Soho food tours.

The Modern Taste of Britain tour takes guests around London Bridge and introduces them to several traditional dishes, as well as the history behind them.


There are 10 tastings in total and stops at 7 different eateries.


  • Adults (13+) - £85; Children (4-12) - £65 for a 4 hour tour


  • Thursdays and Fridays at 10:00 am

When tickets are available, you'll be able to purchase them here.

Additional Companies Offering Food Tours of London Bridge / South London

  • Fox & Squirrel -- Brixton Food Tour on 2nd Saturday of every month


If you're going to be traveling in North London, a Shoreditch food tour might be in order.

These outings are a great way to learn about the neighborhood and all of its great cuisine.

Tickets range from £50-£60 on average, as with most London food tours.

Each trip lasts for about 2-3 hours and includes at least 4-5 samples from half a dozen locations.

Secret Food Tours

In addition to all of their other outings, this company also offers a Shoreditch food tour which covers some of the best dishes you'll find in the area at 6 different stops.

Guests can expect to try such popular foods as bagels, fish and chips, cocoa truffles, fantastic street food and more!

If you're interested in some libations as well, you can also get an upgraded drinks package.


For those looking to indulge in London's sweeter side, we recommend taking a dessert tour!

These are very similar to food tours, however, they feature chocolates, pastries, and all things sweet rather than savoury. 

Though chocolate is the main focus, guests also get to learn about the history of the area that they tour, as well as enjoy VIP discounts at many of the places they visit.

There are 2 companies offering dessert tours in London: Chocolate Ecstasy Tours and Urban Adventures.

The former is by far the most popular and offers the widest range of dessert tours in the city as they specialise strictly in sweets.

Urban Adventures, on the other hand, leads several different types of tours and only occasionally offers their Luxe London Dessert tour.

The cost of the Urban Adventures tour is £68, whilst the Chocolate Ecstasy Tours range in price from £36-£55 per person.

Chocolate Ecstasy Tours

Chocolate Ecstasy Tours is by far the largest and most popular dessert tour company in London.

They offer several dessert tours, but due to the pandemic they have begun offering most of their outings as private tours.

That said, they do still have some public tours, and these are their most affordable services.

This company is currently only offering the following tour options once every month or so, which means you should plan it out and purchase tickets well ahead of time.


Urban Adventures

Urban Adventures, a company run by Intrepid Travel, offers several tours in many different cities around the world.

In London, they offer a Luxe London Dessert Tour that typically runs once a month.

The tour starts in Piccadilly Circus and visits different sweet shops located around central London.


  • £68 per person for 2.5-hour tour


  • 11 am on certain Tuesdays

When this tour is available, you will be able to purchase it here.


Pub crawls are a popular tourist activity for those wishing to have some grown-up fun whilst exploring a new neighbourhood.

Though some pub crawls strictly aim to entertain and provide a wild night out, the tours listed below cater to people of all ages who are hoping to learn about the history and culture of an area through the lens of alcohol.

Guests will visit historic pubs, sample local beers, and ciders, and try some of the best gin and tonics in the city!

Obviously, we think our pub crawls, beer experiences and sing-a-longs are the best so make sure you check them out while you are in town. 

We’ve got you covered with three different one-of-a-kind London tour experiences! Explore trendy craft beer houses in one of London’s most fascinating neighborhoods on our Brixton Beer Mile Experience.

Or join in the fun on a classic Pub Crawl and Cockney Sing-A-Long.

Or explore some of London’s oldest (and most interesting) pubs on our East London Riverside Pub Crawl!

If those don't fit into your schedule, then read on for some good alternatives...

The price and style of each of the tours included on this list varies immensely.

London Food Lovers and Walk Eat Talk Eat are primarily 'cocktail crawls' and by far the most expensive options with tours ranging from £55-£89 per person.

Those who are more so looking to explore traditional pubs and drink classic brews should opt for the tours offered by Drink London, Alternative London, or Urban Adventures.

Each of those tours cost £25-£35 per person and only feature beers, ciders, and occasional snacks.

Finally, if you'd prefer doing something completely different, take a cycling tour with Tally Ho! Cycle, who bring guests to several pubs and food stalls via bike!

Secret Food Tours

In addition to their other tours, this company also offers both a great beer tour and a gin tour covering some of the best drinks you'll find in London.

The Secret Beer Tour includes samples of 7 different beers at multiple stops, including pubs, a micro-brewery and more.

You can also get a food upgrade if you want some snacks to go along with your drinks!

The Secret Gin Tour provides at least 4 samples at 5 different stops, giving you a breakdown of the history of this beverage. As with the beer tour, you can also upgrade this outing with snacks.

The Shoreditch Pub Crawl

If you're more interested in having a good time than you are in a tour, this is an excellent option you may want to consider. 

In addition to getting free entry to 4-5 popular clubs and pubs in London, you'll also get 4-5 free shots throughout the night, each at a different venue.

This is a great way to become more acquainted with the best clubs and pubs in the city, and it's actually quite affordable!

London Food Lovers Tour

In addition to their highly rated food tours, this company also offers a Jack the Ripper Happy Hour Tour, which is the perfect mix of food, drinks, and history.

Guests will sample gin, wine, and craft ale, in addition to tapas, a hot salt beef bagel, and chocolate.

Meanwhile, a guide will take guests along the same streets that Jack the Ripper once roamed, relaying the horrible history of the area.


  • £64 per person for 2.5-3 hours

When this tour is available, you will be able to purchase tickets here.


  • 5:30 pm Wednesday-Friday
  • 5:00 pm Saturday


Described as "amazing" and a "must do", London Food Lovers maintains a 5 star TripAdvisor rating with nearly 200 reviews.

The relatively new company has continued to impress guests since its founding with a diverse array of flavours and cultural anecdotes about the area. This is perhaps the most popular pub crawl on offer!

Walk Eat Talk Eat

Walk Eat Talk Eat runs a Farringdon Gin Tour, which takes guests around a neighbourhood with a long history of distilling.

Guests sample several different types of gins, most of which are complemented with food such as a cheese board or chocolate fondue.

This is a great tour for a fun afternoon exploring the lesser known neighbourhoods of Farringdon and Clerkenwell.


  • £89 per person for 3 hours

NOTE: This tour is currently unavailable as of July 2022.


  • Varies by season -- best to consult their calendar


Once again, the reviews for this tour are nothing short of excellent. Walk Eat Talk Eat currently has a 5-star TripAdvisor rating with nearly 300 reviews.

Several reviewers compliment the guides for their knowledge and passion, in addition to praising the delicious gin and food samples included on the tour.

There are only a handful of reviews that fall below 4 stars, and each of those is from 2014 at the most recent.

Drink London

This is the only company solely dedicated to running historic pub crawls in London.

Their London Pub Tour brings guests to some of the most historic pubs and alehouses in the city.

There are at least 4 stops along the way, and guests are encouraged to sample as many beverages as they wish.



  • 2-5 pm Daily


If you're interested in learning more about London's 'liquid history', then this is the tour for you!

Reviewers compliment the passionate and informative guides, as well as the variety of pubs.

With a 5 star TripAdvisor rating and nearly 1200 reviews, this is the tour to take if you're a beer aficionado!

Additional Companies Offering Pub Crawls 

  • Urban Adventures -- Soho Legends and Pub Tour once a month
  • Alternative London -- Craft Beer and Pub Tour through East London on certain Saturdays

Self-Guided Food Tours of London

Here is our list of self-guided food tours in London! We'd love to have you on our tours, but we realise that sometimes people prefer to explore on their own.

With these guides, you will have a ready-made route that takes you to all of the best eateries in each area!

Food/Drink Articles and "Best Of" Guides

Check out some of our posts on food and drink in London.

And our posts on drinking and pubs in London


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